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While Tess, Catherine and Vincent are in the waiting room, distraught, an
alarm goes off and they think JT’s about to die but when they get to the room,
they find that he is fine. When they come in, JT smiling and greeting them with
“What’s up!? Did we win?” He’s miraculously recovered! How?

Once again, Gabe has been a step ahead, and when Vincent and Catherine head
to JT’s, to gather the evidence he has been compiling against Gabe, they find
poor JT hanging from the rafters and bleeding out, within an inch of his life;
a horrifying scene.

Gabe is still stalking JT at his lab. He has decided
to target Vincent where it will really hurt: JT.

JT: Be
careful. Okay?

TESS: Don’t worry
about me.

JT: I don’t have a choice.

Why is Tess  pushing  JT away? Tess is, every single time, bitchy
to JT. Just last episode, she was cooing about how she and JT are sexually
compatible! I have no clue!🤔

JT: Do you want
the beast collar, too?

Just the gem. Thank you.

JT: Vincent
is not going to like this.

Well, it’s better him alive and mad at me than dead and not care.


At the Guild, JT is taking some of Vincent’s blood
to lure Gabe into a trap, at Cat’s request. Catherine tells them all of this is
in Rebecca Reynolds  journal. She says if
she can see how Rebecca protected Alistair, she can protect Vincent. She says
Vincent blood will lead Gabe into their trap. After poring over the journal of
Rebecca Reynolds, Cat became even more afraid that her ancestor’s story was a
prophetic mirror of her own and she, once again,  proclaim that “history is repeating itself”.
We feel her pain, her rage, her hopelessness and her determination to not let
history repeat itself.

Sorry. I
thought I’d lost it, but fortunately it was just under the passenger seat.

Yeah, fortunately (😄). Look, I’m sorry, but what does that journal have to
do with anything?

CATHERINE: Everything
that we’re going through happened to Rebecca and Alistair, too.

TESS: It’s eerie.

JT: And… hard to believe.

Okay. Mock me all you want, but I’m telling you, history is repeating itself.

Vincent can attack Gabe, JT shows up with Tess and shoots him with a tranq gun.
Then they load the half-unconscious Beast in Cat’s car and speed away. JT and
Tess take off at a run too as Gabe watches, eyes flaring.

JT hacks into the surveillance system frantically looking for Vincent but ends
up finding Gabe, who is enjoying a cup of something in Chinatown  waiting for Vincent to come. Tess calls Cat
and they head out.

TESS: What’s taking so long?

JT: So long? Last time we tried looking for Vincent, it took us
three months, remember?

TESS: Yeah,
but Cat’s freaking, all right? You know, she says if we don’t find Vincent and
stop him before he finds…

JT: Gabe!

TESS: No. Yoko Ono (😄). Of course I mean

JT: No. I mean, I found Gabe.

JT gets a
call from Tess and she tells him that Gabe killed Knox and that Vincent has
gone after it. JT says that Gabe will kill Vincent: he’s faster, stronger and
beastier. Tess says she’s on the way and JT says when she gets there he wants
to talk about them. She hangs up. When JT says “MAYBE WE CAN TALK ABOUT
”  is a funny moment.  Sad, but simultaneously funny, and well
delivered. But why would JT want to discuss his relationship with Tess right
then?!  I mean, they know Gabe is out of
control and coming after people. It may be because JT was made to feel so
little in the previous scene when Tess rebuked him and told him to go back to
his “little lab,” as if he was not as important as the rest of the
team. Tess’ taking things out on JT in a bad moment triggered his feelings of
inadequacy, at the worst possible time.

For some unknown reason, Tess starts acting really
bitchy and tells JT to get out of the way and “go to his little lab”.

No, no,
look, we got this, okay? Just go back to your little lab, find out how powerful
Gabe really is so we know what we’re up against.

JT: “Little lab”?

You know what I mean.