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Is the princess comics hardback at target the …

Is the princess comics hardback at target the comic you’ve worked on?

Ooh, I haven’t recieved a copy, and we don’t have Target in Canada, so I can’t say for certain, but if it’s the Disney Princess Comics Collection from Joebooks, then yes it is!

Have you seen "Skønheden og dyret&…

Have you seen "Skønheden og dyret" (a Danish puppet film based on "Beauty and the Beast")? It's on Youtube: watch?v=ue2KT8cfVTw

I hadn’t until now, and WOW it is WONDERFUL. Thank you for suggesting it. I’ll do up a full post for it ASAP.

Beauty’s mother looks like Bronagh from …

Beauty’s mother looks like Bronagh from “Song of the Sea” and interestingly enough Bronagh is a selkie.

Most of BATB predates Song of the Sea, but I can definitely see it!

If one is writing a story or book, and they fi…

If one is writing a story or book, and they find themselves sinking into dull and tedious parts, should that mean they should cut those out? Should one only write scenes that please them, and then find ways to connect them after?

That’s such a tough question for me, because I found almost all of act three deeply tedious, but I still feel like those story beats needed to be there…

I think writing the scenes that excite you and then knitting them together is a valid way of writing. It’s easy to wind up meandering a lot while trying to find your way back to the story so having an exciting scene you are trying to reach can help keep your writing succinct and goal-oriented. Ultimately, ya gotta find what works for you!

If Beauty’s mother is a combination of S…

If Beauty’s mother is a combination of Selkies and Swan Maidens then is she like a new fictional species or something?

In the original draft what she was was never really defined. I just did a lot of shapeshifter imagery with her and was going to leave it sort of open. But, as the story has developed, and as you have to handle things differently in comics than in prose, I decided it would make the most sense to just have her be a Swan Maiden.

Question for you. I’m writing a Beast w…

Question for you. I’m writing a Beast who was never meant to be the beast. He pushed his targeted brother out of the way and got hit instead. No good deed goes unpunished, and they lock him away (bc that family is messed up). I’m trying to figure out how to write from the mindset of someone betrayed like that. Would he give up on love? Would he be cynical? What are your thoughts?

Hey Anon!

First off, I am excited for you to write this just so I can read it! Great setup, lots of potential for family strife and betrayal. Unfortunately, I can’t really answer that question for you! Writing is a such a personal thing, especially when it comes to a character’s headspace. 

My advice would be to first look within yourself. Hopefully, you’ve never been betrayed by your brother and locked away to bear his curse, but maybe at some time in your life you have taken the blame for some playground dustup, or gotten stuck doing chores that rightfully should have been someone else’s, or felt wretched in some situation not of your making… This is how I’ve worked through much of my own writing. Taking those everyday situations and feelings and blowing them massively out of proportion. Felt slighted because your cousin is grandma’s favourite? Rewrite it as the horrible family betrayal. You were the new kid at school and a bit uncertain? Rewrite it as the last of your kind in a foreign world. 

OK, but maybe you’re pretty well adjusted. You really can’t get into the mindset of someone in this situation. Now what? Well, now you start stealing from your friends and family. Sort of. Put your sister’s purse down. What I mean is, find someone whose reactions and mannerisms you can borrow, just for the time being. The way your half-brother goes silent and sulky when he can’t win an argument. The desperate backpeddling your classmate does when they think they’ve said the wrong thing. Build from there. Once you have a few patterns of behaviour down that seem to work for your characters, you can start feeling your way through the rest of their personality. What you aren’t doing is writing your friend into the story– you want to disguise this pretty well and get the character to grow and evolve into themselves–but you are borrowing some believable human traits as a starting point. Like growing a plant from a clipping instead of waiting for brand new seeds to sprout.

Now that I’ve fully evaded your actual question, I hope that’s at least a bit helpful to you! I look forward to the story you produce!

Do you still happen to have a link to the Disn…

Do you still happen to have a link to the Disney dream cruise beauty and the beast show?? I’ve been looking for it everywhere!

It looks like the original feature I posted here has been taken offline, but here are a couple of useful links!

Teaser Reel

Different Teaser Reel

Sneak Peak Video

KidsReel Recording

Hi! I love your B&tB comic. Do you have a …

Hi! I love your B&tB comic. Do you have a projected date for when the 3rd volume might be available to buy? Thanks!!

Hi Anon!

I hope to have volume three available for May of 2019, and perhaps an omnibus at some point after that!

Who are your NOTP’s? (I’m really c…

Who are your NOTP’s? (I’m really curious)

Oh, gee… I don’t really know! I’m not an active part of any fan community, and I don’t take in enough current media to really have any, I don’t think. If I don’t like a thing and it’s not causing a problem, I just sort of just ignore it! I’m sure this is a pretty boring answer, I’m a boring old lady!

I kinda want to see a crossover with Beauty, A…

I kinda want to see a crossover with Beauty, Argus, Belle, and Adam. Just drinking tea and other stuff or whatever. :p

I do love me some fan art….!