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Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Bad guy Barnes decides to avail himself of beast Tori  blood. Like, most of it, i.e.he drains all of
Tori’s blood because he wants to create a better “mousetrap” (quoting the other
prisoner). Barnes draws blood from her while talking about her father who he
apparently knew was a Beast.
Barnes leaves her on death’s door

Vincent then tells Tori about JT’s kidna…

Vincent then tells Tori about JT’s kidnapping and she says
she can help track him since she saw him leave the party but Vincent hangs up
on her. Then, did Vincent broke up with Tori or not?

It is not very clear about the fact that it is OVER  with Tori, in front of the Gentlemen’s  Guild he said “we just need a little
time apart from each other”. And what does Tori do? She goes right back to
the boat and waits for him to come home. And now,Vincent says her “I will
talk to you about this a little later”. So much for a break up!😤

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Cat and Gabe arrive just in time to discover Dana is now
part of the team. With Agent Landon in on
beasts’ secret, she’s an ally in their effort to find now kidnapped JT.
Apparently someone sent a cryptic mass-email to all of JT’s contacts: they have
JT and want the beast in exchange.
Vincent doesn’t think twice about it and
gets ready to “sense JT’s sweater” like the kidnapper suggested. Cat
frantically tries to stop him, she is clearly worried about him, but there is
no stopping Vincent when he is in hero mode. Tori picks that moment to call him
to apologize.

Vincent and Cat exchange a heartfelt look that…

Vincent and Cat exchange a heartfelt look that is
exquisitely intense and still somewhat heated. Although, I do not think  Catherine
will  be so quick to accept
Vincent back. Vincent  certainly has a lot
to prove for to deserve another shot with Catherine. No Valentine’s flash mob is going to bridge this
gap, this time.

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Vincent, just ‘cause
we’re not together anymore doesn’t mean that we don’t still have a
history together, that we don’t still care about each other.

think Cat is forcing herself to accept Tori relationship with Vincent, but I
don’t think that “friendly” is the way she actually feels.

You tend to shut people out.

You want to solve everything by yourself.

Keeps her guessing, worrying.

Trust me, I know.

Maybe she still has to come to terms with what happened and
discover if she can have a different type of life and to know if she can
survive without Vincent by her side. In any case, the scene was very sweet.

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Vincent started openly show your feelings and emotions
regarding Cat so much more openly in this episode than he has in a long time. His regret that they are just friends now is
painfully apparent.

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Vincent and Tori arrive to Gentlemen’s Club
and Vincent start discussing with Gabe and Catherine about dungeons,gem and
Agent Landon’s list of suspects.

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Vincent hangs up and Tori comes out of the
bedroom. Tori whines to Vincent about his talking to Cat again and Vincent
assures her she’s just trying to help them. She tells him he just wants him to
say he doesn’t want to go back to Cat and he, instead, doesn’t even attempt to
deny it
and  says he wants to get the gem
before Agent Landon finds out what’s going on. Even Tori didnt know what type
of relationship she was having with Vincent… a relationship that up until
that episode had only been speculated or implied in fans opinion. She was
trying to get an answer as much as the fans.( Much later we have seen the
deleted scenes!)😤

Season 2: Held Hostage

At the
houseboat Gabe and Vincent awkwardly talk about drinking.