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Catherine, feeling someone coming up behind, t…

Catherine, feeling someone coming up behind, turns and
grabs the arm of the unknown assailant and flips him to the ground. Problem
is…he was her love, Vincent.😏

Season 2: Ever After

The episode starts with Cat standing in the middle of an
abandoned garden staring at a golden bird. Catherine  seems fascinated by it. A bird, free to fly away, even in New York
…..but isn’t the same for our lovers. They aren’t free, they must hide. I
love the metaphors and we got some in this episode.

Season 2: Cold Case

The Chandler sisters have a nice heart to heart. Heather realizes two very
important things. First, Cat’s secret was huge and it is pretty understandable
that she was reluctant to share it. Second, Cat actually told the truth at
first, after her mother died. She said she was saved by a beast and everyone
thought she was crazy. Heather absorbs and appreciates all the implications of
what she’s learned: nobody believed Cat all those years ago when she claimed to
be saved by a beast, that Vincent was a beast, that Vincent was innocent, that
he was the victim of a military experiment.I think Heather fools us with her
bubbly personality. I think she is a smart girl, who offers great insight once
in a while.

Season 2: Cold Case

finds Tess and Cat just as the bomb goes off. After a few tense seconds,
Vincent emerges unharmed.Cat’s relief when she saw Vincent coming back after
the explosion and the look on her face
said it all. I just think Cat’s face was so emotionally
intense, such relief written all over her face that to me that was perfect and
needed no more. When Heather sees Vincent she says  “who are you?” ..hehehe …he is a
genetically modified super soldier…

Season 2: Cold Case

Jack Watson is
traumatized after his beast-encounter, but Cat manages to convince him to come
forward. She pleads with him to tell the truth and he admits he is afraid. She
promises that she won’t let Gabe hurt him. Cat makes promises that she doesn’t
know if she can keep them. She is always naive when it comes to Gabe , she
doesn’t get it yet that he is always step forward than her!

Season 2: Cold Case

Vincent and Cat track down the witness who saw Gabe commit the murder: a
man named JACK WATSON.  Cat visits the
man,  flashing a photo of Gabe to make it
clear that she knows what happened.



all loved the comment Vincent made to Catherine about her being his gem that he wants to take with him
everywhere. For Vincent, Catherine IS his gem, meaning that she
is his comfort, his happy place, his home, his calm, his everything. It is a
swoon-worthy declarations!💕💓

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

they are going to the ex convict’s apartment, Cat apologizes to Gabe about
doubting him. She tells Gabe its not a game, he cant win her he says he can
try.He thinks of her as a prize despite the fact that she told him it’s not a
competition. But Gabe  he still disregards
what Cat says and how she actually feels and still wants to ‘fight’ for
her  When Cat and Gabe arrive at Salvo’s
apartment all they find is a dead organ-smuggler. Salvo was the person with the
information that could have  be able to
save Vincent, but this new opportunity quickly fizzled, leaving our Beast back
in hot water and not the sexy shower kind this time.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

Unfortunately, their not-last evening together was interrupted by Gabe.Gabe has good news and shares that he’s found that Reynolds did a wire transfer
for $10,000 to someone: an ex-convict named HARRY SALVO. A super excited
Catherine calls Vincent out and Gabe is not happy that he is there with her.
Vincent seems cautious and doesn’t want to get
hopes up.

Vincent coming out of the bathroom and the look on Gabe’s face as he
realizes that he’s interrupted some hot time between Vincent and Catherine.

I thought Gabe came late in the night thinking Cat was alone to take
advantage of her devastation after Vincent was supposedly gone, getting more
good point on her pretending to effort to help Vincent. But Vincent’s presence
ruin the plan for him.  Vincent proved
Gabe was wrong  thinking that  he would not have risked it all, showing himself in Catherine apartment which
surrounded by cops all over it because he couldn’t leave her without saying her
goodbye. That is why Gabe said to Vincent “you do realize there are cops
out there?” Yes, he does  but he
simply loves her that much to don’t care.💕

A very depressed Catherine is driving her car,…

A very
depressed Catherine is driving her car, she gets home. Into her apartment she starts
looking around, looks outside, then spots the gem on her coffee table, which
means Vincent is there