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Season 2: Beast is the New Black

Cat and Tess head to the cemetery to dig around the Keller brothers’
headstones, and Tess and Cat briefly discuss JT. Tess didn’t want to flaunt the
fact she could have a normal thing with JT while Cat still suffered the
consequences of loving a beast.Catherine doesn’t judge; she’s more focused on
fixing Vincent’s situation. Tess brings up all the logical flaws with the gem
as a solution, but Cat can’t hear it. Tess offers reassurances that she knows
they’ll overcome, and admits she’s personally struggling because she just
doesn’t know how to help. After digging for a while, they find the gem plus
some money and a passport in one of the graves.. It’s funny how Tess feels that
she needs to explain herself to Cat; as if Cat is in a position to judge
anyone, and she herself says so. I do love Tess’s pep talk as she realizes that
Catherine is feeling vulnerable and unsure of the reality she and Vincent are
facing (yes, they are EPIC!!!!) and the way she admits her own feelings of
helplessness and that Cat and JT are very important people in her life.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

Tess and JT arrive separately as Cat comes out of prisoner’s intake. JT is
too worried about his best friend’s arrest and he clearly doesn’t have the
energy to cover up his transportation methods. Catherine asks for help and give
them an update. JT still has trouble believing Gabe and during a rant, blurts
out that he and Tess slept together right in front of Gabe and Cat!. And yes,
even with the amount of tension… it was sort of funny. Poor JT, too stress!
I love JT’s
line: “playing both sides”,he is the only one who is very suspicious
of Gabe through entire episode. And the way Gabe looks at Tess at the end of
the awkward scene where JT, before running away, reveals that he has been
getting some action and Tess is involved, is priceless!

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

Gabe reaches out to his contacts at the D.A. office. Gabe making himself
useful is something that always sounds suspicious to me. Maybe, at the moment,
Gabe was actually trying to help Catherine catch the person responsible for
Vincent’s arrest……😡

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

CATHERINE: I ’m not gonna stop asking until you tell me and that
could get me in trouble. Your brother’s
I’m very intuitive.

When Catherine asked Vincent where is the gem in code so the cop and the
doctor could not  notice it, he mumbled
because he has that medical thing in his mouth , i thought he would repeat it
when he gets it out of his mouth but Catherine understood that it is in his
brother’s grave ! Also that snarky cop who was Vincent  jail handler (and who  was getting on my nerves) was astonished and
thinked it was a bit odd ! Dumb-ass!

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

CATHERINE: Talk about what makes you feel calm. Is it… the sound of the
ocean, a sunset, a special gem? Just tell me where it is in your mind. Is it on
a tropical island? A houseboat? A dungeon?

VINCENT: MY BLISS IS NOT IN A DUNGEON. And even if i told someone
where it was, it’s not like they could get it for me.

AGENT: She’s
not actually gonna bring you your bliss, dumb-ass.

VINCENT: They could get in a lot of trouble.

Yeah, but you could get in even more trouble if you don’t stay calm, which
isn’t easy to do in here.

Catherine approaches Vincent and starts talking in “code” about the gem.
Cat barges in at exactly  right moment
she knows that Vincent needs her and she knows that she can  help him.💕 In that scene, when Vincent first
sees her, he is speechless. I think it dawned on him even more how much he
needs her and how much they both love each other💓. It probably  dawns on him that again Catherine is willing
to sacrifice EVERYTHING for him and for their love and he feels responsible.
Hence his refusal initially to give away the location of the gem. The
Catherine/Vincent police-cell gem- visualisation interaction was brilliantly
funny and moving at the same time💞. I found Catherine in her uniform adorable
and funny and it was funny and lovely too that they have their own code and can
understand each other that easily. “My bliss is not in a dungeon”  that line
was delivered in a fantastic way! 👏      

Cat finds her way back to Vincent just in time…

Cat finds her way back to Vincent just in time as Vincent started to freak
out just as they were ready to take his blood. She tells them she was sent
because she is experienced in dealing with this kind of situation, a “visualization
”. And… they actually believe her and let her sit with him as they draw
his blood. She reassures Vincent by intercepting the saliva and blood tests by
saying she’ll take them to the lab.

In the cell, three guards are getting ready to…

In the cell, three guards are getting ready to take on the beast. Vincent
is on the verge of losing control and starts thinking about Catherine. The fact
that Vincent remembers the bed scene of the ep 2/2, although he wasn’t yet in
love with her in that moment (sure  there
was that “pull” but not love yet)
means that he really appreciate every single moment  with Catherine. Remembering that memory in
that critical situation when he needs to think of his most beautiful and
precious memories with her to calm himself down
it must have  meant more to him
than we thought !. It is clear how difficult it was for Vincent to not
lose control and how much of a calming effect Cat has on him. I  adore the fact that his memories of Catherine
and her smile kept him sane.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

GABE: So you think I did this, too?

matter what I think.

GABE: It matters to me. I would never do something like
this– it’s not who I am or how I operate.

CATHERINE:  Yeah, just that last night you said you’d do
anything to protect me from Vincent and now he’s incarcerated.

Cat gets into the locker area and find an officer’s uniform to get to
intake. While she  changes costumes, Gabe
tries to convince her that he had nothing to do with Vincent’s arrest.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

is escorted to an… a cell where they get ready to take DNA and blood samples.
Vincent can’t really say he doesn’t want samples taken due to his not human-DNA
so he goes with a simpler excuse: “afraid of needles”. As soon as the nurse
gets ready to take his blood, he beasts out, sends the guard flying and
retreats to a corner with glowing eyes.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

Just as the officiers are about to grab Cat and put her in a strait-jacket,
Gabe arrives  just in time to validate
Catherine’s identity as an NYPD detective and use his considerable influence to
help her get in.