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Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

The shooting thing keeps being an issue. Agent Hendricks has Catherine in
an interrogation room. It has come to light that the investigation wasn’t as
open and shut as it initially appeared to be. There was a bullet that came from
a standard issue NYPD 9 mm gun. The bullet also has someone’s blood on it.
Hendricks wants to know who else was at the scene, Gabe tries to defend Cat,
Cat refuses to expose Vincent. The agent treats Catherine like a hostile
witness and suspends Cat and takes her badge and gun.

Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

Vincent does not remember the burning love he felt for
Cat. But one day, his memory will come back and those old desires will burn
bright again. Until he feels that again, he is lost to Cat.


Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

CAT: “You
don’t look fine.”

VINCENT: “Well, I’m not really your problem anymore, am I?


“Don’t blame me for this”

VINCENT: “Why not? You’re the one who pulled the

CAT: “I gave you a choice”

VINCENT: “No, you chose him over me”

VINCENT: “Your father tried to kill me!”

CAT: “I couldn’t let you kill him!”

VINCENT: “So you shot me instead?”

CAT: “Do you think I wanted to?”

CAT: “Look, Vincent, I told you that I couldn’t be the only one fighting
for us, and I meant that.”

CAT: “I really didn’t want it to end this way. But I guess it has.”

VINCENT: “Looks like it. At least you don’t have to cover for me anymore.”

interaction between Cat and Vincent in his boat was awesome in the most painful
way.Vincent is injured and betrayed, Catherine is disappointed and frustrated. 💔

Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

TORI: “You have a lot of nerve coming here”

CAT: “Tori, I
didn’t come here to fight”

TORI: “How could you shoot him? I thought you loved him”

CAT: “I did”

VINCENT (to Tori): “Now, listen, do you mind?

Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

The spat between Vincent and Tori is interrupted by Cat. She sees all of
the bloody gauzes and gets a bit apprehensive.

Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

Afterwards,Catherine is all stressed out over the shooting and keeps trying
to convince herself that she has to let Vincent (and his problems, which she’s
habitually taken on as her own) go. Catherine confides these feelings in Gabe,
who behaves in the kind, understanding, supportive way that has been his m.o.
ever since he switched from a selfish, murderous traitor to a sweet and heroic
teddy bear. The way he set out to redeem himself with the utmost seriousness,
prioritizing Cat’s safety and her happiness over his feelings for her and what
he might wish they could be is noble. Or,at least,…. for now.🤔

Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

The FBI send someone to question Cat in a completely
non-accusatory manner (at first) about the arrest of Agent Reynolds. It’s
basically a recap of the events of the last episode, except instead of Vincent
trying to kill Reynolds for the evil he’s done, Cat calls it a car accident.
The investigating agent seems very happy about the whole proceedings and lets
Cat out to go.

AGENT: “Then, while driving him in, you were… …in a car
accident, correct?” CAT: “Yes, I swerved the car to avoid a… dog that ran out
in front of me.”

At the very end of the episod…

At the
very end of the episode, Vincent is bleeding out from his bullet wound and  Cat is on her rooftop… alone…waiting, she
cries, we cry.


Season 2: Man or Beast?

At the jail, Bob is behind bars, and tells Cat he’ll confess to everything
to make everything easier on her.  The
enormity of it all dawns on Cat, and she crumbles sobbing into Gabe’s arms as
he strokes her hair.🙄😏

CAT: “Well, it’s too bad Vincent’s still alive, huh?”

BOB: “But at least
he’s out of your life, and I’ll take that. You’re gonna thank me one day, I
know you will. I know you hate me right now, but one day you’re gonna have a
life, a normal life, which is all I ever wanted for you.”

Season 2: Man or Beast?

While Cat
is unconscious…….

Vincent plucks Bob out of the back of the car

BOB: “I would do it again to save my daughter from a beast like you.”

VINCENT: “You failed”

CAT: “Let him go. I can’t let you do this”

CAT: “Vincent, we’ve got him– it’s over.”

VINCENT: “It’ll never be over as
long as he’s alive”

CAT: “I am begging you! You still have a choice. You can choose to walk
away and save yourself… SAVE US

CAT: “Please don’t make everything that we’ve been through, everything that
we’ve meant to each other be for nothing”

seems to listen and finally steps back 

A second later, Vincent snaps and goes back to attacking him.Cat shoots
him.Yes, that happened.

He looks shocked and mostly hurt, not only physically, after realizing what
happened. Then Vincent runs off into the night.

Both Jay and Kristin gave it all in that scene. It was very powerful and
devastating to watch