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A very depressed Catherine is driving her car,…

A very
depressed Catherine is driving her car, she gets home. Into her apartment she starts
looking around, looks outside, then spots the gem on her coffee table, which
means Vincent is there

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

GABE: Well,
maybe I’m wrong, maybe his motives are pure, but it doesn’t feel very
protective, okay? Here you are, searching the city, worried sick, and he is
gonna show up here, a fugitive, and you’re going to be the one protecting him.
I would never do that to you. Now I really do sound like a vulture.

JT: You know how, when Muirfield was
after Vincent, he had to be ready to run? He kept a go bag, filled with cash,
phones, passports.

in the headstone. We saw it this morning.

Yeah, well, it’s gone, so…
Cat and Gabe go to the dungeon to see if there is Vincent hiding there. No
luck. Gabe shares his true feelings and how upset he is with how Vincent is
handling this situation: he thinks Vincent is a selfish jerk. Gabe concludes
that he really “does sound like a vulture” (he said it himself!). Just then,
Cat gets a call from JT to tell her the money/passports are gone from the grave
so looks like Vincent is gone.

You are a vulture Gabe….once again trying to put Vincent in a poor light,
YOU are the one surrounded by darkness, and it is slowly, but surely,
reinvading your heart and soul. Vincent is not gone; he would never leave
without telling Cat goodbye.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

JT: He’s not
here. Meanwhile, it’s a Harrison Ford movie over there.

CATHERINE: The good news is, only one guard saw him as a beast, and
I think I put that genie back in the bottle, so…

JT: So, what about security cameras? What about flashing banners
running across every TV screen shouting, “War Hero Turned Murderer Now

GABE: I tried to
tell you before. I found something in the ambulance. That’s his bandage. It’s
torn apart. It’s like he wanted to get rid of the gem so he could beast out.

Cat, JT, Tess and Gabe meet up to talk about what happened as they try to piece
together where Vincent can be. JT refuses to believe Vincent planned his own
escape until he realizes he did it to protect his girlfriend, which makes him
VERY upset.

I think Gabe’s strategy moving forward is to stir up trouble and dissention
WITHIN the Fab Four. His strategy is wickedly simple:  "divide and conquer", chip away at
Vincent’s support base by making people think that they HAVE to choose a side
between saving Vincent OR saving Cat (rather than finding a way to save them
TOGETHER). Vincent’s strongest support has always come with Cat especially and
JT and Tess all working together.  For
example, it was the four of them that enabled Vincent to be rescued from Muirfield
after Evan turned him in in the episode “Heart of Darkness.”  With JT and Tess supporting her, Cat was able
to get directly into the facility.  NOW,
Gabe will want to keep Tess sidelined from helping Vincent if she sees it as
dangerous and endgame potential for Cat.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

As all of this unfolds, Cat meets with the lawyer Gabe recommended. He
shows up mid-meeting, suggesting he might be willing to come forward too (who believes it ???)
However, we have not had the chance to test the goodness of Gabe’s purposes
because they are interrupted by the breaking news about Vincent who just became
a fugitive and that a manhunt is underway for him.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

Cat asks Gabe to corroborate and to tell the truth about the fact that
Vincent killed Windsor in self-defense. But, asking Gabe to ruin his career
and face criminal charges to save his “rival” is probably little much. Cat asks
the unthinkable of Gabe: for him to
potentially give up the only thing he has left of importance to him, HIS
, by admitting to having been present for the Windsor murder. Gabe is
also willing to get Catherine the best
lawyer, for when Cat confesses her role in the crime.Gabe really does
give a run of showing he could BE the better man for Cat in his unselfishness
and willingness to still make amends for his previous actions despite the
break-up and no real hope of actually succeeding in his wish to be with Cat.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

CATHERINE: I think my father paid someone off to put Windsor’s
heart in Vincent’s fridge. So if you can hack into Reynolds’ financials, see if there are any recent
withdrawals. If we can prove this was a frame job, the evidence will be

JT: Great, but we only have
about 36 hours.

TESS: What’s in 36 hours?

JT: The arraignment. I think
Vincent’s gonna plead guilty.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

After eliminating Gabe from her suspect list, Catherine goes in jail to pay
her j**k father a visit and Agent Reynolds (Ted Whittall) didn’t win any points
with his daughter on this episode. Cat confronts Bob at the prison and tries to
trick him into confessing to have paid someone to plant evidences and to put
Windsor’s heart  inside Vincent’s fridge.
Reynolds wasn’t born yesterday, and only confesses to being happy that Vincent
will be behind bars and that Cat will be safe.
Reynolds has been the overarching antagonist in one way or another
throughout season two of Beauty and the Beast, and he’s a great candidate to be
behind this mess as well. Although, he did make a convincing argument for why
other entities may be inclined to see Vincent permanently out of the way.
Especially with the collapse of Muirfield, maybe Reynolds is still pulling some
of the strings. Old habits die hard.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black


The bad news are not over. Gabe’s contact at the DA office sent him a file
and, apparently, they have pictures of Vincent dumping Windsor’s body… So the
evidence isn’t that circumstantial after all and Cat begins to plan an elaborate
defense: he was a hero war veteran with PTSD and amnesia, who found Windsor
already dead and just couldn’t come forward. Cat’s plan quickly unravels when
Gabe reveals that the police also found Windsor’s heart in Vincent’s
refrigerator. Uh yeah, that’s a bit harder to explain. Gabe most likely didn’t
store organs to later use them against Vincent, which only leaves one option:
Vincent is being framed. She recalls that Vincent had a handler at the time who
would have been very likely to stash away blackmail material for later. The
only one other person who could be responsible is Bob Reynolds, Cat’s dad.
And that quip about how Gabe wasn’t keeping organs on reserve in case Cat
got back with Vincent was hilarious with a hint of gallows humor at the same

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

Tess and JT arrive separately as Cat comes out of prisoner’s intake. JT is
too worried about his best friend’s arrest and he clearly doesn’t have the
energy to cover up his transportation methods. Catherine asks for help and give
them an update. JT still has trouble believing Gabe and during a rant, blurts
out that he and Tess slept together right in front of Gabe and Cat!. And yes,
even with the amount of tension… it was sort of funny. Poor JT, too stress!
I love JT’s
line: “playing both sides”,he is the only one who is very suspicious
of Gabe through entire episode. And the way Gabe looks at Tess at the end of
the awkward scene where JT, before running away, reveals that he has been
getting some action and Tess is involved, is priceless!

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

Gabe reaches out to his contacts at the D.A. office. Gabe making himself
useful is something that always sounds suspicious to me. Maybe, at the moment,
Gabe was actually trying to help Catherine catch the person responsible for
Vincent’s arrest……😡