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Catherine / KK really looks beyond the beautif…

Catherine / KK really looks beyond the beautiful in that green
dress,stunning. Both looked very beautiful, fantastic tv couple! They are so
beautiful that they do not even look real!

I noticed the sexy tango music playing when &l…

I noticed the sexy tango music playing when “Mr and Mrs Beaumont”
the “Sequel” were coming in the ballroom together. So a smugly
satisfied Vincent has to step in as Cat’s fake husband. After all, it gives him
plenty of opportunity to charm Catherine (and not only her…..😍), all while he’s
dashingly dressed to the nines and that
much harder to resist!. Vincent and Catherine (Jay and Kristin) look

Season 2: About Last Night

As she
walks out from Rikers, Cat gets a phone call from Vincent: he wants to talk
“about last night”.Cat just wants to avoid that conversation at all costs. It’s
particularly sad when Vincent tells her their night together was “incredible”
and Cat corrects him saying “it was a mistake”. She adds that she is afraid to
go back to being completely defined by him. Cat is afraid of giving into her
feelings for Vincent because she was nearly destroyed last time she lost him,
and I don’t think she has recovered yet . Vincent  tells Cat that he knows she is lying, that he
can sense what she is feeling and that THEY ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER. He
clearly says he “is not going to give up on them”( and  truly melted my VinCat-heart)!. We are
discovering a Vincent no longer  martyr,
but an assertive Vincent like never before.

Catherine sneaks out of Vincent’s bed, peeling…

Catherine sneaks out of Vincent’s bed, peeling his arm off
of her, she quietly grabs her clothes and leaves.. I can’t believe she just left 😮!
I find it hilarious that not once did Catherine wake Vincent up during her
sneak out. For a beast with super-hearing, she must have quite the charm on
Vincent for him to be sleeping so soundly like that! If it was anyone else
walking about his room, he probably would have awaken almost immediately.
Catherine put Vincent into quite the dreamland, so much for Beast senses🤭🤫!

Season 2: About Last Night

Catherine woke up and realizes where she is. She awoke with a
splash of cold reality water to the face as she realized she was in bed with
Vincent. The look on Catherine’s face when she realizes that the man who she is
in bed with  is Vincent was priceless! No
matter ‘how’ much she enjoyed sleeping with Vincent (sooooo much!😚😋), she knows
she wouldn’t be able to face him afterwards. That’s why I am led to believe
that Catherine feels ashamed for enjoying the sex and that’s what scared her
and made her bolt for the door.

The episode starts with a Vincat montage of &l…

The episode starts with a Vincat montage of “best
of” moments in their relationship, set to the melancholy tones of “VAPOURBY VANCOUVER SLEEP CLINIC.
What a swoon-worthy clip reel that was! There have been so many stunning
romantic moments between these two over the show’s through  season 1. The beautiful memories  embeded into the beginning of the episode
shows us what, exactly, Catherine dreams about. The dreams are tied to your
subconscious which  exhibits your hidden
desires: things you DON’T want people to know about you / things you DON’T know
about yourself!!.

Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

arrives at the houseboat while Vincent is getting ready to eat his microwave
dinner…..and he is wearing that fluffy bathrobe


Vincent and Cat exchange a heartfelt look that…

Vincent and Cat exchange a heartfelt look that is
exquisitely intense and still somewhat heated. Although, I do not think  Catherine
will  be so quick to accept
Vincent back. Vincent  certainly has a lot
to prove for to deserve another shot with Catherine. No Valentine’s flash mob is going to bridge this
gap, this time.

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Vincent, just ‘cause
we’re not together anymore doesn’t mean that we don’t still have a
history together, that we don’t still care about each other.

think Cat is forcing herself to accept Tori relationship with Vincent, but I
don’t think that “friendly” is the way she actually feels.

You tend to shut people out.

You want to solve everything by yourself.

Keeps her guessing, worrying.

Trust me, I know.

Maybe she still has to come to terms with what happened and
discover if she can have a different type of life and to know if she can
survive without Vincent by her side. In any case, the scene was very sweet.

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Vincent started openly show your feelings and emotions
regarding Cat so much more openly in this episode than he has in a long time. His regret that they are just friends now is
painfully apparent.