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Look at their facial expression😂👏! Austin/JT…

Look at their facial expression😂👏! Austin/JT is simply the best👏!

Season 2: Redemption

Yes, JT,
he is dead but not “dead dead” just fake dead. The interaction Tess/JT is funny, I prefer them as
BFF of our VinCat!😀

Vincent and JT are interrupte…

and JT are interrupted by Tess arrival. They have a little moment, with her
thanking him for the fake case and to show her gratitude.Tess decided to get a
room at the inn! Wow… that was bold. Poor sweet innocent JT finally has any
kind of life, I don’t know if he and Tess are now a couple or it is a one night
stand because of Valentine’s Day?! We will know that next  and i just hope she doesn’t break his heart.

Cat and Vincent arrive at the party looking go…

Cat and Vincent arrive at the party looking gorgeous which prompts JT to
proclaim they look like “Brangelina”,overheard by Gabe on the phone. Sorry J.T.
but our VinCat are infinitely more sexier and more attractive than Brangelina!😍💕💋💞

Season 2: Till Death

When JT
with his mad infiltration skills discovers that Gabe has purchased an airline
ticket to Mexico, Vincent agrees to search Gabe’s loft while Cat keeps him
occupied and confronts him at her apartment.

Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

J.T scurried over to the hospital to get blood and meds for Vincent, where
he was busted and Tess had to come and collect him and takes the blood as “evidence”(a
little glimmer of enjoyment in Tess’s eyes as she slammed JT onto the Nurse’s
station countertop
). She wanted to know why J.T. feels so incredibly
responsible for protecting Vincent, beyond the bounds of a normal friendship
and even beyond what Tess would do for Cat.

Season 2: Man or Beast?

JT is
at first a little miffed at being asked to steal a cadaver until he is told he
gets to do it with Tess.


Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

At the Gentlemen’s Club, JT and Tess are working on the creepy voice
and having a non-Thanksgiving eating pizza, and drinking a lot of beer. JT asks Tess why she’s single and Tess lists
off her grandmother’s complaints (she’s a cop, too masculine, too aggressive,
too intimidating).
Then he confesses that the first time he met her he wanted
to kiss her…and he kisses herand then she kisses him.They’re interrupted by
Gabe hurrying them to fix the call since Reynolds is looking less like an

Season 2: Kidnapped

JT is
eating Cat’s picnic as he tracks her phone. He is caught with his hand in the
picnic basket by Tess. She starts looking for Cat’s car GPS password

Cat drags JT for a chat inside the ladies’ loc…

Cat drags JT for a chat inside the ladies’ locker room. Tess comes behind
her and once it is established that Tess is cooler than JT, he introduces
himself and they start talking. It is funny to see JT introducing himself to
people he has already met. 😁😁
JT goes to see Catherine with the news that Vincent
went after Evan and his tracker has been jammed.