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Season 2: Redemption

Catherine has come to the conclusion that she needs to “stay away” from
Vincent in order to move on and “see if there’s actually a future with
Gabe”. (But if you are calling the name of your ex, it’s probably safe to
conclude you ARE NOT over him, no matter how hard you try to pretend you are

Season 2: Till Death

I found
this scene a bit odd. Why is Vincent out of breath? First, I thought there were
indeed too many flowers for his really heightened  smell sense.

Season 2: Till Death


SAM: “Oh,
I’m sorry that I ruined things for you and the ADA”

TY Sam!😀

Cat and Vincent arrive at the party looking go…

Cat and Vincent arrive at the party looking gorgeous which prompts JT to
proclaim they look like “Brangelina”,overheard by Gabe on the phone. Sorry J.T.
but our VinCat are infinitely more sexier and more attractive than Brangelina!😍💕💋💞

Season 2: Till Death

Catherine going to the ceremony with a different boyfriend: Vincent, while
Gabe is hidden in his car on the phone with Tess.

GABE: “They’re here.”

TESS: “Any
sign of Donaldson?”

GABE: “No” 

TESS: “So,
what, you’re just calling me to give me a heads-up before they walk in the

GABE: “You do realize I’m sitting alone in a parking lot watching her
with her ex-boyfriend.”

Season 2: Till Death

Catherine made every thing today to give Vincent the hint she still have
feeling for him and would accept if he makes a move but it seems clear to her
he is over her and she is just her friend now!?!🤔 So what else she could do? Get
naked in front of him and say: “do me, do me”?

Well she didn’t do it
in ep.1/15, then isn’t possible to do it now!

The facial expression of Vincent, his half smi…

The facial expression of Vincent, his half smile, the relief in his eyes tells everything and then also the way he raced out, clearly unsure about what he could do or say, he runs away…….

Season 2: Till Death

Cat and Vincent come to the conclusion that it was Tony Barnes who framed
Gabe. Vincent encourages Cat to talk to him and sort things out. Cat tells
Vincent that she doesn’t know if she can get over what Gabe did. And… THIS was the moment
when Vincent should have made a move! Cat was practically asking for it!🤨

Season 2: Till Death

When JT
with his mad infiltration skills discovers that Gabe has purchased an airline
ticket to Mexico, Vincent agrees to search Gabe’s loft while Cat keeps him
occupied and confronts him at her apartment.

Season 2: Till Death

I love this line! Particularly because it seems like Catherine doesn’t want
to be in a relationship with Gabe. She’s hoping Vincent would point him out as
the bad guy. So, she basicly is CONVINCED that Vincent loved Tori and that he’s
mourning her. She believes that Vincent is over their relationship and feels
NOTHING for her but friendship.

CATHERINE: “Are you afraid
of seeming jealous? Because I get it. You are over our relationship, and you
don’t have to prove that to me by being pro-Gabe. I am not proving anything.”

VINCENT: “You said that your former
relationship screwed you up a little. Maybe you’re buying into all this, okay,
because– I don’t know– yes, I did betray you a lot, and if I didn’t, then
maybe you would be able to…”

“What, trust Gabe? If you were truly my friend, you wouldn’t ignore anything
suspicious about the person I was dating. You would be concerned enough to look
into it.”