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Just as Reynolds finishes answering Cat’s questions she gets a 9-1-1 from
Gabe to go to the Precinct. Catherine  and
Reynolds look at the TV and see that Windsor’s daughter has been kidnapped.

At the
mythical coffee house “IL CANTUCCIO” Cat and Reynolds have a
chit-chat about her life. She asks him why he didn’t tell her he was her
father. He gives her a somewhat truthful account of a love affair gone bad with
her mother. That when they broke up they didn’t know she was pregnant and by
the time they found out she was already with Thomas who had agreed to adopt the
baby. Cat asks him about Muirfield and he plays dumb in a completely convincing

Windsor howls in a beastly way over New York City!🦁

Kurt Windsor senses Vincent and comes at him full throttle. Tori rushes
back inside and witnesses the mayhem her beastly father is unleashing. Windsor
attacks his daughter and begins choking her, thinking she was the one to let
Vincent in. No Father of the Year awards for this one. Vincent attacks  and gets Kurt to break his hold, he grabs Tori and gets out of the apartment
away into the night.

And it’s time to meet… Tori Windsor…😞😧😩😤Tori
sneaks out onto the balcony at 1:00am for important angsty gazing over
the city, which allows Vincent to slip into their apartment as planned.

Catherine drops the bombshell 💣on bio-dad by calling him
“DAD” and then leaves. Reynolds does not look cool anymore.

Catherine: “Sorry, I am
late for work, uh, but I was hoping that we could meet tomorrow for coffee,
or-or something, so we can, you know, talk.

Reynolds: “About?”


Just as Reynolds is wrapping up details with Vincent,
Catherine appears in his office to confront him.  She says she wants to meet for coffee or

receives his second to last mission from Cat’s bio-dad disguised voice. His
mission is to take out a beast named Kurt Windsor. He’s a first generation
Beast whose Beastiness has only just emerged 3 years ago, coincidentally timed
with the death of a number of his business rivals. He’s very paranoid about him
and his daughter,Tori,😤 and has lots of guards and alarms except when Tori goes
onto the balcony every night at 1:00am (for unspecified reasons) turning off the
alarm.The kill can’t have any  mistakes
but there’s not much other information to give him.

At the Precinct, Gabe tells Tess that Vincent only has two
more missions and that he is concerned that Vincent is one of those missions.
Tess teases him about his crush but she does say he is honorable in wanting to
save Vincent even though he loves Catherine. Tess is rooting for Gabe to get
Catherine. My question is: “Why was Tess suddenly pro team Gabe?” I
totally dislike it!😡  Anyway, it looks
like JT is not in this episode because he is at a “retreat”
. Tess is
tasked with going through both JT’s and Gabe’s research on Muirfield to find
Vincent’s handler so they can save his life when the time comes.

Vincent has more news! He only has two more missions and
then he is free.He even has a celebration planned. Catherine points out that it
means he has to kill two people and that, as a cop, it’s hard for her to
approve. Vincent says he has more
remorse about this then he had before and they are both super excited that he
is getting some humanity back. He also tells her that she needs to deal with
her bio-dad before they can celebrate. So,Vincent has two beasts to kill, Cat
has one bio-dad to confront.😤