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Season 2: Operation Fake Date

The gang, instead of giving Vincent and Catherine some alone time, they
demand all the gory details of Cat’s night out with Gabe. The way Catherine
looks at Vincent when he tells the others to leave because he wants one last
night with her is a look of love combined with some guilt for the fake date

TESS: Okay, I have no idea wh…

TESS: Okay, I have no idea what that means. But they are
not going to the airport. They stopped on 72nd Street.

VINCENT: What’s on 72nd?

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

picks up his backpack and gets ready to go anyway until JT pulls out a tranquilliser
gun, threatening to shoot him if he steps out. Heather panics when she sees the
gun. Tess tells her not to worry… it’s just a tranquillizer gun. So Vincent
stays home.

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

Heather does her best to help Vincent deliver a speechbut he is too concerned
about Cat. He gets frustrated as they work because he is burning up inside
knowing Cat is out with GabeHe wants to go stalk her, but JT doesn’t think it
is a good idea.

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

I loved
the Heather, Vincent,JT and Tess scene. I very much enjoyed the Heather-
Vincent scene and the loving way with which Heather helped him practice his
lines. The serious Vincent and the bubbly Heather:  I thought the contrast was hilarious.

Season 2: Operaion Fake Date

Cat tells
Tess and Heather about her date. They are shocked and annoyed but Heather
agrees to help Vincent with his speech he’ll be giving at the press conference when he’ll surrenders

Okay, that dress does not say “just a meal.”

CATHERINE: This dress says “open heart,” which, I don’t
have, which is why I’m faking it with clothing.

Season 2: Operation Fake Date


Tess and JT are shopping at an adult store to find items for Heather’s
bachelorette party. The place is called Lizzy D’s Closet. JT, looking pretty uncomfortable, isn’t happy
that Heather won’t take the time to file charges against Gabe. She decided to
throw a party because she doesn’t want to think about her abduction. Tess is
seemingly frustrated that JT isn’t into any of things in the sex shop.😀


TESS: She also wants something called, “Pin the Macho
on the Man.” So… keep looking.

So, Cat’s supposedly off the grid and you’re left doing her dirty work.

TESS: God, JT, we’re in an adult store,
it’s not like we’re cleaning toilets.

Hey… I see it. I-I see the– the macho.

You know what, like, I brought you here ‘cause we’re in the honeymoon phase of
our relationship.

TESS: Now give me a gummy. No…

TESS: Now give
me a gummy. No, I like red, actually.

Oh, my God. There you go. Red and green.

Season 2: Ever After

takes out her gun as well. Gabe demands to know where Vincent is. The thing
that is most frustrating about the predicament that Tess  and JT
find themselves in after locating the remains of the witness, is Gabe’s
delusional belief that exposing beasts is worth it if it means protecting
Catherine. Gabe is crazy enough to think that it’s his job to protect Catherine
from Vincent and all things beast. He points out that if JT and Tess take their
evidence back to the precinct, the police will find cross-species DNA and
everyone’s fingerprints. He reminds Tess and JT that the dungeon cannot fall
under police scrutiny and threatens to blow the whistle on the entire beast
conspiracy exposing everyone in the process. Finally, Tess lowers her gun and
Gabe leaves.

Season 2: Ever After

JT found
a way to follow Gabe’s cell signal up to in that eerie repository of secrets
that is the dungeon. JT and Tess arrive at the dungeon and they find Watson’s
remains or what’s left of them, but also find Gabe. Well, actually, Gabe
finds  them and points a gun at them.