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Season 2: Till Death

Gabe’s outright offended that Cat would distrust him after all he’s done to
prove to her that he’s changed. Gabe looks into Vincent’s eyes and tells him,
beast-to-beast, that he never set eyes on that vial in his life, and it’s an
admission Vincent has no choice to believe, since he would have been able to
detect Gabe’s lie with his abilities (however, in a precinct scene with
Vincent, after interrogation room, Cat mentions the possibility  that a former beast would know best how to
avoid another beast’s methods of detection. Did Gabe just game the system?).

A big amount of the episode was spent to try to save Gabe and keep telling
us he is now Mr. Perfect and that he did every thing to redemptive himself , he
did every thing to protect Cat and Vincent to make up for his fault , he earned
his second chance , it is not fair to identify him for his past not his
present. Or, they spent 10 episodes destroying VinCat and making Vincent as bad
as Gabe was on S1. Exactly to prove that the bestial side of these creatures is
almost uncontrollable and it takes a great man to overcome it. And this man is
Vincent. The other 3 episodes were about Vincent getting out of his dark place
and starting to find his way back to himself, getting rid of his brainwash,
anger, confusion and everything else that caused his doom. Gabe didn’t have any
evolution while Vincent had a whole journey of descending to darkness and
coming back to the light. Gabe is there only to provide an antagonist to
Vincent, the same way Tori was there just to provide an antagonist to
Catherine. So now the big question is: HOW THEY CAN FIX THINGS AND SOLVE

Just my speculation.

Season 2: Till Death

Vincent goes to Catherine’s place where he finds Cat  is kissing Gabe 😮.Vincent grabs Gabe and
violently pushes him against the wall. When Vincent presents the vial to Gabe,
he’s not the least bit shocked. Vincent asks him to explain himself, and Gabe
immediately turns to Catherine (avoiding the question) and says, “You’ve been
talking to him about me?”

Vincent immediately replies, “It’s the serum that Barnes forced JT to make.
What was it doing in your apartment?”

Gabe quickly (again) deflects the question by countering Vincent. “What
were you doing in my apartment?”

Vincent: “Answer the question!”

Gabe: “I have no idea what it was doing there; for all I know, you planted

Gabe gets indignant because he has changed into such a good guy but Cat
points out FINALLY that it wasn’t so long ago he tried to kill Vincent and
kidnap her.

Season 2: Till Death

VINCENT:” Okay, look, we don’t even know if Clara is a
victim. We haven’t even got the results from the bones yet”

CATHERINE: “Right, but the whole reason
we brought Sam into the precinct was to get him to give us a lead, and he did.
Gabe. And I think that we should at least look into it”

Season 2: Till Death

Cat identifies the  missing
Clara.The gang gathers with Vincent repeatedly trying to get them to slow down
and give Gabe the benefit of the doubt while Cat suspicions are on high alert.

Season 2: Till Death

Cat calls Gabe to tell him that, instead of a romantic date next Saturday,
they are on bodyguard duty with her ex. He gruntes in frustration when
Catherine askes him to change his plans….
In turn, Gabe lies to Cat about being in his apartment. He is actually
in a shady convenience store giving cash (a lot of cash…. Sketchy much?) to
a  Mexican-looking guy.

Catherine:” We’ll be ri…

Catherine:” We’ll be right there. I’m gonna bring Vincent with

Vincent makes the best “On my Own” pun ever.😀(“On My Own” is
Éponine’s solo and her most important song in the musical “Les

Season 2: Till Death

Cat gets a
call from Dana Landon saying that Sam was attacked at his apartment,… and
things get more complicated for Vincent.🤔

Season 2: Till Death

Cat will be busy with work, Vincent agrees to take care of the Tony Barnes
affair, ALONE. Vincent seemed uncomfortable around Catherine, like a
little boy with a crush. It’s cute, and adorable.

Season 2: Till Death


arrives with Tess at the houseboat. She updates Vincent on the Tony Barnes
situation and asks if he is OK. JT tries to subtly let Cat know he is totally
over Tori.

“I would’ve
told you earlier, but I knew you’d be dealing with…”

JT: “He has,
but he’s good now”

Season 2: Till Death

In the midst of her flashbacks, Cat gets so nervous and
anxiously spills her coffee  into a crack
in the ground.The dripping sound coming from the other side implies that
there’s some kind of cave hidden underneath. So, looks like there is a secret
chamber below the secret underground dungeon…