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Season 2: Till Death

Vincent finds Gabe hiding from Sam in the garden. He gives him some advice
on how to pretend to be dead and on dating Catherine. Vincent talks Gabe into giving Cat another chance (after
delivering a bravura speech about actually being a good friend to Cat by
looking out for her the way a real friend should) and apologizes to Gabe for breaking
into his loft and Gabe says he should be
the one apologizing for… you know TRYING TO KILL HIM! I suppose a little
breaking and entering doesn’t really match up to Gabe trying to kill Vincent!

I noticed that basicly Vincent admits to Gabe that being “only”
friend to Catherine is very difficult for him! So Gabe is conscious that
Vincent still have feelings for Catherine? I wonder..

Alas Vincent, being selfless towards Catherine because you love her… to
the point of giving advices to Gabe about her?? That sentence to Gabe about
take-outs and some others friendly advice annoyed me!! Still… I always thought
Gabe had a secret agenda…

It would have been the end for both Cat and Ga…

It would have been the end for both Cat and Gabe if not for Vincent, who
zooms in at superhuman beast-speed, and sends them all crashing through a
window onto the snowy ground below, right as the bomb goes off.

Season 2: Till Death

takes Sam aside while Vincent tells the gang what’s going on and to give Cat
and Tess time to clear the building. Vincent literally sweeps Dana away the chapel.

Season 2: Till Death

Vincent gets ready to disable the bomb. Gabe comes up with the idea to
simply let the bomb go off, since Sam would realize he’d been found out
otherwise. Sam needs to believe he died with everyone thinking he was the bad
guy. Of course, for this to work, Vincent would have to “save him”. In the end,
Gabe decides to put his life in Vincent’s hands.

GABE: “Right now, Sam thinks that you all think that I’m the bad guy. So,
if I die, then the bad guy’s gone. Case closed. He’ll think that you guys will
stop investigating, and he won’t have to kill you.”

VINCENT: “I’m still back on
you die?”

GABE: “Obviously, not really, because you’re gonna save me from the


Season 2: Till Death

Catherine going to the ceremony with a different boyfriend: Vincent, while
Gabe is hidden in his car on the phone with Tess.

GABE: “They’re here.”

TESS: “Any
sign of Donaldson?”

GABE: “No” 

TESS: “So,
what, you’re just calling me to give me a heads-up before they walk in the

GABE: “You do realize I’m sitting alone in a parking lot watching her
with her ex-boyfriend.”

They can’t legally charge Sam with anything ye…

They can’t
legally charge Sam with anything yet, so they need to catch him in the act. In
order for this plan to work, Sam has to think Gabe was successfully framed. So
they have to go to the ceremony and make Sam think they haven’t rumbled him by
making him think they suspect Gabe, a red herring he raised to try and take the
focus off him since the clinical trials he did for their son and the bones
would have connected to him. Therefore, Catherine needs another date for the
party. They all turn to Vincent. Funny how no-one thought of JT. Vincent facial
expression with the bottle in his mouth is absolutely spot on.😀

GABE: “We got to catch him in the act of something. And the best way to do
that is to let him think that his plan is working, con the con man”

his con is to make us think you’re the bad guy”

GABE:” Then you
better find yourself a new date”

Season 2: Till Death

The gang gathers up at the Gentlemen’s Club and they realise that Sam has
plotted everything, even being attacked to make Cat cancel her plans after she
first refused to come to their ceremony. Look at Vincent face: priceless!

Season 2: Till Death

Vincent calls and informs Cat and Gabe that all the bones belong to Gabe’s
fellow orphans which, added to Gabe being experimented on by Muirfield, means
either these victims were chosen to frame Gabe or maybe Muirfield is involved.
Gabe checks the records he’s pulled about Barnes and finds that Barnes was in a
court case against Sam over some medical stuff, there’s no way Sam could not
have met Barnes, there’s no way he could not have known what Barnes looked
like. Which is why Dana would have inevitably come into contact with the man,
explaining how she knew the name. After his conversation with Cat and
Gabe, Vincent is disappointed because he realizes his “window just closed”.
Vincent, when a guy looks like you no window is ever closed!😘💋

MY SPECULATION:Gabe has  a case file
with Sam’s name on it as the co-petitioner of some court case. Why bring home
up that file and a lot of others files? Why bring up Sam’s name now, and not
earlier? He knew exactly where the file was….

Season 2: Till Death

Catherine goes to Gabe’s loft to “grovel” by “bringing Mexico”. Why is
Catherine apologizing to Gabe again? She had every reason to distrust him! And
Gabe dares to get all offended!
The absurdity with which Gabe
proceeds to act all haughty and offended by Catherine’s suspicions of him
“is through the roof”. But Gabe, when you try to kill someone, it’s
going to take more than a few months to fully redeem yourself!!  He’s lucky Catherine gives him a benefit of
the doubt!

CATHERINE: “Look, I just got back from Sam and Dana’s. They lost a son,
some complication in a clinical trial, and they blamed each other, their
marriage broke up, and if they can get past all of that, who am I to hang on to

GABE:” The thing is, you’re right. It is hard to forget some things. Like you
conspiring against me with your ex, like…”

Season 2: Till Death

Gabe’s outright offended that Cat would distrust him after all he’s done to
prove to her that he’s changed. Gabe looks into Vincent’s eyes and tells him,
beast-to-beast, that he never set eyes on that vial in his life, and it’s an
admission Vincent has no choice to believe, since he would have been able to
detect Gabe’s lie with his abilities (however, in a precinct scene with
Vincent, after interrogation room, Cat mentions the possibility  that a former beast would know best how to
avoid another beast’s methods of detection. Did Gabe just game the system?).

A big amount of the episode was spent to try to save Gabe and keep telling
us he is now Mr. Perfect and that he did every thing to redemptive himself , he
did every thing to protect Cat and Vincent to make up for his fault , he earned
his second chance , it is not fair to identify him for his past not his
present. Or, they spent 10 episodes destroying VinCat and making Vincent as bad
as Gabe was on S1. Exactly to prove that the bestial side of these creatures is
almost uncontrollable and it takes a great man to overcome it. And this man is
Vincent. The other 3 episodes were about Vincent getting out of his dark place
and starting to find his way back to himself, getting rid of his brainwash,
anger, confusion and everything else that caused his doom. Gabe didn’t have any
evolution while Vincent had a whole journey of descending to darkness and
coming back to the light. Gabe is there only to provide an antagonist to
Vincent, the same way Tori was there just to provide an antagonist to
Catherine. So now the big question is: HOW THEY CAN FIX THINGS AND SOLVE

Just my speculation.