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First day of work for Vincent: he checks himself out
in the mirror and Catherine puts a stethoscope around his neck. I find it
ironic and clever that Catherine gives him a stethoscope so that he doesn’t
have to rely on his beast hearing.

My favorite line
during the opening rooftop scene:

“So how long you got?”

“That depends. How long can you last?…”

The way KK delivered that line while having her neck
nibbled on was so seductive!

They kiss… it was only two months in the future
and our favorite couple is still happily together.

You’re late.

VINCENT: Sorry. It’s been a while
since I beasted out. You know, almost forgot how.

CATHERINE:  It’s only been
two months.

VINCENT: Yeah, long
enough not to miss it.

On that waterfront bench, Vincent
and Catherine kiss while the water flows on the notes of the poignant melody of
“LATCH”,  beautifully sung by
NATALIE TAYLOR. Absolute perfection.


Vincent asks what she thinks about Agent Thomas’ offer, but Catherine
just wants to sit and enjoy the present
with Vincent, looking out over the river, in each other’s arms, without a care
in the world, for once. Catherine wants
a small window of time to be their “normal” and to be happy
together, not worrying about the future. Maybe she won’t have long to NOT worry
about that…

is convinced that he, like Alistair, didn’t lose his humanity because he has
someone who loves him

While Tess, Catherine and Vincent are in the waiting room, distraught, an
alarm goes off and they think JT’s about to die but when they get to the room,
they find that he is fine. When they come in, JT smiling and greeting them with
“What’s up!? Did we win?” He’s miraculously recovered! How?

At the police station, Cat hands Ward all the evidence on Gabe, including
the experimenting with cross-species DNA. Catherine’s boss will begin an
investigation and, if the evidence proves out, Vincent is off the hook. Cat has
been reinstated as a NY detective by getting her badge back.

Vincent pulls Catherine up and kisses her.

all right?