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Season 2: Ancestors

Cat looks annoyed and
upset but Tess comes bounding in to brighten up scene. Catherine resent people
tiptoeing around the subject of Vincent. Tess gives her a pep talk.

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

At work Tess snarks all the holiday supplies and stomps on Cat’s buzz by
telling Cat Gabe’s suspicions about what Vincent’s last mission may actually
be: he may be the last  on the list. Cat
clings to Vincent’s trust and the fact that Vincent is different from the other
beast. Tess isn’t all that convinced, the whole heart ripping thing is a pretty
hard sell.

Season 2: Reunion

Cat isn’t on the Zach train since he did try to kill her.
She plans to do a background check on him. Tess encourages Cat to go to her
reunion since Cat needs to spend as much time on her own needs. Of course, Tess
offers to do the investigative work for her.

TESS: “Go, have a life, get your Ashanti on. Forget about Vincent for once”

Season 2: Hothead

Cat and
Tess are having a spa day in Cat’s apartment, complete with massages, pedicures
and aromatherapy candles. Tess tries to get Cat to focus on herself. Gabe keeps
calling while Tess tells her to ignore his calls. But to no avail. Persistent
Gabe has won out.

Season 2: Hothead

Gabe comes to the his “best detectives” rescue and bails them
out. But not before yelling at them for getting arrested, but mostly at Cat. He
then says he has to show something to Cat and won’t let Tess in.

Cat’s night out doesn&r…

night out doesn’t go so well as she ends up in a pretty one-sided fight. An
overly inebriated dude bro spots Catherine, stumbles over to her and makes a
pass at her and then demands a make-up hug. Cat goes code yellow and kick his
ass! Unfortunately, Cat doesn’t stop there and also knocks out the guy’s female
friend and… a judge. Looks like Vincent is not the only one who loses control
when he is upset!!

Season 2: Hothead

Catherine is aggressively playing pool with Tess in a bar and pretending to have

Catherine and Tess are going out for girls’ ni…

Catherine and Tess are going out for girls’ night and Cat is
determined that she is now “over it.” Tess starts listing all her problems:
abandoned by sister, dead father who wasn’t her father, amnesiac killer
and expresses doubt that Cat is, indeed, “over it.”

TESS: Hey, you know I’m the number one supporter of the
beast time-out, but Cat, do you really think you can just wake up one day and
be done with Vincent?

Season 2: Who Am I?

pissed calls Cat early in the morning, asking where Vincent is. Cat doesn’t answer, because he ain’t in bed
with her like he said he would be. Cat heads to Tess’s location, and Tess shows
Cat the mauled body of Zhao.

Season 2: Who Am I?

At work Tess tries very gently to talk to Catherine about
her being AWOL looking for Vincent, especially since they had so many of their
cases overturned they have a lot of work to do and, while Tess is totally on
Catherine’s side, she’d kinda like to know when Catherine is going to do her
job again. Tess talks about how her obsession can be dangerous, relating it to
Joe whose obsession with finding his brother’s killer led to him being fired
and him no longer being Tess’s boyfriend.