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Season 2: Redemption

Even while in romantic Cancun Catherine called Gabe
“Vincent.” It’s clear they’re on each other’s minds. Song: “EASY” by HANDS

Inside, Gabe and Cat make up. Gabe tells her h…

Inside, Gabe and Cat make up. Gabe tells her he has been making “grand
gestures” (trip to Mexico, coffee, banners ????😵) to overcompensate for the
“horrible things he did”. I don’t think any gesture could be big enough to make
up for what Gabe did.

For Catherine being with Gabe is her way to look for an end of her
unconditional love, it’s a way for her to avoid suffering. She knows that there
won’t be room in her heart to replace Vincent so she’s cutting all her ties
with the hope of a future filled with the kind of love she found in him. It’s
rather clear that she alredy has some dubts on this relationship with Gabe: she
says “I have to trust that. I do trust that”. But she has a long
memory, she WISHES she could forgive and forget quickly, but she cannot.
Gabe told
Cat that he will not hurt her , and we will just have to wait and see how
genuine he is in saying this.

Season 2: Till Death

Sam is lead away by Tess while Cat tries to comfort Dana inside the squad
car. The cops will tell Sam that not only did Gabe die in the blast, Dana did
too. Both are lies, naturally, but they’re necessary to get Sam believing that
he hasn’t been found out just yet so that he will lead them to the elusive evil
mastermind, Barnes. Gabe will pretend to be dead and go into hiding and Dana
has a choice. She can pretend to have died in the explosion, or she can go back
to him and live with him pretending nothing happened. She leaves to go into

It seems clear that Dana heartrending realization about Sam applies to
Cat’s life. Dana, a skilled FBI profiler, failed to see that her husband was
turned after his years of imprisonment and brainwashing. Cat  did the same with Vincent and now is doing
it again with Gabe.

It would have been the end for both Cat and Ga…

It would have been the end for both Cat and Gabe if not for Vincent, who
zooms in at superhuman beast-speed, and sends them all crashing through a
window onto the snowy ground below, right as the bomb goes off.

Season 2: Till Death

takes Sam aside while Vincent tells the gang what’s going on and to give Cat
and Tess time to clear the building. Vincent literally sweeps Dana away the chapel.

Season 2: Till Death

Tess has a moment when she realizes JT sent her the flowers, balloons,
chocolates AND made it look like she solved a case at the university.

JT: “Right, so love is bogus, flowers are hideous, and let me guess, you
hated the chocolates, too.”

SAM: “Where’s Vincent?”

TESS: “Oh, he just went out
to check the perimeter, make sure you’re safe”

SAM: “But we’re, uh… We’re up

Season 2: Till Death

The gang gathers up at the Gentlemen’s Club and they realise that Sam has
plotted everything, even being attacked to make Cat cancel her plans after she
first refused to come to their ceremony. Look at Vincent face: priceless!

Season 2: Till Death

Vincent calls and informs Cat and Gabe that all the bones belong to Gabe’s
fellow orphans which, added to Gabe being experimented on by Muirfield, means
either these victims were chosen to frame Gabe or maybe Muirfield is involved.
Gabe checks the records he’s pulled about Barnes and finds that Barnes was in a
court case against Sam over some medical stuff, there’s no way Sam could not
have met Barnes, there’s no way he could not have known what Barnes looked
like. Which is why Dana would have inevitably come into contact with the man,
explaining how she knew the name. After his conversation with Cat and
Gabe, Vincent is disappointed because he realizes his “window just closed”.
Vincent, when a guy looks like you no window is ever closed!😘💋

MY SPECULATION:Gabe has  a case file
with Sam’s name on it as the co-petitioner of some court case. Why bring home
up that file and a lot of others files? Why bring up Sam’s name now, and not
earlier? He knew exactly where the file was….

Season 2: Till Death

Catherine goes to Gabe’s loft to “grovel” by “bringing Mexico”. Why is
Catherine apologizing to Gabe again? She had every reason to distrust him! And
Gabe dares to get all offended!
The absurdity with which Gabe
proceeds to act all haughty and offended by Catherine’s suspicions of him
“is through the roof”. But Gabe, when you try to kill someone, it’s
going to take more than a few months to fully redeem yourself!!  He’s lucky Catherine gives him a benefit of
the doubt!

CATHERINE: “Look, I just got back from Sam and Dana’s. They lost a son,
some complication in a clinical trial, and they blamed each other, their
marriage broke up, and if they can get past all of that, who am I to hang on to

GABE:” The thing is, you’re right. It is hard to forget some things. Like you
conspiring against me with your ex, like…”

Season 2: Till Death

Sam and Dana are renewing their wedding vows in upstate New York and invite
Cat, Vincent, Tess and the others under the pretenses of providing security,
since an attempt was made on Sam’s life. This subplot gives us a bit of
background into the marriage of Sam and Agent Landon: they had a son, Adam, who
died of leukemia when he was 9 years old which is why Sam got into genetic
. He started submitting the kid to experimental treatments until one of
them killed him.That is sad. So they just want to use the vow renewal ceremony
as a way to honor their son and what they went through as a couple.