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Cockiness was always Gabe’s problem and in the end it was his downfall. I
loved the look on his face when Catherine
snapped onto his neck  the collar
and gem and all the smugness drained from his body. Priceless! And I like that
Cat finally admitted that she “despises” Gabe at the beginning of
this episode in her talk with Vincent. Now she even called him
“bastard”! (no offence, Sendhil). Catherine
FINALLY came fully to terms with who Gabe was.

CATHERINE: “Just so you know, attacking
JT didn’t stop him from putting together all the evidence to connect everything
to you. And I mean everything.”

Gabe taunts Vincent from a distance again and they meet in an empty pool
hall. Vincent and Gabe have a pre showdown talk. Gabe is still acting all smug
and wonders if Cat will take him back after he kills Vincent, but even he knows
that is crazy. Despite Gabe’s continuing attempt to act as if he was a
confident and unflappable evildoer, Vincent seemed so much cooler and more
deadly when the two foes met up over a not-so-amicable little game of pool.
Gabe was a man with absolutely nothing to lose. His job and the power that it
provided was gone. There was no chance of him getting back with Catherine and
worst of all he’d intentionally turned himself into the thing he hated the most:
a Beast.

Gabe is still stalking JT at his lab. He has decided
to target Vincent where it will really hurt: JT.

Vincent can attack Gabe, JT shows up with Tess and shoots him with a tranq gun.
Then they load the half-unconscious Beast in Cat’s car and speed away. JT and
Tess take off at a run too as Gabe watches, eyes flaring.

arrives to Chinatown and Gabe starts baiting him and conveniently explains his
motives. In a nutshell, he had to become a beast to protect Catherine from him
(so stupid plan!). We know the best villains are the ones that can get inside
our  heads and Gabe certainly was pushing
every button to get Vincent to try to kill him. Gabe knew that he was much
stronger because of the proto-type DNA he injected himself with. If he got
Vincent to try to kill him, Vincent would cross the line and lose his
“humanity”, the one thing that makes him different.

Gabe has injected himself with the beast serum JT made from Tori’s DNA, and
it may just make him extra powerful, stronger than Vincent. When Cat calls
their ally at the FBI, she finds that once again, Gabe is one step ahead of
them, and they overhear Agent Knox being brutally murdered. Beth was the first
stop on Gabe’s killing spree. He quickly tore apart FBI Agent Knox, Cat and
Vincent’s only ally.

Beth is waiting for Gabe after they apparently set up a meeting. She tells
him she is not going to help him but  he
is there to “prove beasts exist” and after he is talking normally to her, he
turns into the beast seconds later and rips her heart out. So, is Gabe planning
another way to frame Vincent?


gave Gabe a good solid punch to the chest and it stopped his heart. She panics
when he doesn’t respond and she thinks she killed him.

Gabe gets irate when Cat rejects his insistent advances. Her
reaction is explosive and violent. She punches and kicks until he is
unconscious, no longer breathing and without a pulse. CATHERINE
! “No anger, no edges”. That’s what
Cat preached to Vincent before she went medieval on Gabe’s  a**.
This is what happens when you keep everything all bottled up. And
seriously, Gabe ran the gamut of creepiness in that scene. He is a major psycho
and clearly would have hit Catherine if she hadn’t been faster, angrier and
better trained. Sweet Catherine was so angry that almost killed him as
she finally let out all the pent up fury she had inside.

After the fiasco that was the press conference it seems Beth is not pleased
with the lack of a reaction from Vincent and that her supersoldier outburst
made her look crazy. Gabe calls her and reassures her that there is more to the
story and he has proof that he can show her: the beast serum he stole from Sam.
But they are interrupted by a phone call from Cat. Beth takes it but not before
Gabe tells her that Cat is in love with Vincent. Did you notice the man knocking on
Gabe’s door saying “Rewiring your neighbors, I just want to…”?.
It’s important for later.