Season 2: Operation Fake Date

On the way, Vincent is complaining about the lifestyle they
have to live for now and for what he is putting Catherine through. They are
living in a youth hostel, the walls are paper thin, they are sleeping in cots
and they have to listen to Swedes next door having s*x many times. Vincent is
pretty on edge; he is angry with Gabe and impatient with the injustice of their
situation. Catherine seems to be the eternal optimist, but perhaps she is just
pushing down her own worry and anger about their lot.

CATHERINE: I know that you’re nervous… but, I know that Knox
is gonna push this through. I bet you 50 bucks that’s why he wants to meet with
us today.

VINCENT: You don’t even
have 50 bucks to bet, because Gabe had you suspended and ruined your career.

CATHERINE: But… I will be reinstated,
as soon as you’re exonerated. Which you will be.