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Cat and Vincent arrive at the party looking go…

Cat and Vincent arrive at the party looking gorgeous which prompts JT to
proclaim they look like “Brangelina”,overheard by Gabe on the phone. Sorry J.T.
but our VinCat are infinitely more sexier and more attractive than Brangelina!😍💕💋💞

Season 2: Till Death

Catherine going to the ceremony with a different boyfriend: Vincent, while
Gabe is hidden in his car on the phone with Tess.

GABE: “They’re here.”

TESS: “Any
sign of Donaldson?”

GABE: “No” 

TESS: “So,
what, you’re just calling me to give me a heads-up before they walk in the

GABE: “You do realize I’m sitting alone in a parking lot watching her
with her ex-boyfriend.”

Season 2: Till Death

Cat confronts Sam about the secret room  but he knows nothing of a cave under the
cell. Dana wants to find the link between Tony Barnes and Frank Darnell but she
is busy planning their vows renewal ceremony over a sumptuous breakfast. Sam
invites Cat to the party on the following Saturday, which happens to be
“Valentine’s day”. She is vaguely horrified when she realizes she inadvertently
agreed to spend Valentine’s with Gabe. Sam was DEFINITELY quick to try and
throw Catherine off by saying it’s a sewer line. If I was trapped for five
years in a dungeon and, after all that time, I find out that there’s a room
underneath the room I’ve been in, I would want to learn more about it and
not  dismiss it. He also invites too
enthusiastically Cat  to renewal ceremony
and that sounds a bit suspicious to me.