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I love these  two on screen together! VinCat forever 💞💕❤😍

They finish their stroll at the 9/11 Memorial. They are
standing in front of a fountain, he holds her hand and puts his arm around her.
They prepare for what’s to come, whatever happens, they, hopefully, will face
it together.
The scene is very touching.😔

Catherine and Vincent walk  at the
night and talk about roads not traveled and reflecting about memories and
emotions. With some of his memories returned, Vincent wonders if he could have
saved his brothers if only he had stayed a fireman. Catherine points out that
there’s no benefit to worrying about what could have been done

“ STEALING CARS” by James Bay

They arrive at the burning building ,Vincent wants to get inside the building
with no protective gear whatsoever. Catherine is worried about him and he reads
her concern: tells Catherine not to worry and, unexpectedly, kisses her.❤❣💞

Cat and Vincent go to firehouse to see the arson investigators.Catherine has
managed to quell Vincent about his worries of being recognized by his nephew.

😌😌😌😌Vincent’s phone…..


He’s curious to know why she’s been tracking him. Cat pitches her picnic
idea to him. Vincent seems as bemused by the whole picnic thing. He’s still
leery of her intentions and gets spooked despite her assurances that she
doesn’t want to arrest him, she wants to protect him.

Can you imagine Catherine’s desperation, knowing that the Vincent in front
of her wasn’t the same person she lost? Vincent starts to leave when she asks
questions and she starts crying, he stays but tells her he can’t answer any
questions.Catherine is willing to accept anything as long as she gets to have
him by her side again. She looks at him with so much intensity it’s almost like
she pulls him towards her and he kisses her.This kiss was painful, it was so
full of sorrow! That scene was so well acted. That scene ended up being great
despite the dialogue was not the best. Only two actors with an amazing
connection like Jay and Kristin would
have been able to playing that scene! Beautiful sad song “I CAN’T MAKE


Finally, Vincent has found Zhao’s hideout and that means Cat has too. There
a shootout as well as an explosion in a lab. Catherine calls out to Vincent but
he wants Zhao. Cat is struggling to breathe as the room fills up with smoke and
call out to him. When Vincent realizes that Cat’s in danger he chooses to save
her and let Zhao go.
He jumps out of a window with her in his arms as the
building explodes.