Author: Beauty and The Beast



Beauty & the Beast inks.  I’m not entirely happy with her face so I may change that before I start to color. 



Ashamed of his monstrous form, the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world. The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his twenty-first year. 

SDCC Schedule


Now that the book has been formally announced, I’m happy to make my SDCC schedule available!


10-11 am- Signing, Comixology Originals booth 2457


2-3 pm- Signing, Comixology Originals booth 2457

3:30- So You Wanna Edit Comics – room #8


12-1 pm- Signing, Comixology Originals booth 2457


11 am- Illustration: Sketch to final -room 24ABC

2 pm- The Meme, the myth, the magic – room 29AB

4pm- Signing, Comixology Originals booth 2457

consider: everything is as normal, but instead…

consider: everything is as normal, but instead of a RED rose, it’s a SALMON. (for desire)

Where did a nasty beggar in ambiguously 18th century France aqquire this fish native to the North Pacific native fish?? Now we gotta deal with post fish fry smell until our asshole boss finds true love or whatever, so that’s great, I guess 🤣🤣😓



Jean Marais and Josette Day are Beauty and the Beast (1946), written and directed by Jean Cocteau.  Jean was born in France and was known as a poet, novelist, playwright, painter, set designer and actor as well as having 11 director credits from 1925 to a 1975 short.  His other film on the TSPDT 1,000 Greatest Films list is Orpheus (308).  As an actor he had 14 credits, including the voice of Magic in his Beauty and the Beast adaptation.

The comic should keep updating as usual while …

The comic should keep updating as usual while I’m away!


OK Dear Readers! I’m packing my suitcase, this is your absolute last chance to PM or email requests for books to be picked up. I’m travelling light and won’t have extras!



christinedwyer: theatre challenge → 3/6 charac…


theatre challenge → 3/6 characters: BELLE ( beauty & the beast )

 is this home?  am I here for a day or forever?  shut away from the world until who knows when.  oh,  but then,  as my life has been altered once,  it can change again.  build higher walls around me.  change every lock and key.  noting lasts,  nothing holds all of me. 



tale as old as time