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Blissfully ignorant and unaware of what is hap…

Blissfully ignorant and unaware of what is happening, Vincent and Catherine
are still at the motel. Catherine is a little worried about Rebecca’s journal,
but Vincent doesn’t want to worry about. The whole scene was sweet,  this whole interaction was too damn sexy and
cute at the same time. They always leave us wanting more! KK was so petite in
that bed and looked super cute in her pyjamas. We know that Vincent is actually
always listening to what Catherine tells him, as when he refers to her scenario
of backpacking across Europe when trying to coax her into putting the wig back
on while they have sex! It was such a playful scena and once again Jay and
Kristin did a great job. I love her laugh and the way she hold Vincent’s face
it’s so VinCat! They really have created such a believable couple who portray
every aspect and emotion in a relactionship that just draws you in. Our VinCat
can play it all: comedy, humour, love, passion, anger, hurt and pain.

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

gave Gabe a good solid punch to the chest and it stopped his heart. She panics
when he doesn’t respond and she thinks she killed him.

Gabe gets irate when Cat rejects his insistent…

Gabe gets irate when Cat rejects his insistent advances. Her
reaction is explosive and violent. She punches and kicks until he is
unconscious, no longer breathing and without a pulse. CATHERINE
! “No anger, no edges”. That’s what
Cat preached to Vincent before she went medieval on Gabe’s  a**.
This is what happens when you keep everything all bottled up. And
seriously, Gabe ran the gamut of creepiness in that scene. He is a major psycho
and clearly would have hit Catherine if she hadn’t been faster, angrier and
better trained. Sweet Catherine was so angry that almost killed him as
she finally let out all the pent up fury she had inside.

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

look, Gabe, I… I just want to know where Vincent is, okay?

GABE: Well, hopefully, he’s being
dissected into little bits. It’s what he deserves. Rebecca Reynolds would have
agreed. And as for me supposedly doing all of these awful things? You shouldn’t
just be forgiving me. You should be
thanking me. I was protecting you from him

CATHERINE: I don’t need your

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

GABE: We both know
that you’re not here looking for where Vincent is.


you are here because I am the man that you run to when you need help. I am your safe haven.

CATHERINE:Okay, you are… you are

GABE: No. You know it’s true.
We belong together.

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

Gabe takes Cat to a cake decorating place. Catherine tries to focus on
cookie cutters and making up for being an absent sister. He tells Catherine
that himself pushed his beloved mother down the stairs in an uncontrollable fit
of rage.This is what Gabe is really afraid of: it is not Vincent and what he
may do to hurt Cat, it is the beast
within himself
.  He is projecting his
fear, as if imprisoning Vincent will, once and for all, lock away the beast he
fears still lurks within. He doesn’t doubt Vincent loves Cat, but he is a beast
and will eventually hurt her. Gabe apologizes for the “questionable” things he did,
but he doesn’t want history to repeat itself, “not with someone he loves”. I
always thought Gabe was not really capable of loving,  really loving. Gabe went through hell as a
kid and probably received a sheltered life where he got whatever he wanted but
probably never got what he really needed. He also had to deal with his beast
side since he was a small kid which cannot have been that easy. Even though
I  do not think Gabe loved Catherine, I
do think Gabe thinks he loves Catherine. And in his sick mind he does actually
believe that he is justified in his actions to save Catherine from Vincent. He
is trying to hang on to his humanity and he feels that Cat is the key to that
humanity. He is desperate to win her love
because he knows that without that he’ll be lost. He is completely willing to
let go of his Vincent hunt if that meant he could have Cat back. What was sad
was that he let himself believe that was possible and what Catherine/KK did
greatly is to show how she also felt guilty pretending all was good. In this
cake making scene  both KK and Sendhil
did a great job. I hate that they made Gabe a love interest for Catherine, they
could have been just  friends.


Season 2: Operaion Fake Date

Cat tells
Tess and Heather about her date. They are shocked and annoyed but Heather
agrees to help Vincent with his speech he’ll be giving at the press conference when he’ll surrenders

Okay, that dress does not say “just a meal.”

CATHERINE: This dress says “open heart,” which, I don’t
have, which is why I’m faking it with clothing.

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

wants me to give him a shot at earning my forgiveness back, which I’m obviously
not really going to do, but I need to go out on a date with him and pretend
that I’m open to the possibility.

Pretend? But you actually have to go on a date with him?

CATHERINE: I told you, you know, he’s obsessed with me, we need to
take advantage of that.

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

Catherine arrives at Gabe’s apartment. Her plan is to make Gabe
believe  she has finally convinced
Vincent to turn himself in. Of course, he can’t go to jail if Beth publishes
the “Beast story”. Gabe is smart enough to raise the stakes. He tells
Catherine he will talk to Beth if she goes out on a date with him and is open
to the opportunity of taking him back. In a nutshell, Gabe tells Cat that he
just wants a chance with her…a real chance. Vincent behind bars is not enough
for Gabe. He wants a real chance at winning Catherine back. Catherine agrees
because no matter how much hatred she has felt and  she feels towards Gabe, she casted her
feelings aside and focused on the bigger picture: Vincent’s freedom.

Season 2: Ever After

Their one day in suburbia proved two things: they attract trouble wherever
they go and they’re the kind of people who will fight injustice even at their
own cost. Their suburban outburst means they must go back to tip toeing between
the shadows of the city as they also strategize yet another way to take Gabe

VINCENT: Look, I love this city, but it’s… it’s such a
tangled mess right now. I-I don’t see a way that I can stay. But on the bright
side, I mean, one thing I have learned
is that wherever we end up, you… got to keep kicking ass

CATHERINE: That’s not even true.

VINCENT: Oh, yes, it is. It’s okay. It’s who I fell in love with. It’s who you are. You never walk away from
a fight or what you believe in. That’s your normal.

Vincent’s speech was sweet. The fact that he can accept  that Cat will
always have the need to “kick ass" someone wherever they are  and even
admire her for it just shows how perfect they are for each other. These two cannot deny their essence,
their nature, anymore than they can deny their love for each other. This after
all, is the woman Vincent fell in love with, just as Catherine fell in love
with a beast. THAT is their “normal”.