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Season 2: Redemption

and Tess sit at Gabe’s pitifully empty fake funeral.Tess has a hard time acting


Season 2: Redemption

CATHERINE: “And it’s not like it was supposed to be a romantic getaway anyway.”

TESS: “To Cancun. You stayed in a luxury resort, you got massages, you made

CATHERINE: “Okay. Fine. It was A LITTLE ROMANTIC, all right?”

Season 2: Till Death

Tess was
doing some actual police work. She has done some research and calls Cat and says
that the fingerprints from Sam’s attack are from Michael Donaldson, an ex-Navy
Seal. Michael has been receiving e-mail from someone called “Blind
and they think he might be Barnes. The e-mail had ordered him to
“just scare him” but now they’re telling him to “put him in the

Season 2: Till Death

JT is doing all he can
to support and spur on his best buddy Vincent. I love watching their banter and
gentle teasing. It is good to have them on the same page again and Austin Basis
delivers all the best lines of the episode with great gusto.

Season 2: Till Death


On leaving new boss’ office,Cat and Tess talking about
Captain Bottom Line’s” ultimatum: they need to get more cases closed
or get fired. Cat has too much dramas in
her life to worry about  her precarious
job situation, but Tess takes it pretty hard. Cat’s solution is to call Vincent
and ask him to take care of the Tony Barnes case so they can focus on the NYPD
Cat also thinks it would be a good way to “distract Vincent”… Tess
accidentally let it slip that she had done ‘something’ at Thanksgiving, but
because Cat has been so busy with her own issues, she still has not figured out
that Tess and JT have some sort of thing going on. Then Cat brings up her odd
little flashback which rather chills the mood. Vincent’s not picking up
Catherine’s call.

Catherine: “Maybe he needs to be distracted”

Tess: “Yeah, but you
won’t be distracted by him, right?”

Catherine:” By Vincent? Tess, no. I’m with Gabe”

Tess: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. “With Gabe”? You haven’t even had s*x yet”

Catherine: “We haven’t had time”

Tess: “Time? To have s*x? Please”

Catherine: “Okay,
this morning, I had a flash of him”

Tess: “Naked?”

Catherine: “As a beast.
Valentine’s will be different. We’ll be in a restaurant…”

Tess:” You realize
I’ve had zero action since Thanksgiving?”

Catherine:” Wait. Who
were you with on Thanksgiving?”

Tess:” Uh… no one. Nothing. Doesn’t even

Season 2: Till Death

New Boss,Captain Ward,is pretty unpleasant but he seems like he really wants
to get the 125th Precinct back in order. I kind of like how there’s now a
character that doesn’t know anything about beasts. But he has a little chart
that for police detectives it’s a horrifyingly bad idea. He also throws in some
sexism that doesn’t even come close to being professional. So Cat and Tess  can’t really work on the case of the hunt for
the real Tony Barnes  directly, since
their new boss is giving them a hard time for closing so few cases over the
past year.

Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Cat and Tess are having some kind of cooking class with celebrity
chef  and Tess is complaining because all
the single guys are hitting on Cat, including chef Raymond.The theme is
aphrodisiac recipes.Tess also warns Cat that Gabe has technically finished at
the police station and now it will return to normal command, meaning he’s
leaving. I hate when Tess is all “Team Gabe”!

Cat: “I just hope that my canapes don’t make JT’s party

Tess: “An orgy?”

Season 2: Ancestors

Cat looks annoyed and
upset but Tess comes bounding in to brighten up scene. Catherine resent people
tiptoeing around the subject of Vincent. Tess gives her a pep talk.

Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

At work Tess snarks all the holiday supplies and stomps on Cat’s buzz by
telling Cat Gabe’s suspicions about what Vincent’s last mission may actually
be: he may be the last  on the list. Cat
clings to Vincent’s trust and the fact that Vincent is different from the other
beast. Tess isn’t all that convinced, the whole heart ripping thing is a pretty
hard sell.

Season 2: Reunion

Cat isn’t on the Zach train since he did try to kill her.
She plans to do a background check on him. Tess encourages Cat to go to her
reunion since Cat needs to spend as much time on her own needs. Of course, Tess
offers to do the investigative work for her.

TESS: “Go, have a life, get your Ashanti on. Forget about Vincent for once”