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JT is still battling at the hospital, so, after talking to Ward, Vincent
and Catherine rush to the hospital and find Tess crying  because they’ve told her that he’s lost too
much blood and won’t make it. Though JT’s not one of the lead characters,
without him the show wouldn’t be the same. Tess is devastated, Cat is shocked
and Vincent too.

Enraged, Gabe hits Catherine, knocking her to the floor and tries to attack
her with a broken bottle. Catherine impales him with a pool stick. So Gabe
dies… to the hands of Catherine, not Vincent. So Catherine did NOT kill him in
anger but in self-defense. And I liked that Gabe tried to kill her as a “HUMAN”.
Gabe made the decision to try to kill Cat all on his own and entirely for
cold-blooded revenge because she had “collared” him. When Gabe killed
the witness, he crossed a moral line from which he could never return. The man
who professed to love Catherine had no problem  tossing her across the room and then heading
toward her with a broken wine bottle in his hand. Once again, Gabe pushed
Catherine to the limits and her badass self defense skills came out with no
hesitation. But this time, Gabe was all
out of last-minute resuscitations. R.I.P. Gabe.

Gabe taunts Vincent from a distance again and they meet in an empty pool
hall. Vincent and Gabe have a pre showdown talk. Gabe is still acting all smug
and wonders if Cat will take him back after he kills Vincent, but even he knows
that is crazy. Despite Gabe’s continuing attempt to act as if he was a
confident and unflappable evildoer, Vincent seemed so much cooler and more
deadly when the two foes met up over a not-so-amicable little game of pool.
Gabe was a man with absolutely nothing to lose. His job and the power that it
provided was gone. There was no chance of him getting back with Catherine and
worst of all he’d intentionally turned himself into the thing he hated the most:
a Beast.

We see Vincent
in the same Alistair predicament back in time.Vincent and Alistair:
history is repeating itself! Vincent tries to break out of his cage, just as
Alistair had tried, but there is the gem sapping their powers.

I like the way you see the gem seeming to almost
glow while it holds Vincent and Alistair hostage.

Vincent is still unconscious, Catherine has him in her car. Cat says Tess that she can’t lose Vincent and Tess
says she’s taking a big risk. Tess says the plan is crazy and Cat says she’ll
do what she has to in order to protecting Vincent from Gabe. Catherine echoes
Rebecca’s actions and decides to go after Gabe herself, or better, she just
wants leading him into a trap by “leaving blood crumbs all over the
”.Tess worried to lose her friend and is skeptical about what’s
written in her ancestor’s journal.

TESS: I mean,
come on, aren’t you banking a lot on this journal? Isn’t that the same journal
that said she killed her Vincent? Really?

CATHERINE: I don’t know what happened or why. It doesn’t make sense, but I’m not doing
this because of the journal, I’m doing this because what does make sense is
protecting Vincent from Gabe. AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME.

JT: Do you want
the beast collar, too?

Just the gem. Thank you.

JT: Vincent
is not going to like this.

Well, it’s better him alive and mad at me than dead and not care.

Cat will figure out the rest of the plan by sitting down next to her
handsome sleeping Beast” 😍 and
reading her ancestor’s diary…Cat assumes it’s her responsibility to protect
Vincent from losing his humanity. Just like Rebecca all those centuries ago,
Cat thinks that she needs to protect her Beast from himself. That the only way
to save him is to stop him from tipping over that line; that point of no return;
the line that Gabe has long since crossed. I loved her conviction!

plan  involves JT gathering
evidence to connect Gabe to   murders,
but not Muirfield, because the evidence needs to lead solely to Gabe and not
reveal anything about Vincent, and Tess convincing Cap. WARD to have a SWAT
team ready.

JT: How much evidence do you want me to put together? I
mean, uh, I could show how Gabe experimented on himself, corrupted his own DNA;
that will connect him to the murders. But do you really want me to include
Muirfield, too?

don’t want anything that could possibly lead this to Vincent. If this works,
the public needs to think that everything begins and ends with Gabe.

Vincent can attack Gabe, JT shows up with Tess and shoots him with a tranq gun.
Then they load the half-unconscious Beast in Cat’s car and speed away. JT and
Tess take off at a run too as Gabe watches, eyes flaring.