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Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

The conversation between Cat and Gabe shifts towards. Gabe’s impending departure from the
department and how that may impact their would-be relationship. Anyway, they
don’t talk more about it because Tess walks in and informs them that JT has
been abducted! Tess retorts to Gabe fabulously

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

The recipe of the aphrodisiac
canapés made by Catherine is truly a disaster. Gabe does not like them at all
and Tess grins.


Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

The whole cooking party thing was for a huge party for JT who just supposedly won a very very impressive research grant.  At the Gentlemen’s Club he’s basking in the glow of good friends and fortune. It’s almost too good to be true. JT is happy and he is blushing and, as Tess points out, that he “deserves it after everything he sacrificed for Vincent”

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Cat and Tess are having some kind of cooking class with celebrity
chef  and Tess is complaining because all
the single guys are hitting on Cat, including chef Raymond.The theme is
aphrodisiac recipes.Tess also warns Cat that Gabe has technically finished at
the police station and now it will return to normal command, meaning he’s
leaving. I hate when Tess is all “Team Gabe”!

Cat: “I just hope that my canapes don’t make JT’s party

Tess: “An orgy?”

Stay comfortably sitting, playfully jabbing at…

Stay comfortably sitting, playfully jabbing at each other without fear that
they will hurt feelings or someone will walk away, it gives them an opportunity
to open up in ways they otherwise wouldn’t. They are still apart but he wants
to work together with Cat and not against her. The fact that he never heard her
“prayer” because he was holding the gem and he decided by himself to be a hero,
it makes him score points to Catherine’s eyes.😍 At some point, Tess walks in and
gives Vincent a giant  hug, thanking him
for saving her on her birthday. Side note: “you’re the reason I’m 30” is a
pretty awesome line

Season 2: Held Hostage

Tess points out to Dana that she and Cat can both throw someone across a
room and Vincent was a special forces soldier. Vincent rescuing her has made
her realise what she has. A little upset, Dana asks if she is recanting her
confession. Without flat out lying, Tess tells her she realized she may have more friends than she
realized and she owes them some loyalty. Dana is gracious enough to let it go,
for now.

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Vincent calls Reynolds telling him the mission was compromised but he’s
safe while Tess record the message (and Tess is surprised that Vincent ever
trusted Reynolds). Vincent plays his role for a little while before losing his
temper and threatens his handler for stealing his life, threatening to hunt him
down before Cat stops him.

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Eager to
get back to Gabe’s theory that Vincent’s handler is setting a trap for Vincent,
the detective trio huddles around Gabe’s computer.  However, they discover that Gabe’s
Muirfield-related computer files have been wiped.

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Gabe talks to Windsor’s daughter, Tori, and requests that she keep the
whole situation with her father’s death a secret. But she is wanting to know
about the whole flatlining cure for being a beast, which proves to be important
Cat in a rage goes to confront Gabe with Tess.

GABE: “Look, I brought you here because it is vital we keep this between
me, you Detectives Chandler and Vargas.”

TORI:” I’m not gonna tweet about it, okay?”

GABE: “I just want to understand that thing that you were gonna do—“

TORI: “"de-monsterify" my dad?”

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

At work Tess snarks all the holiday supplies and stomps on Cat’s buzz by
telling Cat Gabe’s suspicions about what Vincent’s last mission may actually
be: he may be the last  on the list. Cat
clings to Vincent’s trust and the fact that Vincent is different from the other
beast. Tess isn’t all that convinced, the whole heart ripping thing is a pretty
hard sell.