Category: vincent and catherine

First day of work for Vincent: he checks himself out
in the mirror and Catherine puts a stethoscope around his neck. I find it
ironic and clever that Catherine gives him a stethoscope so that he doesn’t
have to rely on his beast hearing.

They kiss and he grabs her up and she wraps her legs
around him. She strips out of her jacket helped by Vincent…

The way he grabbed her, their stares, Catherine  provoking him…

How can they have such intense chemistry?


My favorite line
during the opening rooftop scene:

“So how long you got?”

“That depends. How long can you last?…”

The way KK delivered that line while having her neck
nibbled on was so seductive!

Vincent says it’s too bad they have to do this
things to see each other. Catherine says to blame work and traffic

Vincent is determined to find Gabe and kill him to stop his rampage, but
Cat tries to convince Vincent that this is exactly what Gabe wants for him to
beast out and show he is that monster the community fears

It was  a nice change of pace to have
Vincent telling Cat she needs to relax and stop worrying! He suggests that
Catherine is just looking for something to worry about. Vincent says the
manhunt, Gabe and the threat of exposure is over and the 200 year old drama of
Rebecca’s is over. He says no one is after him anymore. But…there’s a knock
at the door.  JT is there
and asks why they’re not answering their phones.

Aww… He kisses
her and Catherine’s look is full of love.

Vincent tries to assure a worried Catherine that their days of running are
over, but we know better; we have already seen re-beasted Gabe!.

says to Vincent that someone was trying to destroy Rebecca’s Vincent too, just
like Gabe. He says Gabe is no longer a threat because
they took care of that.