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and the Beast

Episode: 2.13

Title: Till Death

Roger Grant ║ Teleplay by: Jennifer Levin & Sherri

Director: Stuart

air date in US
: February 10, 2014 ║Network: The

Production Company: CBS
Television Studios

Death” was aired in Italy on September 4
,2014 Network: Rai 2

Fino alla morte

“Till Death” is a strong examination of the nature of trust,
how it is accumulated, how it is maintained, how it is lost and regained. Can we really trust Gabe? Is the old Vincent
back? Does Cat actually want a relationship with Gabe, or is she convincing
herself that this is the only way she can move on from Vincent? Do she even know,
one way or the other? It’s an episode dramatically rich  as it opens up a slew of different story
possibilities for the future. Exploration of trust has been a major part of
this episode and this season in general, so
it will be interesting to see how the trust that has been fixed over the
past episodes plays out in the next few episodes. Re-watching “Till
Death”, I remembered that episode 13 of season 1 was entitled “Trust
No One” because of Catherine’s
trust issues in Vincent after “the cabin in the woods” with
Alex. It was Valentine’s Day and Vincent with a flash-mob regained Catherine’s
trust. Now, in ep. 2.13, it happens that Dana and Sam Landon have decided to
renew their wedding vows on Valentine’s Day. But, this time, there are more
problems to be solved between Catherine and Vincent: not the flash-mob, nor the
cheese factor, will be able to solve those. We meet a new police chief, Captain
Ward (Brennan Brown)
. He seems to be an additional antagonist for our heroes
and quite a sexist one at that! Howewer it is refreshing and a bit more
realistic to see Cat and Tess being reminded that they have an actual day job.🤔

Vincent hugs JT

Just as JT completes the serum, the door is battered down. Vincent
shows up and knocks out the guard.

JT bottles the serum and says: “What am I doing?”

By cross-referencing the areas that Cat’s relative Rebecca
had identified two hundred years earlier with the list of suspects that Agent
Landon had accumulated over the last six years in her own investigation, the
team eventually pinpoints JT’s general location. Gabe is driving Catherine’s car, Cat in the
car with Gabe acts as navigator whilst coordinating with Tess and Agent Landon
about where to find the dungeons, and Vincent is still tracking JT (the student
has becomes the master:Tori is  much
better at tracking than Vincent!😏).

Bad guy Barnes decides to avail himself of beast Tori  blood. Like, most of it, i.e.he drains all of
Tori’s blood because he wants to create a better “mousetrap” (quoting the other
prisoner). Barnes draws blood from her while talking about her father who he
apparently knew was a Beast.
Barnes leaves her on death’s door

Tori finds JT faster than anyone and comes inside the
dungeon still in her 5 inch heels (I couldn’t help but notice it😀). She breaks
JT’s chain and they are about to run when Barnes shoots her with a tranq and
puts the necklace around her neck. She did not know that the whole thing was a trap,
set up to catch a beast and she find herself captured. Tori’s arrival  misles the villain into assuming she was JT’s
only beast associate.

The group separates,
with Cat telling Vincent that he should save JT and they will save him. Vincent
is tracking JT and “senses JT’s sweater”, stained of his blood.

Tori decides to track JT by herself. Determined to make up
for her fumble in tying Agent Landon up earlier in the episode and desperate to
prove herself to Vincent, Tori takes it upon herself to track JT.

Vincent then tells Tori about JT’s kidnapping and she says
she can help track him since she saw him leave the party but Vincent hangs up
on her. Then, did Vincent broke up with Tori or not?

It is not very clear about the fact that it is OVER  with Tori, in front of the Gentlemen’s  Guild he said “we just need a little
time apart from each other”. And what does Tori do? She goes right back to
the boat and waits for him to come home. And now,Vincent says her “I will
talk to you about this a little later”. So much for a break up!😤