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Blissfully ignorant and unaware of what is happening, Vincent and Catherine
are still at the motel. Catherine is a little worried about Rebecca’s journal,
but Vincent doesn’t want to worry about. The whole scene was sweet,  this whole interaction was too damn sexy and
cute at the same time. They always leave us wanting more! KK was so petite in
that bed and looked super cute in her pyjamas. We know that Vincent is actually
always listening to what Catherine tells him, as when he refers to her scenario
of backpacking across Europe when trying to coax her into putting the wig back
on while they have sex! It was such a playful scena and once again Jay and
Kristin did a great job. I love her laugh and the way she hold Vincent’s face
it’s so VinCat! They really have created such a believable couple who portray
every aspect and emotion in a relactionship that just draws you in. Our VinCat
can play it all: comedy, humour, love, passion, anger, hurt and pain.

Vincent told Catherine it’s
understandable that she has a lot of anger  which she habitually represses. This is very
true, and Cat does spend a great deal of time and energy soothing everyone
else’s frayed nerves while her own frustrations boil within.  It was nice to have Vincent tell Catherine
that he was kind of glad to be able to clean up her mess for once. Catherine
feels bad for ‘beasting out’ on Gabe. I liked what this represented. Catherine
is usually the one in control, however, getting angry and losing control is a
very human reaction to stressful situations. Vincent might be predisposed to
this type of behavior, but that doesn’t mean that a human, with human DNA,
can’t be more dangerous than a beast. Vincent basically goes through all that
reasoning and tells Cat that her “beasting out” episode wasn’t all
that bad. First, he liked being the one fixing the mess for once. Second, if
she hadn’t “beasted out” first, he would have killed Gabe and he doesn’t
want to be a killing machine anymore.

Catherine goes inside her apartment and finds the whole gang waiting for
her with Vincent standing  in front of
the “pin the macho” poster.
It almost seems he was going to put on a show for
Catherine! It was hilarious!😎

e-mailed me, he’s setting up a press conference after your surprise surrender. You
have to seem like an innocent war hero; no anger, no edges. Like JT.

JT: Hey! Excuse me, if I don’t have any
animal DNA in me.

VINCENT: Well, you
can have some of mine, okay? ‘Cause it makes “light and easy”
completely impossible.

you think my DNA likes this? I am troubleshooting here, which means checking my
emotions at the door and you have to do that, too.

I move
slowly, Gabe knows that firsthand.

I don’t want to know about Gabe’s firsthand. 😏

CATHERINE: I am just saying, that I can be light and easy and he
won’t question that. But you have to be light and easy, too. That means… when
I’m out with him, you can’t check in. No calling, no texting.

VINCENT: I can’t text from prison
anyway. Wait… when is this pretend date?


So, I’m
supposed to just sit here all alone, on my final night of freedom…

Cat tries to come up with a good solution. She tells Vincent she will have
to go see Gabe alone because she  thinks
she can persuade Gabe to call Beth off, once she tells him Vincent is about to
be arrested. Vincent is not happy about it and tells her it seems like she is a
little too happy to see Gabe. She explains she needs to do this so they can
play their cards right.

CATHERINE:The reason why he’s become unhinged is because I
rejected him for you. And he’s become a little obsessed.

VINCENT: Right. And I thought you were trying to defuse me.

CATHERINE: I’m just saying, I have a
certain power over him and I intend to use that to our benefit.

The two kiss
and walk off. Catherine
and Vincent return home, aware of having to face the present before thinking
about their future. I loved the ’Come on, kiddo’ from Jay with Kristin’s cute


Cat wonders how Vincent found her. Vincent explains that he scared April
into a confession. He acknowledges Catherine did the right think, even if she
blew their covers.

CATHERINE: But I’m gonna have to testify, which means I’m
pretty sure I blew our cover. Are you mad?

No. No, I’m not. But Knox will be. You know, he made it pretty clear if things
didn’t work out here, he might not be able to clear my name.

CATHERINE: We did the right thing, Vincent. We couldn’t walk away and just let
somebody get away with murder. It’s not who we are

VINCENT: I know.

was talking to the birds and Vincent starts talking to the fish, now tell me if
they are not a perfect couple !!


Outside, Cat decides that her cover, as a nosy neighbor, allows her to ask
the lead detective lots of questions. She cannot listen and eavesdrops on the
officer and deputy Lewis talking about the case. So, she joins the conversation
and asks questions of the officer. He doesn’t appreciate that and he is about
to get mad, but Vincent finally comes out of the house and, pretending they
have another obligation,  he can drag Cat