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CATHERINE: “Okay, so what do we do now?” GABE:…

CATHERINE: “Okay, so what do we do now?”

GABE: “Guess try to bluff Sam into
thinking I do have a case. See if I can salvage this mess.”

Catherine does not like the way Gabe is treating Vincent, but doesn’t feel
like she could step in and defend Vincent because she’s pretending “to be with
Gabe”. I’m glad JT was there to stick up for his buddy. Moreover, Catherine saw
that Vincent still beasted out, it’s still a risk about him and she convinced
herself, or let Gabe convince her, that Vincent is mainly Beast. She isn’t
thinking with her heart when it comes to Gabe. She is thinking about ‘being
with the right person’…. But sometimes the mind and the heart have two
different choices…

GABE: “Look, I’m not standing in judgmen…

GABE: “Look, I’m not standing in judgment, okay? I appreciate
your efforts, Vincent, I do. And God knows we all want to bust, Sam. But we
can’t do it by using…”

VINCENT: “What? What were you gonna say, beast

Season 2: Catch Me If You Can


and the Beast


Title║ Catch
Me If You Can

Tuchman ║ Director
: Norma Bailey

air date in US
: March 3, 2014 ║Network: The

║CBS Television Studios

Me If You Can” was aired in Italy on December 2,2014
Network: Rai 4

Una Nuova Bestia

Catch Me if You Can is the 15th episode of the Second Season, and the 37th episode overall.

This episode was written by Mr.Tuchman who we haven’t seen
since episode 2×05: Reunion, that episode that began crazy descent of  VinCat until the breakup. This episode was
the crucial step of beginning to put VinCat back together. It’s nice to have a
female director on set. In “Catch Me if You Can,” much of the action
revolves around the gang trying to capture Sam and bring him to justice. This
episode is centered all around the Gabe-Catherine-Vincent love triangle.Catherine
seems to have lost the ability to think for herself and is agreeing with her
new boyfriend in such an incredibly passive way about pretty much everything.
It’s a protective measure against another broken heart, but it’s a fruitless
and hurtful method for everyone involved.
It’s sad that Cat felt enough pain to use this method to escape
acknowledging her real feelings for Vincent. However,we got a taste of the Old
Catherine back in action who kicking ass
with no hesitations at the notion of Vincent’s life being in danger.

We  had some more
pitch perfect moments of sage wisdom from JT in this episode: from the gummy
worms until assuring Vincent that it’s wrong to try and fully suppress his
beast side or to do anything merely as part of a plan to impress Cat. JT scenes
were wonderful. We have one of the greatest scenes in the history of the show:
Vincent and Cat end up trapped and literally tangled inside the flipped over
The car crash aftermath was a wonderful combination of cute, funny, and
sexy as Vincent and Cat argued in very close physical quarters.Their bickering
crackles with chemistry that even Gabe can’t deny when he gets an earful of it
on the phone.

Gabe… He’s threatened by Vincent and he does not like that
Cat’s old flame is still a major part of her life. To tell Vincent that he’s a
better option for Catherine, is not going to make him back off, it’s only going
to make him try to be a better person to prove Gabe wrong. Gabe is fighting a
losing battle. And the last scene of the episode confirms all . Catherine and
Vincent cannot stay away from each other. It was a sort of real life do-over of
Cat’s dark dream from last episode, ending in a development that was anything
but nightmarish. It was so well done, Kristin and Jay eyes spoke volumes.

Season 2: Redemption

When Vincent ardently refuses to stay away and even tells her he
loves her, she physically pushes him away, causing him to hit his head in an
apparent deadly accident.

It’s very interesting to rewatch Catherine’s nightmare and listen to the
choice of words she put in Vincent’s mouth…..

– when she tells him it’s not fair to me, it’s not fair to Gabe….
:“Screw Gabe!”(Yay!)

-right after  he said : “Come
on, we both know you’re not supposed to be with Gabe, you’re supposed to be
with me

– when she talks about how they tried to be together…they were just not
meant to be…:“Ok. this is your father talking, not you!”

– when she asks to let her go : “Come on, I love you.”

She already has all the answers, she is beginnig to understand and it
scares her. Moreover, in Catherine’s dream, Vincent was:  arrogant, cocky… the way he is not lovable
at all, even when he said “I love you” it sounded assertive, not
romantic, and the mixture with all those messages that scare her so much made
her push him to death. However, Catherine is also noticing other things that
sound like old Vincent… hopefully she will hear those messages in a more
romantic scenario and the outcome will be very different…  

Season 2: Redemption

Catherine’s finally discovering how easily lines get blurred when you’re in
the heat of the moment. Catherine tells Vincent she feels conflicted about how
easy it was for her to kill Jacob: for the first time she only thought of him
as a beast, not a person. She did not hesitate to shoot a beast who was also
essentially an unwilling and helpless victim of Sam’s manipulations, and it was
Vincent’s first time thinking of the man lurking inside the beast. They’re
becoming more aligned.. If they take a look, they’ll notice they’re more
aligned than they thought, but they spent so much time listening the what
others put in their heads they missed the reality of who they are together. If
they decide they’re best apart or together or as friends, any choice is alright
as long as it’s their decision.

Season 2: Redemption

Cat arrives to the hospital and asks Vincent to save Gabe. Maybe Catherine
treats Vincent as a means to an end at this point…….🤔

Season 2: Redemption

VINCENT: “Wow. You
know, this actually used to be my life.”

“Why didn’t you ask him to get us into quarantine?”

I guess Catherine was very upset because, maybe, she was thinking:
Dr.Vincent Keller and Nurse Alex Salter. I do really believe that, so she was
tinsy bit insensitive, unfriendly and not inclined to share Vincent lovely

Catherine brings Vincent to the hospital where…

brings Vincent to the hospital where he was a medical resident.

Season 2: Redemption

and JT show up at funeral. JT, sporting a goofy grin, makes a point of sitting
next to Tess to great comedic effect. Vincent sits right down next to Catherine,
igniting waves of chemistry that will not die down throughout the episode.

Season 2: Redemption

Catherine has come to the conclusion that she needs to “stay away” from
Vincent in order to move on and “see if there’s actually a future with
Gabe”. (But if you are calling the name of your ex, it’s probably safe to
conclude you ARE NOT over him, no matter how hard you try to pretend you are