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Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

Vincent and JT prematurely imprison Sam and locks
him up in the beast cage in the tunnels without any real evidence to hold him
there. Sam reminds them that he is trying to avenge his son [still not clear
from whom] and tells Vincent  that he’s
partially responsible for Tory’s death.

Vincent is using JT’s tech-savvy computer set-…

Vincent is
using JT’s tech-savvy computer set-up and a bagful of gummy worms. He is eating
a lot of those gummy worms, or better, it is interesting to notice HOW he is
eating them!😜

Vincent puts on a  white coat…

puts on a  white coat😋 and resumes his
previous identity as a doctor to learn more about Jacob Sutter who is dying.

Season 2: Till Death

Vincent follows the beeping and Gabe surreptitiously follows Vincent. They
find a very large bomb stationed just
below the chapel. Gabe tracks Vincent down to the corridor with the
bomb, and the episode does a tremendous job building a shadowy tension around
Gabe. When Gabe isn’t being filmed at long angles, he’s being filmed in shadow,
cloaked by darkness so that at least half of his face is concealed, hinting at
a dual nature yet to be revealed.

Vincent hears a beeping sound emanating from d…

Vincent hears a beeping sound emanating from down in the kitchen area.

Season 2: Till Death

Day, huh? Vincent’s expression was priceless! Even Catherine also gave him an
awkward look! Old flame memories, perhaps? 😊🔥

VINCENT: “No, but I chose this path and I took…

VINCENT: “No, but I chose this path and I took Tori with me”

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

hangs up and Vincent is staring at the phone for a moment and caressing it with
his thumb as if it were Catherine’s cheek. I think the sound of Catherine’s
voice had the power to calm him and reassure him as always in the past.😍

Season 2: Ancestors

Vincent finds the safe while Cat and Patrick crawl inside the air ducts.
Vincent opens the safe beast-style just as Patrick drops from the ceiling and
pulls a gun on him. Vincent is prepared to kill Patrick and almost appearing to
take delight in the altercation.

Season 2: Ancestors

Vincent and the consul’s wife go up to her bedroom and he starts seducing
her… well… she is ready to be seduced…. before he utilizes a Vulcan nerve
pinch and he renders her unconscious. When has he known that move? Maybe in the