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Season 2: Redemption

Gabe interrupts Cat’s and JT’s heart-to-heart with a phone call. Gabe’s
figured out that Barnes and Sam are actually the same person, and if they no
longer need to let Sam run around doing bad things to lead them back to Barnes,
they can stop him now. With Cat not knowing where Vincent is, Gabe says he will
help instead, since he knew beast-Jacob in the orphanage. Right, good luck with

Season 2: Liar Liar

Catherine then calls JT and asks if he mentioned
the swimming date to Vincent. JT says that he did, and informs him that Vincent
is trying to throw her off by sending her to a hotel pool. JT humorously states
that perhaps he just wanted to see her in a bathing suit
, but Catherine insists
that something is happening that night.

Season 2: Who Am I?

She is shocked that Vincent would shoot JT,
but he claims that while the old Vincent wouldn’t, that man is gone, and he
doesn’t remember anything: about either of them, college, his childhood, any of
it. But Cat isn’t willing to give up just yet, she concludes that Vincent might
be going after Muirfield boss. So… find Zhao, find the Beast. JT is very
depressed and is convinced that the Vincent they know and love is gone.

Season 2: Who Am I?

JT: “And, frankly, a little scary.”

CATHERINE: “Scary, JT, really? What are you, like, six?”

JT: “Come on, it took three tranq darts to stop him. Three. He didn’t even
recognize you, Cat.“

Season 2: Who Am I?

JT: “I mean, let’s face it. He clearly different.”🤔

Cat is convinced Vincent is out there because …

Cat is convinced Vincent is out there because she can “feel
him” Aww
😍… JT also wants to find Vincent because after protecting him for 10
year he “owes him” Why?🤔

Season 2: Who Am I?

Catherine’s awakened by a timer on her phone, which
apparently means it’s time to check in with JT. She asks him if he has any
further leads on Vincent. She is obviously quite committed to finding him; it’s
been nine hours since she last asked him for the same information, and he
implies that maybe she needs to take a break. Undeterred, she presses him for
the info, but he has nothing for her. “I am not going to stop until I find
she vows. JT admits that he is not only worried for Vincent, but for
Cat as well. He reveals that in addition to everything else going on in her
life, Cat’s father died about a month before.It
appears that have grown closer while Vincent was away.
She tells him to
stop worrying about her and to keep looking for Vincent. She is a woman on a

Season 1: Trust No One

Cat and
Tess drown their sorrows at the “lonely heart table for two” at the

……… and Catherine gets
a call from a frantic JT who tells her about Vincent riding to Alex’s rescue at
the “Beau Monde Hotel". The
hotel’s name sounds rather alarming, like a kind of “Bates motel”.

Catherine really doesn’t love the idea, especially with her plan…

Catherine really doesn’t love the idea, especially with her
plan to move on and JT is at least a little sympathetic. So reluctantly Catherine agrees to go.

Austin Basis being funny… shocker. I love all the Cat/JT scenes…

Austin Basis being funny… shocker. I love all the Cat/JT
scenes in this episode
. Someone needs to go to the cabin to warn Vincent and
Alex about Muirfield:  JT is unavailable
because of Evan, so that leaves Catherine……