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Their conversation is interru…

conversation is interrupted by Bob Reynolds who is calling to invite them for
Thanksgiving dinner. Vincent’s eye roll when Cat tells Agent Reynolds that he
wasn’t interrupting anything.

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Cat is still highly disturbed by the imagery of Vincent
ripping out Windsor’s heart.  She  concern stems by the increase in Vincent’s
viciousness over the last times. Vincent reassures her by insisting that his
mission will be over soon, and that he trusts his handler enough to believe he
won’t be the last casualty of that mission.😞

CAT: “Because if he or she has you saving the world by
killing out-of-control beasts, and you are just as out-of-control…”

V: “No, I am different”

Vincent offers her some advice about how to im…

Vincent offers her some advice about how to
improve her kickboxing skills. Cat tries it and it works a little too well when
Cat kicks him in the face. Was the kick accidental?😁🤨 Vincent couldn’t care less,
he is too excited to share his new memories with her. So sweet!😍

Season 2: Father Knows Best

Excited to share his restored memory with
Catherine, Vincent rushes to her place.Vincent lets Cat unload all her
frustrations, he gives her fighting tips and has her use him as the dummy (which
is kind of hot). She is trying to work out her aggression for creepy bio-dad
whom she basically calls a “lurker”.

Season 2: Reunion

These sweet, chaste little kisses…It is adorable ❤💕💗💞💓

A soft, sweet kiss….. …

A soft,
sweet kiss…..


Vincent:” You know, Catherine, I saw what Zach…

Vincent:” You know, Catherine, I saw what Zach was like without Gabriella… you
know, who he’d become.

Lost, alone. I know that’s what I would be like, too….

Very sweet ending of episode …

sweet ending of episode


Season 2: Hothead

They finish their stroll at the 9/11 Memorial. They are
standing in front of a fountain, he holds her hand and puts his arm around her.
They prepare for what’s to come, whatever happens, they, hopefully, will face
it together.
The scene is very touching.😔