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Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Vincent and Tori arrive to Gentlemen’s Club
and Vincent start discussing with Gabe and Catherine about dungeons,gem and
Agent Landon’s list of suspects.

DELETED SCENES :I almost fell out of my chair….

DELETED SCENES :I almost fell out of my chair.😱

Credit for original video
:VinCatAgainstWorld                                                  Clip edited by me

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Vincent hangs up and Tori comes out of the
bedroom. Tori whines to Vincent about his talking to Cat again and Vincent
assures her she’s just trying to help them. She tells him he just wants him to
say he doesn’t want to go back to Cat and he, instead, doesn’t even attempt to
deny it
and  says he wants to get the gem
before Agent Landon finds out what’s going on. Even Tori didnt know what type
of relationship she was having with Vincent… a relationship that up until
that episode had only been speculated or implied in fans opinion. She was
trying to get an answer as much as the fans.( Much later we have seen the
deleted scenes!)😤

Tess invites Vincent to the after-hostage-part…

Tess invites Vincent to the after-hostage-party, he polite declines saying
he needs to get Tori home.

What is
interesting is Catherine’ s eyes and facial expression.
 I took the finale frames from the clip-promo of the episode, but we never
seen it in the episode aired. Is pretty clear, if you check out Catherine’s
face, that her face kind of fell there for a sec or 2 like she was seeing
something unpleasant,
i.e.Vincent and Tori walking out the precinct arm in arm.💔