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Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

The ambulance arrives and Vincent is rushed
to the hospital with… Tori.

Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

Vincent agrees to go to the hospital. Cat
calls the ambulance and gives Tori a cover story. Cat tells Tori to tell them that Vincent saved her, as it is the
truth and also conveniently provides a plausible explanation for his gunshot

Vincent realizes that he has definitely lost

Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

As Cat leaves, you wonder if Vincent’s wincing
at the pain of the gunshot wound or watching Catherine walk out the door or
both. I guess that the wound hurts most….. for now. But one day he
will have to regain her love and it will not be easy.💔

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Vincent and Reynolds have “the talk” on the porch. Vincent
apologizes and keeps on listing his “qualities"😮, i.e.: he does not
own a tie
, not a job, he lives on a boat and, last but not least, he has  the DNA of several different species.

VINCENT: “I don’t care what you do about me. But just…. please, don’t
ruin their lives.”

Reynolds gives Vincent an ultimatum: he will try to find Vincent’s handler,
if Vincent agrees to disappear from Cat’s life. Otherwise, he’ll turn her in,
because he’s such an awesome dad and all.😡

VINCENT: “Lose her, your daughter…

REYNOLDS: “ save her, yeah. You’ll be doing the same if you walk

I hate Bob as a dad, he’s one of the WORST
ones but, on the other hand, I love Ted Whittall as an actor. I can only say,
"Well played, sir!”

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

CAT: “You are fine, right?”

VINCENT: “ Yeah “


Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Vincent stays on the phone, and his handler, Reynolds, realizes that he did not
die in the explosion. It’s now clear to Vincent that he might be a final target
after all.

Vincent sees a light blinking…

sees a light blinking in the window  so
he throws a metal bar through the window and the building explodes.

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Vincent is at an abandoned warehouse talking to Condor, he is worried
because he doesn’t sense a beast (he called Vincent, Condor. Are they both
Condor?) Bob tells him to just go inside….

Vincent beasts out too and he got an upgrade f…

Vincent beasts out too and he got an upgrade from somewhere because,after a
brief scuffle, he rips out Curt’s heart. In front of Tori, Catherine and Gabe.
Everyone in the room is shocked.

Season 2: Father Knows Best

I love these  two on screen together! VinCat forever 💞💕❤😍