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VINCENT: Okay, now,
don’t forget, 9:00. Ciel Magnifique. We got a lot to celebrate.

CATHERINE: I’ll go there right from the
precinct. Oh, and tell JT that I’m thinking about him!

Side note: “CIEL MAGNIFIQUE” is a restaurant, so… the proposal is in the

VINCENT: We got each
other, we got our future. A normal future, okay? And I do not want to risk
losing that ever again.

do I. I love this, Vincent. I love our life together.

VINCENT:  Okay. Well, then
stop worrying that something’s gonna come along and mess it up, okay? We won’t
let it. I-I will definitely not let it.

ME: Ouch!

waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It is understandable why Catherine seems  nervous, despite her life has been wonderful
and beast-free in the last two months.The last two seasons have shown us you
need “to wait for the other shoe to drop” because things aren’t
always going to be roses and flowers. Vincent says that the agents from last
season must’ve been lying about the new creatures because they haven’t heard
anything. He is optimistic, hopeful and determined to secure their peaceful

VINCENT: God, that
sounds weird, doesn’t it? Dr. Keller?

No. It sounds perfect. It sounds normal. You worked really hard to get
reinstated. You deserve to have your life back after being sidetracked.

VINCENT: We deserve it.

CATHERINE: It’s almost too good to be

We  know and, even better, Catherine
knows that their simple bliss won’t last…

On that waterfront bench, Vincent
and Catherine kiss while the water flows on the notes of the poignant melody of
“LATCH”,  beautifully sung by
NATALIE TAYLOR. Absolute perfection.


Vincent asks what she thinks about Agent Thomas’ offer, but Catherine
just wants to sit and enjoy the present
with Vincent, looking out over the river, in each other’s arms, without a care
in the world, for once. Catherine wants
a small window of time to be their “normal” and to be happy
together, not worrying about the future. Maybe she won’t have long to NOT worry
about that…

You know,
Catherine, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here right now. I… I’d just be
like all the others.

do I get out of it?

VINCENT: One kick-ass boyfriend… slash bodyguard.
And, you know, a… a destined love.

Oh, that. I’ll take it.

is convinced that he, like Alistair, didn’t lose his humanity because he has
someone who loves him

How could
JT  miraculously be alright? His
savior? The mysterious government agents
who pulled Vincent out of prison to run tests. Vincent recognizes Agent Barnett
and pulls him aside for a talk. They are joined by Agent Thomas in the hallway.
Vincent introduces Catherine to the government agents that tested him and they
said they saved JT’s life by using an experimental procedure. The “Men in
Black” tell them there are lot more threats out there  created by science, that they’d like the
VinCat duo to join their super-secret organization and they tell Vincent they
have to talk soon. They tell him to keep an eye on JT’s T-cell count and that
they’ll be in touch. Wait… does that mean JT could become a beast?!

JT  was apparently fine, much to the relief of
Tess, with whom he sweetly reunited while requesting his  gummies.