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They can’t legally charge Sam with anything ye…

They can’t
legally charge Sam with anything yet, so they need to catch him in the act. In
order for this plan to work, Sam has to think Gabe was successfully framed. So
they have to go to the ceremony and make Sam think they haven’t rumbled him by
making him think they suspect Gabe, a red herring he raised to try and take the
focus off him since the clinical trials he did for their son and the bones
would have connected to him. Therefore, Catherine needs another date for the
party. They all turn to Vincent. Funny how no-one thought of JT. Vincent facial
expression with the bottle in his mouth is absolutely spot on.😀

GABE: “We got to catch him in the act of something. And the best way to do
that is to let him think that his plan is working, con the con man”

his con is to make us think you’re the bad guy”

GABE:” Then you
better find yourself a new date”

Season 2: Till Death

The gang gathers up at the Gentlemen’s Club and they realise that Sam has
plotted everything, even being attacked to make Cat cancel her plans after she
first refused to come to their ceremony. Look at Vincent face: priceless!

Season 2: Till Death

also watched a lot of CSI, JT. I liked  a
lot that TV series!

Season 2: Till Death

Cat identifies the  missing
Clara.The gang gathers with Vincent repeatedly trying to get them to slow down
and give Gabe the benefit of the doubt while Cat suspicions are on high alert.

Season 2: Till Death

Basically, there’s no way that Sam could have been imprisoned for over five
years without having the smell of scorched flesh seared into his memory, and so
Cat decides to haul him in for interrogation, since Tess has used a loophole to
get the Barnes case officially added to their workload.

Season 2: Till Death

Cat gets a
call from Dana Landon saying that Sam was attacked at his apartment,… and
things get more complicated for Vincent.🤔

Season 2: Till Death


arrives with Tess at the houseboat. She updates Vincent on the Tony Barnes
situation and asks if he is OK. JT tries to subtly let Cat know he is totally
over Tori.

“I would’ve
told you earlier, but I knew you’d be dealing with…”

JT: “He has,
but he’s good now”

I could not help but think that, at the end of…

I could not help but think that, at the end of the scene,
Jay and Austin were drunk for real!😂


Cat and Gabe literally run in…

and Gabe literally run into JT and the other prisoner

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

JT bottles the serum and says: “What am I doing?”