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Season 2: Ancestors

Cat is inside the bathroom steadying her nerves. She has changed into a
waitress outfit and is finally disposing of the wire. Patrick knocks on the
door to check on her. Cat tells Patrick: “Don’t be
afraid to make a change. Just do it before it’s too late”
Maybe Catherine was
thinking of herself?
Did she think she waited too long to make a change in her
❔❓ Anyway Patrick tries to kiss Cat but they are interrupted by Pete. It’s
show time.

Season 2: Ancestors

and the Beast


Title: Ancestors

RogerGrant & Rupa Magge/ Director:
Steven A.Adelson

Original Airdate in US: January 20,2014/ Network: The CW

Production Company: CBS
Television Studios

“Ancestors” was aired
in Italy on
: August 14, 2014/Network: RAI

Italian title: “Antenati”

Vincent is out, a
“free” man.
He can walk the streets with a name and a face and be
recognized. He can be a war hero and to appear on “The Talk” ( with
Sharon Osborne’s and Julie Chen’s cameo, the interviewers ) , but he’s still
just as dangerous and more sexy as ever.
Tori is still in the picture, and as a
matter of fact, her entry into the story at this point helped bring to light
the beginning of the mythology portion of our beasts, just as Special
Agent Dana Landon’s  introduction(Elisabeth Rohm) in this episode
to shed light onto the mythology of Cat’s family history in tracking
.Tori has about two more episodes before she’s goes  and we have
much more JT and Vincent screen time. Cat and Tess, our gal pals, are
finally back on track. Not many scenes together, the ones they do were
heartfelt and touching. We have a lot of guest stars, including two hunky
gentlemen: Ian Bohen(Pete) and Rob Mayes (Patrick), playing respectively: a
gang leader’ s of bad guys and his younger brother.

Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

Near the end of the episode, we see a bunch
of stray dogs crowded around the front of the antique shop, and we can only
presume that something about the skeletal remains is attracting them..What was
the point of that scene?

Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

The ambulance arrives and Vincent is rushed
to the hospital with… Tori.

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

and the Beast


Title: Guess
Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Written by: Wendy
Straker Hauser/
Director: Jeff Renfroe

Original Airdate in US: November 18,2013/ Network: The CW

: CBS Television Studios

“Guess Who’s Coming To
Dinner?” was aired in Italy on July 24, 2014/Network:

This episode was written by a new comer Wendy Straker
. It also welcomed yet another newbie director, Jeff Renfroe. It’s
Thanksgiving time and Bob Reynolds wants to spend some quality time with his
daughter. He invites Catherine and her boyfriend to a quiet 😱Thanksgiving dinner
in Montauk. This ep marks the start of “Tori arc”: the entire arc was
and is painful still to watch for me. Plus, this is the episode of “THE
KISS”: i.e.Tori kisses Vincent while Catherine witnessing the scene. If it
weren’t for “the incident”, I could have loved the episode.There are some funny
lines, JT is back and Tori’s character was a character with potential.The idea
of a born beast who was female was intriguing.The love interests for Vincent
wasn’t necessary,
in my opinion. I would also preferred it if JT and Tess would
go more in the direction of Brotp than lovers. Ted Whitthal, Agent Reynolds,
stole the show. What a fantastic actor! I hated Reynolds more than ever in this
episode because of his manipulation of Catherine but I couldn’t help enjoy the
character on-screen all the same.

Season 2: Father Knows Best

Gabe has a plan: he pitches his flat lining idea. Let’s try the whole “kill
him and resuscitate him” to heal his beast (which makes no damn sense anyway)
as they did with him on Windsor and to make Curt agree to this dodgy turn of
events, they use his daughter as leverage. Tess points out how stupid Gabe’s
plan is.
Catherine of course jumps on the bandwagon. She really wants to help
Vincent complete a mission that doesn’t involve him killing someone.

Tess: “"Hey, Curt, would you mind
“beasting out so we can kill you? "And then after you flatline,
"we may or may not be able to, you know, shock your human side back to
life?” I’m sure he’ll go for that.”😀

Season 2: Father Knows Best

I love these  two on screen together! VinCat forever 💞💕❤😍

Season 2: Reunion

Beauty and the Beast


Title: Reunion

Written by: Eric
Director: Fred Gerber

Airdate in US
: November 4, 2013/
: The CW

“Reunion” was aired in
Italy on July 17, 2014/Network: RAI 2

This  episode was written by a new writer, Eric
Tuchman. We also had a new director, Fred Gerber. “Reunion” is a
thematic episode.There is a dual meaning in the title,as always: Catherine’s
reunion wih high school friends
just happening to coincide with, a similarly
doomed, reunion between Vincent and an old war buddy. The theme was far better
executed on the Vincent side of things: reunion for Vincent is a lot more
meaningful. So Catherine is not the only one greeted by familiar faces from the
past but, for Vincent, is not only unpleasant but so awful. In the end of
episode Catherine  discovers a familiar
face in the background of her high school graduation photo: Agent Reynolds, HER

Catherine and Vincent walk  at the night and t…

Catherine and Vincent walk  at the
night and talk about roads not traveled and reflecting about memories and
emotions. With some of his memories returned, Vincent wonders if he could have
saved his brothers if only he had stayed a fireman. Catherine points out that
there’s no benefit to worrying about what could have been done

“ STEALING CARS” by James Bay

Catherine cannot calm Vincent…

cannot calm Vincent down and, an overwhelmed Vincent, turns into the beast and jumps out of the hospital window, leaving stunned
and shocked Catherine and Gabe.