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Beauty and The Beast is updated

Beauty and The Beast is updated

Today: New Awakening

Season 2: Redemption

Yes, JT,
he is dead but not “dead dead” just fake dead. The interaction Tess/JT is funny, I prefer them as
BFF of our VinCat!😀

Season 2: Redemption

and JT show up at funeral. JT, sporting a goofy grin, makes a point of sitting
next to Tess to great comedic effect. Vincent sits right down next to Catherine,
igniting waves of chemistry that will not die down throughout the episode.

Season 2: Redemption

and Tess sit at Gabe’s pitifully empty fake funeral.Tess has a hard time acting


Season 2: Redemption

Catherine has come to the conclusion that she needs to “stay away” from
Vincent in order to move on and “see if there’s actually a future with
Gabe”. (But if you are calling the name of your ex, it’s probably safe to
conclude you ARE NOT over him, no matter how hard you try to pretend you are

Season 2: Redemption

CATHERINE: “And it’s not like it was supposed to be a romantic getaway anyway.”

TESS: “To Cancun. You stayed in a luxury resort, you got massages, you made

CATHERINE: “Okay. Fine. It was A LITTLE ROMANTIC, all right?”

Season 2: Redemption

Even while in romantic Cancun Catherine called Gabe
“Vincent.” It’s clear they’re on each other’s minds. Song: “EASY” by HANDS

……..but Vincent whakes up: it wa…

……..but Vincent whakes up: it was a dream!😍


He puts a jacket on…..

….and she asks him if he wants them to be an
, of course he wants it!

So Vincent  approaches Cat and leans
down to kiss her……😍

Vincent working out… using a …

Vincent working out… using a rowing machine…and Catherine
enters the houseboat and tells Vincent she is there to talk about their