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JT gets a
call from Tess and she tells him that Gabe killed Knox and that Vincent has
gone after it. JT says that Gabe will kill Vincent: he’s faster, stronger and
beastier. Tess says she’s on the way and JT says when she gets there he wants
to talk about them. She hangs up. When JT says “MAYBE WE CAN TALK ABOUT
”  is a funny moment.  Sad, but simultaneously funny, and well
delivered. But why would JT want to discuss his relationship with Tess right
then?!  I mean, they know Gabe is out of
control and coming after people. It may be because JT was made to feel so
little in the previous scene when Tess rebuked him and told him to go back to
his “little lab,” as if he was not as important as the rest of the
team. Tess’ taking things out on JT in a bad moment triggered his feelings of
inadequacy, at the worst possible time.

For some unknown reason, Tess starts acting really
bitchy and tells JT to get out of the way and “go to his little lab”.

No, no,
look, we got this, okay? Just go back to your little lab, find out how powerful
Gabe really is so we know what we’re up against.

JT: “Little lab”?

You know what I mean.

It was  a nice change of pace to have
Vincent telling Cat she needs to relax and stop worrying! He suggests that
Catherine is just looking for something to worry about. Vincent says the
manhunt, Gabe and the threat of exposure is over and the 200 year old drama of
Rebecca’s is over. He says no one is after him anymore. But…there’s a knock
at the door.  JT is there
and asks why they’re not answering their phones.

Vincent realizes he wants to save anyone else from having to go through
what he himself went through, and he vows to save Sam’s next victim.

JT: “What do you want?” 

VINCENT: “I want to help save anyone else from
going through what I had to go through. I want to save Sam’s next victim.”

JT: “Then track
him down and save him.”

JT gives Vincent a series of fortunate advice. In summary he tells him

1-to be himself and not someone he’s not, both selves, in fact;  

2-he can no longer deny his other half, his beast half, because that is
also Vincent.

3-to not be ashamed of being a beast. He just needs to balance his human
and beast qualities.

4- to stop
doing what he thinks Cat wants, and start doing what HE himself wants,and the
rest will come later.

When Vincent acknowledges that he is doing better in controlling his darker
side, but that it is a work in progress, JT GIVES US THIS GEM:  “RIGHT, SO YOU’RE NOT PERFECT, WHAT IS MORE

JT, you are a true friend!😘😙


JT finds
Vincent playing pool ( for stay away from Cat😀). Luckily, JT is there to fulfill
his best friend extraordinaire duties. Song “BILLY BLACK” by DELTA RIGGS

Side note: about the the song, the bass player of the australian band,
Michael Tramonte, said “ When we lived in that old far house in Peats
Ridge, the proprietor used to pop by all the time just to hangout. He was an
older Italian gentleman. He told us the story of the man who actually built the
house we were living in over 100 years ago. His name was Billy Black. Elliot
loved the story so he penned this song about what we knew of him.”

Vincent and JT are searching for Sam, by showing his picture to passerby, on the block they saw him on in the surveillance footage. JT tells Vincent he should use his beast senses to find him since this isn’t working. Although Vincent  initially resists to using his beast sense to find Sam, JT sways him with advice that Vincent can’t completely deny his other half.

Vincent is determined to keep his beast side down, because
it is what he thinks will win Catherine back to his side. He wants to find Sam
and bring him to justice, so he can put beasts behind him and prove to Cat he
is worthy of her love, once and for all.

JT: “Wait, why don’t you just sense him?”

VINCENT: “Because the man is very good at covering his tracks. At least he was
last time anyway. Besides, come on. I’ve gotta stop using that part of myself,

JT: “Don’t you think you’ve proven you can control your beastly
instincts by now?”

VINCENT: “No. No. I haven’t. At least not to Catherine. Not
yet. Come on, man, you know that I want her back, okay? But after everything
that I’ve put her through, if I want any chance at it, I-I gotta earn her trust
back, all right. “

JT wakes earlier than desired, apparently, and has a
brief panic at the illegality of it all.