Category: neulore

The episode starts with Catherine and Vincent taking a
stroll in the park… in disguise and
carrying  a baby stroller. Cat is
wearing a bad blonde wig and sunglasses on a dreary winter day and Vincent,
hilariously, has simply plastered a bigger moustache over his existing one and
sunglasses too. Vincent in that awful mustache that really didn’t disguise him
very well was hilarious as was his brutish manhandling of the baby carriage.The
disguises are just too cute with VinCat lovingly arguing in the background.
Vincent is grumpy and Catherine trying to cheer Vincent up and remain
optimistic and easy breezy. This was probably the perfect way to start a
bizarre episode, and kudos to Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan for making the
comically quirky aspects of VinCat totally adorable and hilarious.