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Without a lot of options at her disposal, Cat is forced to consult her
father in the interest of saving Vincent. This scene brought the season around
full circle. Season 2 of Beauty and the Beast started with Agent Reynolds (Ted
Whittall) being a guiding force in the events occurring and in a roundabout
way, it also ended with him doing the same. Cat and her father’s relationship
may not be on the mend, but for what it’s worth, he seems to have grown more
amiable toward Cat’s choice in men (especially given that putting his favor
behind Gabe didn’t work out quite the way he had planned). Catherine mentions
Vincent is not getting more beastly and Bob
acknowledges Vincent may be the exception to the beast-rule or that
perhaps her love has kept him from turning into a monster, just as Rebecca had
done for Alistair. Catherine rolls her eyes. In the end, Bob repeats his usual
speech. He is basically saying that
when a beast loses its “humanity” he can’t go back.

Vincent is determined to find Gabe and kill him to stop his rampage, but
Cat tries to convince Vincent that this is exactly what Gabe wants for him to
beast out and show he is that monster the community fears

It was  a nice change of pace to have
Vincent telling Cat she needs to relax and stop worrying! He suggests that
Catherine is just looking for something to worry about. Vincent says the
manhunt, Gabe and the threat of exposure is over and the 200 year old drama of
Rebecca’s is over. He says no one is after him anymore. But…there’s a knock
at the door.  JT is there
and asks why they’re not answering their phones.

Aww… He kisses
her and Catherine’s look is full of love.

still at Gabe’s apartment and angrily confronts Gabe, who she blames for
Vincent being taken from his cell by yet another secret agency.  Gabe doesn’t know where he is… and he is
actually telling the truth, but Cat doesn’t know that. The Catherine
confronting Gabe scene was intense and lived KK’s acting. Also Sendhil/Gabe was
great, crazy, deluded, but great.

All I asked
was that you go into this with an open heart.

CATHERINE: After everything you’ve done? Gabe, you kidnapped my
little sister. You’ve blocked Vincent and my happiness at every turn.

GABE: Your lack of happiness has nothing to do with me. He is who he is.

Cat runs out and leaves Tess
alone to deal with Heather’s breakdown, Beth’s nosiness and fireman Franz… This
scene was kind of priceless. Look at Tess’ face …She feels uncomfortable in
front of the stripper! …and her line? Great, really great.

Catherine visited Vincent to supposedly break up with him, but clearly all
she wants is to be with him. Vincent’s reaction to her initial declaration was
hilarious and endearing: nervously eating food to hide his emotions.

Vincent and Catherine arrive and find unconscious guards and ripped metal
doors. In order for Vincent to rescue Xavier, he’s got to traverse an
oxygen-deprived area of the building.Cat tells Vincent not do go after Xavier
and is genuinely worried.😱

What follows is one of the funniest scenes we have seen on the show in a
: Vincent and Cat end up trapped and literally tangled inside the flipped
over car. They attempt to get out while coping with the effects of their close
proximity. There are too many people outside so they have no other choice than
to wait for the rescue squad, while adorably arguing about whose fault it was.💗

Kristin and Jay, kudos to both of you!👏 I mean, they are both amazing
actors, but when together in a scene, I think they really enrich each other’s
performance.🔥 They don’t really need to communicate verbally, even merely their
stolen glances do the job much better than the steamiest scene between any
other couple.

They both drive together to find Sam & Xavier. Catherine wants to
capture Sam and Vincent wants to save Xavier from Sam. Vincent give a lesson to
Catherine. I liked how Vincent shut her up with the sentence “ Sam?. What
about Xavier? You know he’s an innocent victim in all this, right? He’s a
person, too… Well, how do you plan on saving him?
” I don’t think Cat is
selfish  or insensitive at all, but she
is too focused on apprehending Sam because she is under the illusion that
arresting him will magically put her life in order. In the middle of the
bickering, Cat realizes that it was too easy for Vincent to track Xavier and
Vincent starts to argue with Cat’s logic…..