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Season 2: Operation Fake Date

JT and Tess are still  babysitting
Gabe. JT tries to prove he is edgy and shows Tess all the goodies he got from
Lizzy D’s closet for their own enjoyment. However, he discovers that Tess isn’t
all that edgy and shares his fear of strippers. Tess confesses that she was
overcompensating and assures JT that they are not sexually mismatched.

Season 2: Operaion Fake Date

Cat tells
Tess and Heather about her date. They are shocked and annoyed but Heather
agrees to help Vincent with his speech he’ll be giving at the press conference when he’ll surrenders

Okay, that dress does not say “just a meal.”

CATHERINE: This dress says “open heart,” which, I don’t
have, which is why I’m faking it with clothing.

TESS: Now give me a gummy. No…

TESS: Now give
me a gummy. No, I like red, actually.

Oh, my God. There you go. Red and green.

Season 2: Ever After

blames himself for failing to come through for his best friend and Tess gives JT a pep talk after he shares how
down he is for that. Tess tells him that at least they found where Gabe took
the body. She tells JT that Vincent and Catherine are back in town because of what
happened while in suburbia and because “you can take the girl out of the
city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl

a hero in everyone and “Ever After” did a great job in proving that philosophy.
JT re-discovers himself, who he is without Vincent. Thanks to Tess. She redirects
him and highlights his “powers” by telling him “you stood up to Gabe, even when he had a
gun pointed at you. It’s very Batman

Season 2: Ever After


comes over at JT’s and sees his “cell tower road map”, which has tracked Gabe’s
cell phone. JT figures out that Gabe brought Watson’s body to the dungeon,
which has a convenient crematorium.  Tess
is quite impressed and the two head out to see if they can find him or proof
the witness has been murdered.

TESS: W-W-Wait,
are you suggesting that’s what Gabe did with the witness? He burned him?

JT: You know of a better way to dispose
of a body?

TESS: That’s sick.

JT: No wrath like that of a lover

TESS: You did it, JT. You
tracked him. Your way.

JT: Piece of
cake… ish. Now, let’s go find proof on
Gabe so Cat and Vincent can come back home.

Season 2: Ever After

After some initial feelings of self-doubt, JT realizes
that he can use cell phone signals to track Gabe’s whereabouts after the
witness disappearance: geek skills can be awfully handy too. Filled with confidence he kisses
Tess and tells her she is a “genius”. Tess seems to enjoy that.

Season 2: Ever After

With Tess’s
help, JT realizes he needs to do things on his own and not in the shadow of
Vincent, “less Robin, more Batman”. Tess tells JT that he should stop acting
like Vincent’s sidekick and find Gabe using his “big professor brain”. He
doesn’t need to try to be Vincent to shine. Tess pushing JT to stop
relying on being Robin to Vincent’s Batman was a great suggestion.  JT really doesn’t have the faith
in himself that he should, considering he kept them both safe for years and
Vincent hidden.

Season 2: Ever After

JT is frustrated because he hasn’t been able to pick up Gabe’s trail like
he promised Vincent. JT find it hard to track the culprit without beast

JT: I thought I could pick up where Vincent left off. I wanted to, but…

TESS: Wait, you thought you could do it
in the way Vincent does it?

JT: Of
course not. Obviously.

TESS: Then,
what were you expecting?

JT: I don’t
know, all right. I thought something would occur to me. Anything. I guess I’m
just… so used to relying on Vincent to do this kind of stuff.

TESS: But you’re not Vincent.

JT: I don’t… Yes. Thank you… Tess,
I know that.

Season 2: Ever After

JT promises to pick up the trail and find the missing witness.

VINCENT: “Uh… no offense, buddy, but
how are you gonna just pick up where… I left off? “

JT: “Okay, look, I may not
have beast sense, but I’ve got common sense, all right? Plus, my girl here’s
got a badge and a gun, so… have a little faith, will you?”

So, move away, VinCat, there is a new power couple in town!

Season 2: Ever After

Tess arrives at Gabe’s place. Initially he is happy to see
her and starts blabbing about how he is not responsible for Heather’s
kidnapping. She cuts him off as two officers walk in behind her and arrest him
for the disappearance of the witness. He protests but is taken in regardless.😈