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Season 2: Ancestors

J.T. and Vincent realize a bunch of things : 1) the gem fits perfectly in
the shackle
, 2) the shackle is a leash, 3) the leash is more than just ornamental,
and 4) the answers will be found with whoever is pulling the strings. Vincent
vows to find the people who were after the gem and the shackle to get some
answers. J.T reminds Vincent that he and Tori might be the last two beasts on
earth and they share a primal connection and the whole thing involves both. JT
gets all “Team Tori”  again and
that bothered  me deeply.

Season 2: Ancestors

After his  tracking failure, Vincent
goes to JT’s to have a bro talk. JT asks if Cat was in danger when he found
her. Vincent seems not happy about the fact that Cat was kissing someone else;
but instead of talking about that interesting topic, I don’t know why JT was
TeamTori member in this episode
. JT tells Vincent that Tori values their
“beast-connection” a lot and that it makes sense she got mad. He gives Vincent
a pep talk and encourages him to “beast up” and go “avenge him!” Seriously JT?
“Beast up”?🤔😏 I love JT as character and, maybe, the show, at that
point, needed a comic relief.

Season 2: Reunion

JT assures Vincent he didn’t break the “bro-code”
since he didn’t know Gabriella was dating Zach. Vincent wants to go after Zach
while JT thinks being both a Beast and alone and angry for so long makes Zach
impossible to reason with.

JT: “But he hates you now, and he already went after Cat

V: “Which is why I got to make him understand, okay? So it never happens

Vincent is having some hilarious bro time with…

Vincent is having some hilarious bro time with JT. No words,
just a game on TV, while they sharing some snacks.🥨

Season 2: Liar Liar

knows Catherine better than she does herself. He points out Catherine may not
want that. Vincent leaves, asking JT to check on Cat. This was a nice sad scene
between two old friends, even if Vincent can’t remember J.T. and what he did
for him.

Vincent confesses about hurting Catherine and …

confesses about hurting Catherine and that he feels terrible about it. JT is
shaken and shock by this news.

Season 2: Liar Liar

shows up at JT’s, and asks about Cat. He says he is sorry, and JT thinks he
means he’s sorry about not remembering their relationship. He tells Vincent a
few highlights of the relationship, which proves important later in the
episode:  in fact that will blow up in
his face when Vincent tries to use it against her.

JT gets a mysterious call from someone looking…

JT gets a mysterious call from someone
looking for Condor. Suddenly, Vincent tries to rush out of the door. JT reaches
for the tranquilizer. Vincent gives a sinister smile and J.T. is confused, but
we will see what happens next. For the first time, J.T. was frightened of
Vincent: seeing him break a sweat when facing Vincent on his own was upsetting.

Season 2: Who Am I?

JT is convinced Vincent must remember some
things, but Vincent makes him stop asking questions and he tells him that if he
doesn’t stop asking questions then he will have to kill him.😱

This was a great scene and it…

This was a great scene and it was very well acted.