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Season 2: Cold Case

Jack  tells Cat exactly what happened
the night Ray died, via FLASHBACK.  So we
learn that Gabe killed Ray….. but we already knew that.

Apparently thinking that Vincent’s lady friend…

Apparently thinking that Vincent’s lady friend would be a
more fun kill, Sebastian tries to drop her down the elevator shaft. That
doesn’t work because Vincent doesn’t let people hurt his Catherine, even if he
doesn’t remember her.
Vincent grabs her hand.
As he does, he has a flashback to other times he has rescued her in the
past: from being hit by a train, the first time he saved her, and of sitting
with her on her fire escape. He saves her from falling, before jumping down to
where Sebastian’s body is.

Season 2: Kidnapped

While she searching for Vincent, Catherine has a flashback from the last
episode of when she tracking Vincent while he was tracking Li Zhao.

Season 1: Playing with Fire

Gabe has a flashback to his childhood again, remembering Catherine’s mother
who got him out of Muirfield and with a family. Until Catherine mentioned to
him that her mother used to wear a Chimera necklace and was a scientist, he had
no idea just how close he was to the woman who saved his life. It’s so bizarre
to think how  lucky he got in finding
Catherine, the daughter of the woman who set him free so many years ago.

Season 1: Playing with Fire

Time to
confront Gabe.Catherine sort of accuses Gabe of being a Muirfield agent, so
Gabe tells Catherine his story throught a Flashback: he was orphaned as a small
child in Calcutta and brought to the US to be used as a guinea pig by
Muirfield; he spent his whole childhood having tissue, blood and whatever else
they could harvest taken for him. He’s hunting Muirfield, not working for them.
New information we get from the flashback is that Gabe was designated as
“Chimera 5”
and Vanessa was one of his doctors.

Season 1: Playing with Fire

The dead man has no fingerprints at all. Gabe has a flashback to when he
was a child, with a woman who had no fingerprints in a facility that has
classic Muirfield décor: ice white on all surfaces.