Author: BatB series 2012-2016

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

Gabe and Cat arrive on the “break ambulance scene”: he with is
magical badge and she that decides to antagonize Detective Flannery. But when
he mention a guard with hallucinations, she approaches Officier Miller and
convinces the poor gullible guard that what he saw wasn’t real.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

As all of this unfolds, Cat meets with the lawyer Gabe recommended. He
shows up mid-meeting, suggesting he might be willing to come forward too (who believes it ???)
However, we have not had the chance to test the goodness of Gabe’s purposes
because they are interrupted by the breaking news about Vincent who just became
a fugitive and that a manhunt is underway for him.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

Vincent’s idea was to get beat up and sent to the hospital, that way, he
could easily escape from the ambulance. During the ride, Vincent manages to rip
open the bandage on his arm so the gem slips out and falls down, so he
immediately beasts out and neutralizes the one guard. Ambulance crashes
and  and Vincent kicks ass of Agent
Miller, then he blurs away into the streets of NYC drawing more attention to
himself than he possibly could have imagined.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

Cat asks Gabe to corroborate and to tell the truth about the fact that
Vincent killed Windsor in self-defense. But, asking Gabe to ruin his career
and face criminal charges to save his “rival” is probably little much. Cat asks
the unthinkable of Gabe: for him to
potentially give up the only thing he has left of importance to him, HIS
, by admitting to having been present for the Windsor murder. Gabe is
also willing to get Catherine the best
lawyer, for when Cat confesses her role in the crime.Gabe really does
give a run of showing he could BE the better man for Cat in his unselfishness
and willingness to still make amends for his previous actions despite the
break-up and no real hope of actually succeeding in his wish to be with Cat.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

doesn’t waste any time. He goes back inside and starts a fight with the inmate
that called him “ pretty boy” but without fight back

This scene in the prison with…

scene in the prison with the glass window between VinCat is perfect, seeing the
reflection of one when the other is shown speaking! Catherine Chandler is back
to her fine best!! She is finally back the strong , confident , honest ,
faithful , adorable woman we know and love but thet we missed  for a long time ! The strong Catherine is
back! It’s like what she says in “Insatiable” when she’s talking to
Vincent in the horse stable. “It’s just that when I’m with you I feel
strong. Like I can take them all on.”
Jay and Kristin did a great job as

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

CATHERINE: I am sick of all the men in my life doing that. You
realize that’s why you’re in here, right? Because my father planted evidence in
order to protect me from you, which brings me to third, if you plead guilty, he

VINCENT: No, if I plead guilty, I get a shorter sentence.

still keep you in here for 20, 25 years.

VINCENT: Look, I can’t ask you to wait, okay, but for me, nothing changes.

CATHERINE: I’m telling the DA that I was a witness, that this was

VINCENT: Come on, no, you cannot do that. That is admitting to a
cover up. You’ll face criminal charges.

CATHERINE: One good thing about you
being in there is that you can’t stop me.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

CATHERINE: I think my father paid someone off to put Windsor’s
heart in Vincent’s fridge. So if you can hack into Reynolds’ financials, see if there are any recent
withdrawals. If we can prove this was a frame job, the evidence will be

JT: Great, but we only have
about 36 hours.

TESS: What’s in 36 hours?

JT: The arraignment. I think
Vincent’s gonna plead guilty.

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

VINCENT: You’re taking so many risks.

JT: Left and right. We’re
here for you, buddy.

JT bandages up the gem on Vincent’s arm and, in an attempt to assuage his
anxiety, informs Vincent that it’s his own
blood going to the lab instead. All JT needs to do now is avoid getting
arrested, which is not as easy as it sounds considering he keeps hacking the
government and breaking into places. Instead of being reassured, Vincent notes
all the risks they are taking. He tells JT that when an investigation takes
place they will all be in trouble for covering it up. He believes he needs to
be responsible for what he’s done. so… obviously, Vincent decides to confess
and plead guilty…

Season 2: Beast is the New Black

Back at the prison, “Dr. Forbes” arrives to “retake some blood samples”. As
soon as Vincent sits down, Detective Vargas “from IA” takes MILLER , the
gullible guard, away to talk about some case.