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Season 2: Till Death


On leaving new boss’ office,Cat and Tess talking about
Captain Bottom Line’s” ultimatum: they need to get more cases closed
or get fired. Cat has too much dramas in
her life to worry about  her precarious
job situation, but Tess takes it pretty hard. Cat’s solution is to call Vincent
and ask him to take care of the Tony Barnes case so they can focus on the NYPD
Cat also thinks it would be a good way to “distract Vincent”… Tess
accidentally let it slip that she had done ‘something’ at Thanksgiving, but
because Cat has been so busy with her own issues, she still has not figured out
that Tess and JT have some sort of thing going on. Then Cat brings up her odd
little flashback which rather chills the mood. Vincent’s not picking up
Catherine’s call.

Catherine: “Maybe he needs to be distracted”

Tess: “Yeah, but you
won’t be distracted by him, right?”

Catherine:” By Vincent? Tess, no. I’m with Gabe”

Tess: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. “With Gabe”? You haven’t even had s*x yet”

Catherine: “We haven’t had time”

Tess: “Time? To have s*x? Please”

Catherine: “Okay,
this morning, I had a flash of him”

Tess: “Naked?”

Catherine: “As a beast.
Valentine’s will be different. We’ll be in a restaurant…”

Tess:” You realize
I’ve had zero action since Thanksgiving?”

Catherine:” Wait. Who
were you with on Thanksgiving?”

Tess:” Uh… no one. Nothing. Doesn’t even

Season 2: Till Death

Cat enters the dungeon
and nearly shoots a shadowy figure who turns out to be Gabe. This is his
desperate attempt to flirt with her and bring her coffee because she’s never
around. She complains about her new boss and he asks Cat out on a date the
following Saturday. In the shadow we see the way Gabe’s hand grazes over claw
mark on the wall and it is just…creepy.😱

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

GABE: “You want to be alone?”

CATHERINE: “No. I want to be
with you”

The look on Cat’s face was full of “determination”. Not love or hope or
tenderness. She is “determined” to “move on”. I believe Cat was very conflicted
at this point. She was not over Vincent’s betrayal, but she was not holding on
to her anger anymore. Anyway, she knew that going back to him was not

As much as I dislike Gabe as character, he was the only one that
extended his hand to Catherine in the time she needed the most. Now, she thinks
she solved her problems. And Gabe is still there. She’s going to him out of
gratitude because that’s the kind of person she is. She knows she’ll never
truly love him, but she also knows that no love will ever be like the one she
had for Vincent. So why not reward Gabe for his kindness?  It’s just a practical choice, but her heart
is closed. Vincent took all she had there.😞

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Vincent takes a moment with dead Tori. Then Ambulance hurry Tori to hospital (Why? It
seems more indicative of life than death ) while Vincent mopes in the cell,
seeing where past Beasts had clawed the walls. Cat approaches Vincent to
provide some comfort and acknowledges that Tori did help: without her Vincent
would have been the one captured.

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Barnes tells Vincent he got everything he needed from Tori so he will
just kill him but… Catherine kills him first, right as Vincent was beasting out
to go after him. The way the beasty yellow flash in Vincent’s eyes vanished the
moment Catherine shot the bullet was a fantastic nod to the way she saves him
from himself whenever she can.  Again,
Catherine soothed the beast in Vincent when he needed it most and restored his
Catherine has the trigger-happy this season😁. She was too late for
Tori though.

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Cat and Gabe are driving around Washington Square Park while
Agent Dana Landon and Tess are giving them directions based on their old map
and the list of suspects.

Season 2: Hold Hostage

Tori beasts out, Cat asks her to break her handcuffs but Tori breaks her
cuffs, kills the guard and charges off, leaving Cat behind. At least she takes care
of the guard on her way out. Maybe Cat never felt directly threatened by
Tori,who could have really torn her apart.

When Catherine realizes Tori …

Catherine realizes Tori is close to beasting out, she decides to speed up the
process and tells her how she really feels. Kristin couldn’t possibly be more
adorable in this scene
. I think that must have been therapeutic for Catherine
to finally release some of the tension that has been building up since she
caught Tori kissing Vincent at Thanksgiving.

Season 2: Held Hostage

and the Beast


Title: Hold Hostage

Pamela Sue Anton / Director:
Sudz Sutherland

Original Airdate in US: January 27,2014/ Network: The CW

Production Company: CBS
Television Studios

“Held Hostage” was aired
in Italy on
: August 21, 2014/Network: RAI

Italian title: “Ostaggi”

Alas, Gabe. He still thinks he can get Catherine and have
the upper hand over Vincent. Gabe is going to wait while Catherine discovers
the strong woman he knows is still lurking inside her (and when she appears,
she’ll recognize her affection toward Gabe wasn’t genuine). After a tense
hostage situation that not only revealed to Catherine what she always loved
about Vincent
besides those biceps and abs😊😘, but also gave them the opportunity
to learn more about each other’s personal stake in the necklace.That necklace
not only seems to be at the heart of the beast mythology, it appears to have
some hold over beasts when they are in possession of it.
The dynamic between
Cat and Vincent during the stressful situation is much better than it has been
in a very long time, the true appeal of the chemistry of Kristin Kreuk and Jay
Ryan is obvious.
Catherine and Vincent both have some unresolved issues that
they’re going to have to work out. Until then, at least for now, they’ve
managed to find some equal ground to stand on. JT is not in this episode: they
didn’t even mention inviting him to Tess’s birthday party. Really?🤬

Season 2: Ancestors

Catherine: Why are you following me?

Vincent: I’m not following you.

Catherine: Yeah? Then why’d you follow me to the bar last night?

Vincent: I
didn’t follow you to the bar. In fact, what were you doing at the bar last

Catherine: Same thing I’m doing here– working on a case. So don’t blow my cover.

They realize they are after the same thing: the gem. Sparks fly between the
two former lovers.The claws are out on both sides when Vincent and Cat argued
over who should get the gem.  Vincent
needs it to understand the history of beasts and therefore who he is.
wants to prevent that the jewel ending up in the wrong hands.
Even though there
is a lot of anger between them, it is nice and sad to see them both back in
fighting mode, competent and in charge. They challenge each other at every