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The comic should keep updating as usual while …

The comic should keep updating as usual while I’m away!


OK Dear Readers! I’m packing my suitcase, this is your absolute last chance to PM or email requests for books to be picked up. I’m travelling light and won’t have extras!

The Artist & The Boy

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A spin on your typical Beauty and the Beast story (2017).

Gerard is a cursed prince, doomed to remain so forever unless he can earn the love of another.
Frank is a poor village boy with an uncanny liking for books.

Can he be the key to relieving the prince of his monstrous form before it is too late?

Words: 715, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

Catherine, acrobatically, man…

acrobatically, manages to bring the hands cuffed in front, gets out of the cell
and takes dead guard’s gun and phone.


Season 2: Hold Hostage

Tori beasts out, Cat asks her to break her handcuffs but Tori breaks her
cuffs, kills the guard and charges off, leaving Cat behind. At least she takes care
of the guard on her way out. Maybe Cat never felt directly threatened by
Tori,who could have really torn her apart.

When Catherine realizes Tori …

Catherine realizes Tori is close to beasting out, she decides to speed up the
process and tells her how she really feels. Kristin couldn’t possibly be more
adorable in this scene
. I think that must have been therapeutic for Catherine
to finally release some of the tension that has been building up since she
caught Tori kissing Vincent at Thanksgiving.

Season 2: Held Hostage

Catherine manages to get herself locked up with Tori inside
a cell. Inside the cell Cat tells Tori her very simple plan: to use Tori’s
beast strength to free them and take down goons. Cat tries to appeal to Tori’s
human nature so now admits that, yeah, actually she was wrong but just pissed
her off.

Season 2: Held Hostage

Gabe tells him Catherine is amongst them. Vincent leaves before Gabe gets to
tell him that Tori is also in there.

Season 2: Held Hostage

He’s not
all that interested in the hostages

Season 2: Held Hostage

 Vincent doesn’t trust Gabe or anyone else