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1854: Alistair goes after the bad BEAST.
They attack each other in full beast mode and Alistair gets hurt.

Vincent is determined to find Gabe and kill him to stop his rampage, but
Cat tries to convince Vincent that this is exactly what Gabe wants for him to
beast out and show he is that monster the community fears

It was  a nice change of pace to have
Vincent telling Cat she needs to relax and stop worrying! He suggests that
Catherine is just looking for something to worry about. Vincent says the
manhunt, Gabe and the threat of exposure is over and the 200 year old drama of
Rebecca’s is over. He says no one is after him anymore. But…there’s a knock
at the door.  JT is there
and asks why they’re not answering their phones.

Aww… He kisses
her and Catherine’s look is full of love.

At the mysterious lab, Vincent awakens and
he is on a gurney. He makes them a proposition: he is more than happy to
“take care” of Gabe… and then return, since he deduces that they’re planning on
killing him anyway. Vincent can’t really go away because they are tracking him.
The men agree to his terms.


After telling Agent Knox their secrets, Vincent is put in solitary
confinement but is soon whisked away by mysterious men in dark suits,
determined to put him through a battery of tests.They say they work for/with
Knox and  they don’t appear to be lying,
so Vincent goes with them.

I noticed Vincent’s reading material
in solitary lockdown: “Beyond Anger”. Ha! He’s such a great
combination of hot and hilarious.😄

Catherine visited Vincent to supposedly break up with him, but clearly all
she wants is to be with him. Vincent’s reaction to her initial declaration was
hilarious and endearing: nervously eating food to hide his emotions.

So Vincent rides down the elevator to sub level 20 and…he spots Xavier who
has collapsed in front of the server, but he has already started the upload
from the server to Sam’s computer.

Vincent and Catherine arrive and find unconscious guards and ripped metal
doors. In order for Vincent to rescue Xavier, he’s got to traverse an
oxygen-deprived area of the building.Cat tells Vincent not do go after Xavier
and is genuinely worried.😱