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Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Vincent calls Reynolds telling him the mission was compromised but he’s
safe while Tess record the message (and Tess is surprised that Vincent ever
trusted Reynolds). Vincent plays his role for a little while before losing his
temper and threatens his handler for stealing his life, threatening to hunt him
down before Cat stops him.

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Eager to
get back to Gabe’s theory that Vincent’s handler is setting a trap for Vincent,
the detective trio huddles around Gabe’s computer.  However, they discover that Gabe’s
Muirfield-related computer files have been wiped.

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Gabe talks to Windsor’s daughter, Tori, and requests that she keep the
whole situation with her father’s death a secret. But she is wanting to know
about the whole flatlining cure for being a beast, which proves to be important
Cat in a rage goes to confront Gabe with Tess.

GABE: “Look, I brought you here because it is vital we keep this between
me, you Detectives Chandler and Vargas.”

TORI:” I’m not gonna tweet about it, okay?”

GABE: “I just want to understand that thing that you were gonna do—“

TORI: “"de-monsterify" my dad?”

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

At work Tess snarks all the holiday supplies and stomps on Cat’s buzz by
telling Cat Gabe’s suspicions about what Vincent’s last mission may actually
be: he may be the last  on the list. Cat
clings to Vincent’s trust and the fact that Vincent is different from the other
beast. Tess isn’t all that convinced, the whole heart ripping thing is a pretty
hard sell.

Season 2: Hothead

At the 125th precinct Gabe is packing a bag filled with all of things he
might need to kill a beast and revive a man. He enlists Tess help but she gives
him major side-eye bad and informs him that if he saves Vincent that he will lose
all hope of winning Cat.

Season 2: Who Am I?

At work Tess tries very gently to talk to Catherine about
her being AWOL looking for Vincent, especially since they had so many of their
cases overturned they have a lot of work to do and, while Tess is totally on
Catherine’s side, she’d kinda like to know when Catherine is going to do her
job again. Tess talks about how her obsession can be dangerous, relating it to
Joe whose obsession with finding his brother’s killer led to him being fired
and him no longer being Tess’s boyfriend.

That is the last time we will see Tess and JT …

That is the last time we will see Tess and JT this
season.This scene was one of the funniest scenes JT/Tess through entire show, in my opinion. Their
banter never fails to impress and their meeting will go down in history as one
of the best examples of two best friends of lovers ever coming together as

Season 1: Never Turn Back

At the
precinct, Cat shows up with her dad’s busted notebook in hand, hoping some
valuable clue to her father’s accident can be found. Tess gives her the best
kind of talking-to that a girlfriend can give. It’s kind, but truthful, firm
and supportive, and she urges Cat to return to the hospital.

Season 1: Playing with Fire

At work Catherine and Tess are sad over Evan and someone has tossed his
apartment (they assume Muirfield) before Catherine got there. Taking the
photobooth picture of the day Evan kissed her as a memento was probably not the
best idea. At least the strip didn’t have the picture of the kiss.