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Season 2: About Last Night

JT: Look, all I’m saying is, you need answers.

TESS: Vincent’s
gonna want answers.

CATHERINE: I’m more concerned about what I’m gonna say to Gabe.
I feel like I cheated on him.

TESS: Okay, with all due respect to Gabe, it’s
not like you were living together. You didn’t even take his key. I mean, sure,
you owe him an explanation. But you have the right to change your mind.

Catherine immediately clings onto the idea of “break-up sex” and
dismisses her night with Vincent as a mistake. I think Catherine’s hilarious in
her way and has so many layers. There’s something amazing about her twisted
sense of logic and even impressive  in its self-deceiving complexity. First of all, she and Vincent broke up too
long ago for this to have been break-up sex.
Secondly, she’s already in a new relationship with Gabe, so even though
they’re not living together, she did pretty much cheat on him. Catherine doesn’t
even take her relationship with Gabe seriously enough to acknowledge the nature
of her transgression…and it’s reflective of the very truth here: she was
never committed to Gabe and she never let go of Vincent. Catherine
said “i feel like I cheated on him” about Gabe and the fact she isn’t
sure that this is considering cheating is clearly tells in her heart she never
took her relation with him seriously no matter how may times she said the
opposite !

Season 2: About Last Night

TESS: So, there was kissing?

CATHERINE: Yes, there was

TESS: Eye contact.


TESS: Okay, well, I hate to break
it to you, but it doesn’t sound like break-up s*x to me.

JT: Break-up s*x is
sloppy and short and generally not great. I mean, uh, that’s what I heard. Or
read. Online. Point is, you need to talk to Cat, you know? Find out what it
meant to her.

VINCENT: She walked out, man. She made it pretty clear what it
meant to her. Besides, she’s with Gabe.

JT: She’s not wearing a ring.

Tess decides that it was NOT break-up sex because there was “kissing”
involved.  JT is better informed on the
subject 😀(thanks to Google and/or personal experience), so he concludes it was
NOT breakup sex because break up sex tends to be “sloppy, short and generally
not great”. I  loved JT’s simple,
too-true assessment that break-up sex is the opposite of what Vincent and
Catherine had.

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

GABE: “You want to be alone?”

CATHERINE: “No. I want to be
with you”

The look on Cat’s face was full of “determination”. Not love or hope or
tenderness. She is “determined” to “move on”. I believe Cat was very conflicted
at this point. She was not over Vincent’s betrayal, but she was not holding on
to her anger anymore. Anyway, she knew that going back to him was not

As much as I dislike Gabe as character, he was the only one that
extended his hand to Catherine in the time she needed the most. Now, she thinks
she solved her problems. And Gabe is still there. She’s going to him out of
gratitude because that’s the kind of person she is. She knows she’ll never
truly love him, but she also knows that no love will ever be like the one she
had for Vincent. So why not reward Gabe for his kindness?  It’s just a practical choice, but her heart
is closed. Vincent took all she had there.😞

…. and frees him and the prisoner. He g…

…. and frees him and the prisoner. He gives JT his phone,
and tells him to go find Cat.

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Cat and Gabe arrive just in time to discover Dana is now
part of the team. With Agent Landon in on
beasts’ secret, she’s an ally in their effort to find now kidnapped JT.
Apparently someone sent a cryptic mass-email to all of JT’s contacts: they have
JT and want the beast in exchange.
Vincent doesn’t think twice about it and
gets ready to “sense JT’s sweater” like the kidnapper suggested. Cat
frantically tries to stop him, she is clearly worried about him, but there is
no stopping Vincent when he is in hero mode. Tori picks that moment to call him
to apologize.

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Vincent frees Agent Landon and takes her back to the
gentleman’s club. They have an honest talk and Vincent filled her in on the
whole Beast-secret. They equal resolve to stop the current bad guys since they
want the beast-weakening gem and they killed Dana’s husband.



Drrrrrramatic colour comic practice with Eriel and Orrin. <3

Thirty Days with La Belle et La Bête

read it on the AO3 at


The life they live in the small moments defines a love for the ages…

A “30 Days of Beauty and the Beast” fanfic work.
Rated for mature themes

Words: 1710, Chapters: 3/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

inkwood-art: New Avatar and Banner for the se…


New Avatar and Banner for the series! You like them? Let us know!

They linger for a moment and …

linger for a moment and look at each other for the first time in a very long
while, realizing they both came through for each other. What a gorgeous VinCat
scene we got
! The chemistry between Cat and Vincent as they stare at each other
is amazing.😍💞💕🔥