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Season 2: Till Death

Vincent becomes obsessed with feel responsible for Cat’s inability to
trust people. He feels he inadvertently sabotaged her love life, however he
admits he was “so happy” when Cat told him she didn’t know if she could move
forward with Gabe
. JT tells Vincent this is the time to make a move and start
wooing Cat.😀👍

Our poor Vincent is suffering; he can’t
to be happy when Cat’s with Gabe (assuming that Cat’s supposedly happy),
and he can’t  to be happy when she’s not
with Gabe because he realized all of the pain he’s caused her and blames
himself for everything negative that happens in her life.This is a mess!😔

Season 2: Till Death

While Cat questions Gabe, Vincent breaks into Gabe’s apartment. He and JT,
bonded via  phone, and,thanks to
Vincent,  JT figures out  the way to Tess heart on this Valentine’s

The best part is when Vincent…

The best
part is when Vincent tries to help JT by saying “I like balloons”. Seriously the best line of the episode 😁. This line
depicts Vincent and JT’s gold relationship. Vincent, though subtle, is sticking
up for JT and I like that a lot😍! Unfortunately, Tess doesn’t share
Vincent’s excitement for balloons.

Season 2: Till Death

JT is doing all he can
to support and spur on his best buddy Vincent. I love watching their banter and
gentle teasing. It is good to have them on the same page again and Austin Basis
delivers all the best lines of the episode with great gusto.

Season 2: Till Death

Vincent:” No, because Catherine is my friend. And she is with Gabe, which is a good
thing, because when I’m with her, bad things happen, which is why I’m gonna
stay far away, right there on that couch.”

Season 2: Till Death


One of JT’s best lines of the episode: a fantastic speech comparing Tori to
Les Miserables’ Eponine.I totally disliked that the writers modeled Tori’s
character on this tragic heroine! The most annoying thing is that her
death ridiculously gave her the
“best solo” in the last episode.
But JT is JT: he explains Tori’s dying
words by awesomely equating them to Eponine’s “Little Fall of Rain” from Les
Mis. JT Forbes is a man for all seasons and Austin Basis is incredible sending
those lines.

Vincent:” Okay, you want to know what Tori’s last words to me were? "You belong
with Catherine.”

JT: “That’s what she said as she lay dying? “You
belong with Catherine”?”

Vincent:” Tori’s words, not mine”

JT:” We shouldn’t
see a 3D movie, we should see Les Mis.Tori was just like Éponine, who died for
the man she loves, knowing he was gonna go off and be with somebody else.”

Season 2: Till Death


Vincent: “You’re
buying flowers?”

JT: “I almost died last week, so I’m seizing the day, and
you’re deflecting”

Vincent: “For whom?”

JT: “The flowers? Tess”

Vincent: “Tess?
Really? From “Your Secret Admirer.” Whoa. Way to seize, buddy, way to

Vincent is clearly just thinking about Catheri…

Vincent is clearly just thinking about Catherine and not just mourning

Season 2: Till Death

At the houseboat Vincent wallows… in his
fluffy robe. He is mourning the loss of Tori, and JT wants to shake him
out of it. I love that the bromance is back between JT & Vincent:  Bromance At Its Finest.

The finale scene was adorable…

finale scene was adorable and heartwarming, and reaffirmed how terrific JT and
Vincent friendship is. Austin Basis and Jay Ryan were both great in this