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… and then Jay gives her
that look!

NEW YORK 1854: Rebecca has Alistair and is caring
for him, tends to his wounds. She says he almost died and he says he has to
stop the bad beast from killing innocent people. Rebecca says it may be her
destiny to kill the beast. She leaves and locks Alistair in with the power of
the gem.

PRESENT DAY: Cat brings Vincent to a safe place and
she tells him she has a plan to take care of Gabe. She says she can’t lose him
and tells him to trust her. She believes it’s her destiny as well to
kill Gabe. She locks him in just like Rebecca did and leaves
the gem to seal him there.

I loved seeing Cat take charge of a situation and
handling it competently. I do feel the use of this  journal for drawing the parallels  served its purpose well. Kristin Kreuk really
brought her best in this episode. It is interesting the way Catherine
almost “sees” in her mind’s eye what most likely happened to
Alistair. I would love to know what was actually in the journal. The flashbacks
weren’t actually flashbacks, more like Cat’s imaginative re-enactments. The
juxtaposition of Rebecca’s flashbacks with Cat’s present dilemma was  very nicely rendered and made for a striking
comparison leaving us to wonder what Cat could do to prevent Alistair’s fate
from becoming Vincent’s. Both Rebecca and Cat say that the situations they’re
in are their destinies, too.  Girl power!

Vincent wants to track Gabe but he is followed by a swarm of reporters and
we see Rebecca and Alistair experience something similar to Vincent and Cat’s

Catherine is obsessing about the fact that Rebecca loved Alistair and then
she killed him. She asks why her ancestor would kill the love of her life after
doing everything possible to save him. Vincent
just wants to make breakfast without worrying about something that
happened two centuries ago. It was fun to see the domesticated side of Vincent
that knows how to cook and apparently can cook very well.

But you can
not break out again or it’s on me.

On one condition. Yes, I have a condition this time. You stay away from Gabe.


I have to say I liked when Vincent gave Catherine his condition of her staying
away from Gabe. Vincent always does what Cat wants, for once, it was
nice to see him be “ the man”.😎

I took the
wrong cake. Gabe must’ve come by to swap them and overheard us.

VINCENT: You know, I was joking before
but I swear, I am gonna kill him.

Yeah, that wouldn’t help your cause. Hey, it’s not about my cause. All right.
He thinks that you were playing him, God knows what he is gonna do to you,

Cat was always the first thing in Vincent’s mind throughout the episode.The
first thing in his mind is not what will happen to him in terms of them
experimenting on him but what will happen to Catherine now that Gabe knows she
is not interested.

In the cell, three guards are getting ready to take on the beast. Vincent
is on the verge of losing control and starts thinking about Catherine. The fact
that Vincent remembers the bed scene of the ep 2/2, although he wasn’t yet in
love with her in that moment (sure  there
was that “pull” but not love yet)
means that he really appreciate every single moment  with Catherine. Remembering that memory in
that critical situation when he needs to think of his most beautiful and
precious memories with her to calm himself down
it must have  meant more to him
than we thought !. It is clear how difficult it was for Vincent to not
lose control and how much of a calming effect Cat has on him. I  adore the fact that his memories of Catherine
and her smile kept him sane.

…but she doesn’t have the strength to walk away. Catherine kisses Vincent
back, intensely, and it is perfectly fitting for the situation. It wasn’t like
their previous (too previous) kisses, it was desperate and raw. It wasn’t a
romantic kiss,  it was spontaneous and
imperfect like their relationship at the moment.

by CODY FRY plays in the background,
Vincent picks Catherine up and
carries her to his bedroom. The ending of this episode marked the first step
towards Vincent and Catherine back together and I loved it.


…and finally he seems to say to himself “screw Gabe, this is MY girl’” and kisses

There is a moment of hesitation where it seems Catherine was going to walk

Vincent says
good bye, he walks closer and tells her to “take care”. She nods and doesn’t move an inch…..They
look into each other’s eyes for a charged moment💕🔥