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Season 2: Operation Fake Date

Vincent gives his press conference and during it, Beth asks about his
altered DNA and the super soldier experiments. Beth pushes and implies his
supersoldier DNA is the reason the FBI is involved. Knox, who is actually
clueless about this, steps in to stop the press conference saying  "We’re involved, because this is a
federal case, not a plot in a comic book"

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

The gang, instead of giving Vincent and Catherine some alone time, they
demand all the gory details of Cat’s night out with Gabe. The way Catherine
looks at Vincent when he tells the others to leave because he wants one last
night with her is a look of love combined with some guilt for the fake date

TESS: Okay, I have no idea wh…

TESS: Okay, I have no idea what that means. But they are
not going to the airport. They stopped on 72nd Street.

VINCENT: What’s on 72nd?

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

picks up his backpack and gets ready to go anyway until JT pulls out a tranquilliser
gun, threatening to shoot him if he steps out. Heather panics when she sees the
gun. Tess tells her not to worry… it’s just a tranquillizer gun. So Vincent
stays home.

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

Heather does her best to help Vincent deliver a speechbut he is too concerned
about Cat. He gets frustrated as they work because he is burning up inside
knowing Cat is out with GabeHe wants to go stalk her, but JT doesn’t think it
is a good idea.

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

I loved
the Heather, Vincent,JT and Tess scene. I very much enjoyed the Heather-
Vincent scene and the loving way with which Heather helped him practice his
lines. The serious Vincent and the bubbly Heather:  I thought the contrast was hilarious.

Sseason 2: Operation Fake Date

Okay, so,
how many bases does, uh, pretend forgiveness entail? 😀

CATHERINE: What? None.

You know, why don’t you just let JT and Tess go back to Lizzie D’s, get out a
couple of costumes and you guys can do some role-playing.

JT: Wait, you two role-play?😊

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

JT: Tess know
her way around Lizzie D’s closet like it was her own closet.

(woman moans,

JT: Is that…?

VINCENT: The Swedes. Four or five
times per day.

JT: Tess should date
them. I mean, what if we’re sexually mismatched? What if I’m not adventurous
enough for her?

I love how JT was  concerned with his
sexual mismatch with Tess. Sure, he worried about Vincent, but for most of the
episode he was focused on trying to figure out whether or not he can be as
kinky as he thinks Tess wants him to be.

I didn’t like when Vinc…

I didn’t
like when Vincent kind of said that. Although it is a clichè that  people say that blondes are dumb, still I
didn’t like to hear it in the show. Vincent didn’t use the word dumb but still…

Season 2: Ever After

Catherine and the officer talk about April and Catherine notes the officer
isn’t wearing his vest which he was conveniently wearing the night before. She
also notes that he knew when April met the new couple. When the officer
realizes Cat is con to his lies, he tries to grab his baton to use against her
but she is too fast for him and a struggle in the car ensues. The patrol car
hits into a tree and Cat runs off into the woods. She hides behind a tree but
can see the officer looking for her with a gun in his hand. Cat runs to the
patrol car to get a gun out of the back and the officer sees her and begins
shooting at her. Just then, Vincent runs up and lifts and throws the officer
onto the car windshield.