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Season 2: Operation Fake Date

After telling Agent Knox their secrets, Vincent is put in solitary
confinement but is soon whisked away by mysterious men in dark suits,
determined to put him through a battery of tests.They say they work for/with
Knox and  they don’t appear to be lying,
so Vincent goes with them.

I noticed Vincent’s reading material
in solitary lockdown: “Beyond Anger”. Ha! He’s such a great
combination of hot and hilarious.😄

Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

Catherine visited Vincent to supposedly break up with him, but clearly all
she wants is to be with him. Vincent’s reaction to her initial declaration was
hilarious and endearing: nervously eating food to hide his emotions.

Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

So Vincent rides down the elevator to sub level 20 and…he spots Xavier who
has collapsed in front of the server, but he has already started the upload
from the server to Sam’s computer.

Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

Vincent and Catherine arrive and find unconscious guards and ripped metal
doors. In order for Vincent to rescue Xavier, he’s got to traverse an
oxygen-deprived area of the building.Cat tells Vincent not do go after Xavier
and is genuinely worried.😱

Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

What follows is one of the funniest scenes we have seen on the show in a
: Vincent and Cat end up trapped and literally tangled inside the flipped
over car. They attempt to get out while coping with the effects of their close
proximity. There are too many people outside so they have no other choice than
to wait for the rescue squad, while adorably arguing about whose fault it was.💗

Kristin and Jay, kudos to both of you!👏 I mean, they are both amazing
actors, but when together in a scene, I think they really enrich each other’s
performance.🔥 They don’t really need to communicate verbally, even merely their
stolen glances do the job much better than the steamiest scene between any
other couple.

Vincent follows the trail of …

follows the trail of blood that Sam has deliberately left from Xavier.

Vincent was already tracking Xavier… the beast…

Vincent was
already tracking Xavier… the beast-way. Vincent arrives at Xavier’s apartment
and, using his super senses, pieces together everything that happened.

JT gives Vincent a series of fortunate advice….

JT gives Vincent a series of fortunate advice. In summary he tells him

1-to be himself and not someone he’s not, both selves, in fact;  

2-he can no longer deny his other half, his beast half, because that is
also Vincent.

3-to not be ashamed of being a beast. He just needs to balance his human
and beast qualities.

4- to stop
doing what he thinks Cat wants, and start doing what HE himself wants,and the
rest will come later.

When Vincent acknowledges that he is doing better in controlling his darker
side, but that it is a work in progress, JT GIVES US THIS GEM:  “RIGHT, SO YOU’RE NOT PERFECT, WHAT IS MORE

Season 2: Catch Me If You Can


JT finds
Vincent playing pool ( for stay away from Cat😀). Luckily, JT is there to fulfill
his best friend extraordinaire duties. Song “BILLY BLACK” by DELTA RIGGS

Side note: about the the song, the bass player of the australian band,
Michael Tramonte, said “ When we lived in that old far house in Peats
Ridge, the proprietor used to pop by all the time just to hangout. He was an
older Italian gentleman. He told us the story of the man who actually built the
house we were living in over 100 years ago. His name was Billy Black. Elliot
loved the story so he penned this song about what we knew of him.”

Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

Most likely, the only thing this confrontation did was to make Vincent
realize that Gabe may NOT be the greatest guy for Catherine after allThe
beast versus man argument  has been an
overarching theme this season so far.
Gabe approaches Vincent and plays his
most powerful card. As a former beast, Gabe can say with unique authority that
he’s the better option for Catherine. Instead of using his first hand knowledge
of being a beast empathically, he uses it as a weapon. Gabe basically tells
Vincent that he is worthless and that he (Gabe) is better than him (Vincent)
because of the beast. These are the types of things Evan said to Vincent (S1
ep.18), accusing him of being a monster that could never be with Cat, but the
difference was Evan didn’t know any better. However, Gabe already knows
everything. He is armed with the correct information and he still stays there,
a former beast himself, and tells Vincent, in his own words, that since he
(Gabe) is no longer a beast, he is a better man and that Vincent is a monster
who doesn’t deserve the love of a woman like Catherine. How dare he talk to
Vincent like that?  I mean, he broke into
the boathouse, and acted in a superior way and talked so self-righteously…..😤😡🤬