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Mrs. Vaughn.

CATHERINE: Thank you, Mr. Vaughn.
This is weird, though, isn’t it?

Yeah. It really is.

Vincent and Catherine reveal their aliases which are MR. AND MRS. VAUGHN. Jay and Kristin were great as usual!💖💓

and the Beast


 Title: Ever After

: Vanessa Rojas ║ Director: Steven A. Adelson

air date in USA
: June 23, 2014 ║Network: The

CBS Television Studios

 “Ever After” was aired in Italy on December 9,
Network: Rai 4

Title: Sotto Copertura

 Ever After is the 20th
episode of the Second Season, and the 42th episode overall.

This episode marked another new  woman writer into the BATB writers team: her name is Vanessa Rojas. Beauty and the
Beast took a visit to suburbia. This episode gave us more Cat and Vincent
moments  and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing
them play husband and wife. They end up being “Tim” and “Veronica” Vaughn in a
cute little suburban town. It was so funny to see these two plucked out of the
big city, almost as if they were fish out of water. It was an episode where we
got to see a different side to Cat and Vincent as a couple. They love each
other for who they are even if it will never be to the usual standards of
normal. In the end of the episode, Vincent was very sweet  acknowledging that he would never want to
change Catherine because that keen, brave detective is the woman he fell in
love with. As JT mentioned, they’re city
people through and through.  And by their
very natures,  both Vincent and Catherine
have instincts that will always lead them to help others even when it’s highly
inconvenient to them. I think both Vincent and Catherine found that they DON’T
just want to run away and have to look over their shoulders with no real chance
at building an actual life of their own, with REAL roots. They want to fight
for an “us” that is a real “us.” I find “Ever
After” a touching episode that just cements what Vincent and Catherine
really want for their lives together. This episode is about the sense of hope
to find a place for oneself in the world while remaining true to oneself,
too.  That’s really what Catherine and
Vincent’s journey entailed in “Ever After,” with the episode title
indicating that the happy ending does await them even if it’s not going to be a
quick and easy fix.The chemistry between JR and KK is always amazing.💋❤💖💕

circled and the cops landed to grab Vincent and take him back into
custody.  Delightfully, the only way to
make Cat seem innocent in this scenario was for Vincent to handcuff her to a
 Again. I like the continual theme of Vincent having
to do this to Cat, with her quipping that this was the third time and his
correcting her that it was actually the fourth😉.
It’s yet another example of the quirky, funny, steamy relationship these
two share.(.. go ahead and count them… we only know of 3 so the 4th had to be
“sex role play?” Such a bad guys VinCat 😊! Maybe Vincent had used  scarf to tie up Cat’s hands to the headboard
, in S1"Insatiable"episode:  it
was Vincent and Catherine’s first time together. Catherine did tell Vincent
that she couldn’t believe he was fishing for compliments after “what they
just did.”  Clearly, they had made
the night a night to remember, with some “creative activities”!)🔥

That leads to the “shower scene”.
This is another of the MILESTONES of
the show and one of the most beloved scenes by us fans of “Beauty and the
Beast”( 2012-2016 ) and totally crazy about the love story of VinCat.
bathroom scene was utterly adorable, funny, and gorgeous. Vincent, somehow,
managed to make even this scenario not romantic at all, .breathtakingly
romantic. I love how Jay and Kristin portrayed the scene, the huge smiles on
their faces, the laughing and just being care free and happy for a time
Catherine was determined to do anything to stay with Vincent, but deep down she
knew that there was a good chance that this was their last night together. She
was so happy to be with him and savour every single second with the man she
adores.  Their dancing /make out scene
was the perfect combination of desire and romance , savouring of these few
precious moments they shared. What’s to say about that scene that hasn’t
already been said? It was to short !


They kiss, then Vincent takes off his shoes and asks Cat for a dance,
inside the shower, with water running, fully clothed. When Vincent goes to the
bathtub and gave her his hand Catherine clapped with her hands before she took
his and step in. Adorable little gesture!

Vincent and Catherine go inside the apartment and  our VinCat were holding hands as they walked
into Catherine’s apartment. The whole episode is full VinCat’s
sweet little adorable moments. This couple is pure  ‘MAGIC’ !!!

VINCENT: Catherine, I’ve come to say good-bye

CATHERINE: Good-bye?  

VINCENT: You could give up everything for us,
and I could get out of there worse than the beast I was when I killed Windsor.
Come on, you know it’s true. That’s why you were willing to risk everything to
get me out of there.

CATHERINE: No, I am risking everything because I love

VINCENT: I’m sorry, but I gotta
say good-bye. And ask you for one last
night where we can love each other as much as we do right now

She reminds him that “sacrifice for love” is a two way street but, truth
is, they have too many things working against them. Vincent asks for one
last night with her and… NO ONE is ever going to deny him that!It was so
romantic. I just love them together!💕❤

She finds her Beast waiting for her in the rooftop. Of course, Vincent
cannot leave without saying goodbye to his beloved Catherine and he meets her
on her (their) roof. Aww…..😍

CATHERINE: I am sick of all the men in my life doing that. You
realize that’s why you’re in here, right? Because my father planted evidence in
order to protect me from you, which brings me to third, if you plead guilty, he

VINCENT: No, if I plead guilty, I get a shorter sentence.

still keep you in here for 20, 25 years.

VINCENT: Look, I can’t ask you to wait, okay, but for me, nothing changes.

CATHERINE: I’m telling the DA that I was a witness, that this was

VINCENT: Come on, no, you cannot do that. That is admitting to a
cover up. You’ll face criminal charges.

CATHERINE: One good thing about you
being in there is that you can’t stop me.

CATHERINE: Talk about what makes you feel calm. Is it… the sound of the
ocean, a sunset, a special gem? Just tell me where it is in your mind. Is it on
a tropical island? A houseboat? A dungeon?

VINCENT: MY BLISS IS NOT IN A DUNGEON. And even if i told someone
where it was, it’s not like they could get it for me.

AGENT: She’s
not actually gonna bring you your bliss, dumb-ass.

VINCENT: They could get in a lot of trouble.

Yeah, but you could get in even more trouble if you don’t stay calm, which
isn’t easy to do in here.

Catherine approaches Vincent and starts talking in “code” about the gem.
Cat barges in at exactly  right moment
she knows that Vincent needs her and she knows that she can  help him.💕 In that scene, when Vincent first
sees her, he is speechless. I think it dawned on him even more how much he
needs her and how much they both love each other💓. It probably  dawns on him that again Catherine is willing
to sacrifice EVERYTHING for him and for their love and he feels responsible.
Hence his refusal initially to give away the location of the gem. The
Catherine/Vincent police-cell gem- visualisation interaction was brilliantly
funny and moving at the same time💞. I found Catherine in her uniform adorable
and funny and it was funny and lovely too that they have their own code and can
understand each other that easily. “My bliss is not in a dungeon”  that line
was delivered in a fantastic way! 👏