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Season 2: Operation Fake Date

After the conference, Agent Knox just laughs about Beth’s crazy

Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

Cat runs towards the bunker and her relief is great when she finds Vincent,
alive, desperately trying to revive an unconscious Xavier. It is an emotional
scene in the middle of the wreckage. For a moment there, looks like Xavier is
gone for good but Vincent refuses to give up.

Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

I enjoyed
that Vincent got the last word on beasting out, successfully facilitating their
speedy exit from the vehicle without any outsiders noticing his powers. 

So Vincent
bursts the car door open and makes it look like the fireman is superman.I think
the fireman was like “whoa I didn’t know I was that strong” and
everybody clapping.😊Too funny!  Cat and
Vincent get out of the car and leave the scene of the accident. Huh.

Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

Xavier is
driving the truck and, as a beast, approaches the car to finish the job but the
accident has already attracted too much attention, so he is forced to run away.

…….when a truck…

a truck crashes into their car and flips them over.

They both drive together to find Sam & Xav…

They both drive together to find Sam & Xavier. Catherine wants to
capture Sam and Vincent wants to save Xavier from Sam. Vincent give a lesson to
Catherine. I liked how Vincent shut her up with the sentence “ Sam?. What
about Xavier? You know he’s an innocent victim in all this, right? He’s a
person, too… Well, how do you plan on saving him?
” I don’t think Cat is
selfish  or insensitive at all, but she
is too focused on apprehending Sam because she is under the illusion that
arresting him will magically put her life in order. In the middle of the
bickering, Cat realizes that it was too easy for Vincent to track Xavier and
Vincent starts to argue with Cat’s logic…..

Independently, Cat and Vincen…

Cat and Vincent have both decided to track down Xavier; both end up in Xavier’s
neighborhood and Cat almost runs Vincent over with her car.

Cat goes to see Vincent and tells him they nee…

Cat goes to see Vincent and tells him they need to
stop seeing each other. Hearing Vincent
declare “You know what I think about that? I think screw Gabe” 😊was
amazing!  It’s about time that, even
subconsciously, he and Cat stop tiptoeing around the extremely obvious.  

Vincent and Catherine have a …

and Catherine have a “moment"😍💕 which is ruined by Gabe.🤬😡

Season 2: Redemption

Vincent impresses Catherine by playing doctor at the hospital. He saves a
life, it’s nice to see him get a win and Catherine enjoys her glimpse of the
old Vincent.😍