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Season 2: Operation Fake Date

You can notice the narrative change where Vincent  describes himself as ‘out of control, super
soldier with modified DNA
’.It is much better than constantly referring to him
as a beast. VINCENT IS STILL A MAN.  Knox wasn’t all too surprised upon learning many new
details about Vincent’s DNA. Cat tells him that Vincent’s powers can be an
asset to him, and he agrees but makes Vincent promises there is to be no
breaking out. I do like Knox. However, his reaction to Vincent’s DNA change
was…not what I expected. I thought he might flip out; maybe he has seen the
good in Vincent; he knows Vincent isn’t a killer so I think that’s why he
wasn’t all too surprised. A little but not too much. Catherine tells Knox
she’ll find a way to get Beth out of their hair and that Vincent needs to be
put in a solitary cell.

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

Meanwhile, Cat gets a call from Heather and she mentions her “blue cake” was destroyed by JT’s aversion to strippers. Cat manages to piece together the puzzle of what caused Gabe’s change of heart. She realises that Gabe overheard her talk about playing him and that he has gone back on the agreement about calling off Beth.

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

The gang, instead of giving Vincent and Catherine some alone time, they
demand all the gory details of Cat’s night out with Gabe. The way Catherine
looks at Vincent when he tells the others to leave because he wants one last
night with her is a look of love combined with some guilt for the fake date

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

After the decorating is over, Gabe takes Cat home. She is obviously feeling
guilty about the whole situation. He confuses Cat’s guilt with forgiveness and
decides to end the night with a kiss. About the kiss, I mean the
“peck”, I was not surprised that Catherine allowed it. After all, she
was trying to be convincing. I mean it was a brief kiss, just a peck. It was
all part of the act. I think it did surprise Cat, so you get a non-reaction
from her. And when you watch the scene, Gabe puts his hand behind Cat’s neck so
I think she did the best thing at the time. I think it was to show not only
just how deluded Gabe was but also how happy he was at the thought that he
still had a shot at winning Cat back and thus his greater sense of anger and
betrayal when he will learn the truth. The camera lingers on Gabe’s face at the
end of the scene, not Catherine’s. It is his reaction that is the important
one, showing how much the whole evening meant to him. Don’t get me wrong, I
HATED seeing him kiss her. It made my skin crawl and I am sure it did the same
to Catherine.

Season 2: Operaion Fake Date

Cat tells
Tess and Heather about her date. They are shocked and annoyed but Heather
agrees to help Vincent with his speech he’ll be giving at the press conference when he’ll surrenders

Okay, that dress does not say “just a meal.”

CATHERINE: This dress says “open heart,” which, I don’t
have, which is why I’m faking it with clothing.

Sseason 2: Operation Fake Date

Okay, so,
how many bases does, uh, pretend forgiveness entail? 😀

CATHERINE: What? None.

You know, why don’t you just let JT and Tess go back to Lizzie D’s, get out a
couple of costumes and you guys can do some role-playing.

JT: Wait, you two role-play?😊

Season 2: Operation Fake Date

Catherine arrives at Gabe’s apartment. Her plan is to make Gabe
believe  she has finally convinced
Vincent to turn himself in. Of course, he can’t go to jail if Beth publishes
the “Beast story”. Gabe is smart enough to raise the stakes. He tells
Catherine he will talk to Beth if she goes out on a date with him and is open
to the opportunity of taking him back. In a nutshell, Gabe tells Cat that he
just wants a chance with her…a real chance. Vincent behind bars is not enough
for Gabe. He wants a real chance at winning Catherine back. Catherine agrees
because no matter how much hatred she has felt and  she feels towards Gabe, she casted her
feelings aside and focused on the bigger picture: Vincent’s freedom.

Season 2: Ever After

Catherine and the officer talk about April and Catherine notes the officer
isn’t wearing his vest which he was conveniently wearing the night before. She
also notes that he knew when April met the new couple. When the officer
realizes Cat is con to his lies, he tries to grab his baton to use against her
but she is too fast for him and a struggle in the car ensues. The patrol car
hits into a tree and Cat runs off into the woods. She hides behind a tree but
can see the officer looking for her with a gun in his hand. Cat runs to the
patrol car to get a gun out of the back and the officer sees her and begins
shooting at her. Just then, Vincent runs up and lifts and throws the officer
onto the car windshield.

Season 2: Ever After

Veronica Vaughn finds deputy Lewis to tell him her conspiracy theory. He is
about to go on patrol so he asks her to join him.

Vincent and Catherine are stuck in this house …

Vincent and Catherine are stuck in this house in suburbia, unable to go
anywhere. Their world has now become very
small and confined. Catherine hears and sees the bird out the window.  It seems that the bird  mocking her in her confined world, while the
bird is free to fly away.  So she throws
her paper at it.