Season 2: Operation Fake Date

At LIZZY D’S closet, Tess and JT are approached by a reporter who wants to
know about Vincent’s super-powered DNA. The reporter is Beth, Cat’s old friend.
She seems to have been stalking Tess and finally catches up with her,
pretending it is a coincidence. She tries to get them to collaborate and tells
them that an “undisclosed source” told her that Vincent was part of a secret
military experiment. She tells Tess that she knows that she saw something strange
the night at Catherine’s. Tess tells her she knows her source is Gabe and that
he is just using her and insinuates that Gabe has an agenda. They tell her if
she wants information, she needs to figure it out herself because “ We’re
busy. Got to go home and use all this stuff
” (JT).