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While Tess, Catherine and Vincent are in the waiting room, distraught, an
alarm goes off and they think JT’s about to die but when they get to the room,
they find that he is fine. When they come in, JT smiling and greeting them with
“What’s up!? Did we win?” He’s miraculously recovered! How?

JT is still battling at the hospital, so, after talking to Ward, Vincent
and Catherine rush to the hospital and find Tess crying  because they’ve told her that he’s lost too
much blood and won’t make it. Though JT’s not one of the lead characters,
without him the show wouldn’t be the same. Tess is devastated, Cat is shocked
and Vincent too.

Tess arrives as JT is being wheeled away by an ambulance and taken by
paramedics to the hospital. Tess panics over having been so mean to him.
Catherine encourages her to stay strong because he needs her right now.The
performance Nina Lisandrello gave at JT’s loft was perfect. The strong,
sarcastic woman was reduced to quaking sobs at the thought of what might happen
to JT. She has been pushing JT away, and
been taking him for granted, closing herself off from being open and
affectionate with him. Now she may never be able to make up for her coldness.
JT is rushed to the hospital, in critical condition, with Tess by his side.

Tess meets with Cat in the middle of the street. Cat
is having another crisis thinking about following the advice of her dead
relative, Rebecca. She says she wonders if by making Vincent vulnerable, she’s
putting him at risk. At that point, witnessing Vincent and Cat’s devotion
throughout their struggle against Gabe, Tess makes  question whether or not she also had found
“the one” in JT. So, suddenly, Tess wants a relationship like Cat
and Vincent’s??. Not only that but she confesses it at the worst possible time.
Then Cat says she’s going to lay down the blood trail.

At the Precinct, Cap.Ward gets his SWAT team ready. Ward
basically tells Tess that he is getting someone for that murder and it can
either be Gabe or Vincent, whoever they get first. He also says it all ends
tonight one way or the other..  Is this
really how justice works?

Vincent is still unconscious, Catherine has him in her car. Cat says Tess that she can’t lose Vincent and Tess
says she’s taking a big risk. Tess says the plan is crazy and Cat says she’ll
do what she has to in order to protecting Vincent from Gabe. Catherine echoes
Rebecca’s actions and decides to go after Gabe herself, or better, she just
wants leading him into a trap by “leaving blood crumbs all over the
”.Tess worried to lose her friend and is skeptical about what’s
written in her ancestor’s journal.

TESS: I mean,
come on, aren’t you banking a lot on this journal? Isn’t that the same journal
that said she killed her Vincent? Really?

CATHERINE: I don’t know what happened or why. It doesn’t make sense, but I’m not doing
this because of the journal, I’m doing this because what does make sense is
protecting Vincent from Gabe. AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME.

JT: Be
careful. Okay?

TESS: Don’t worry
about me.

JT: I don’t have a choice.

Why is Tess  pushing  JT away? Tess is, every single time, bitchy
to JT. Just last episode, she was cooing about how she and JT are sexually
compatible! I have no clue!🤔

JT: Do you want
the beast collar, too?

Just the gem. Thank you.

JT: Vincent
is not going to like this.

Well, it’s better him alive and mad at me than dead and not care.


At the Guild, JT is taking some of Vincent’s blood
to lure Gabe into a trap, at Cat’s request. Catherine tells them all of this is
in Rebecca Reynolds  journal. She says if
she can see how Rebecca protected Alistair, she can protect Vincent. She says
Vincent blood will lead Gabe into their trap. After poring over the journal of
Rebecca Reynolds, Cat became even more afraid that her ancestor’s story was a
prophetic mirror of her own and she, once again,  proclaim that “history is repeating itself”.
We feel her pain, her rage, her hopelessness and her determination to not let
history repeat itself.

Sorry. I
thought I’d lost it, but fortunately it was just under the passenger seat.

Yeah, fortunately (😄). Look, I’m sorry, but what does that journal have to
do with anything?

CATHERINE: Everything
that we’re going through happened to Rebecca and Alistair, too.

TESS: It’s eerie.

JT: And… hard to believe.

Okay. Mock me all you want, but I’m telling you, history is repeating itself.

Vincent can attack Gabe, JT shows up with Tess and shoots him with a tranq gun.
Then they load the half-unconscious Beast in Cat’s car and speed away. JT and
Tess take off at a run too as Gabe watches, eyes flaring.