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Season 2: About Last Night

What Vincent speech doesn’t do is actually convince Sam, because he jumps! But
Vincent catches him. Sam is completely defeated and simply tells Vincent he
should have let him die. Vincent, saving Sam, shows that his beast powers could
be used in a calm, measured, heroic way. Catherine is  visibly moved by Vincent ability to control
his beast side while using it to help someone. I am glad and at the same time
disappointed by the conclusion of Sam arc. I think there was much more to
explore , especially about his relationship with Dana, his character and his
motivation. In the end, Sam just happened to be a victim of Muirfield’s
higher-ups. He’s no different than Vincent in terms of losing a part of his
life due to these beast-creators.

Gabe walks away and Vincent spots Cat being “e…

Gabe walks away and Vincent spots Cat being “escorted” out by the security
guards. Cat is dragged to the kitchen area where she proceeds to disarm the
guards and kick their a**es. Vincent arrives just in time to throw the last

Season 2: About Last Night

Gabe recaps to Vincent his phone conversation with JT. It seems that Sam is
after ALL nefarious lobbying group. Gabe seems to empathize with Sam; he thinks
that perhaps they should let him take out the bastards. It is Vincent who
suggests that they should do the right thing, and not play judge, jury, and
executioner by taking the law into their own hands. At this point Gabe decides
to give Vincent some pseudo-advice and tells him to “stay away from
Catherine”(broken record) because he can’t have her. Vincent gets a smug face
that seems to say “I just had her last night!”.😉

It doesn’t matter, Vincent. She will cha…

It doesn’t
matter, Vincent. She will change her mind!😀😉

Season 2: About Last Night

asks Gabe and Vincent to each pick a number to decide who would be her
“date” perfectly.  I laughed
when Gabe and Vincent were fighting over Cat. I love how Cat just couldn’t
choose so she told them to pick a number between 1 and 10! 😀Hahahaha I love
that! Vincent, Gabe and Catherine handled what’s supposed to be an adult
situation as if they were children! It was hilarious! I think Catherine went
with  Gabe because he was clueless and,
in this way, wouldn’t ask questions.

number two… she’s with me.

VINCENT: Is she? Are you?

CATHERINE: Okay. This is
ridiculous. Pick a number between one and ten.

GABE: Really?

hurry. Seven.


CATHERINE: Okay, seven. Let’s go.

Season 2: About Last Night

Cat and
Gabe meet Vincent at judge Westbrook office and they find the judge with a big
headache. Vincent and Gabe bicker about using beast senses and hacking homeland
security  and Catherine tells them they
need to focus on finding Sam.

Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

Vincent finds Xavier’s wired with a bomb. Vincent makes the choice to save
Xavier rather than to stop the flow of information from the server to Sam.
Fortunately, Vincent manages to pick up Xavier and get into the elevator before
the bomb goes off.

Vincent follows the trail of …

follows the trail of blood that Sam has deliberately left from Xavier.

Vincent was already tracking Xavier… the beast…

Vincent was
already tracking Xavier… the beast-way. Vincent arrives at Xavier’s apartment
and, using his super senses, pieces together everything that happened.

Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

Most likely, the only thing this confrontation did was to make Vincent
realize that Gabe may NOT be the greatest guy for Catherine after allThe
beast versus man argument  has been an
overarching theme this season so far.
Gabe approaches Vincent and plays his
most powerful card. As a former beast, Gabe can say with unique authority that
he’s the better option for Catherine. Instead of using his first hand knowledge
of being a beast empathically, he uses it as a weapon. Gabe basically tells
Vincent that he is worthless and that he (Gabe) is better than him (Vincent)
because of the beast. These are the types of things Evan said to Vincent (S1
ep.18), accusing him of being a monster that could never be with Cat, but the
difference was Evan didn’t know any better. However, Gabe already knows
everything. He is armed with the correct information and he still stays there,
a former beast himself, and tells Vincent, in his own words, that since he
(Gabe) is no longer a beast, he is a better man and that Vincent is a monster
who doesn’t deserve the love of a woman like Catherine. How dare he talk to
Vincent like that?  I mean, he broke into
the boathouse, and acted in a superior way and talked so self-righteously…..😤😡🤬