I’m thinking about getting a rabbit as a…

I’m thinking about getting a rabbit as a pet, what advice would you give a first time rabbit owner?

First you have to make sure you
have the time to care for one. Bunnies need human or another
rabbit’s companionship, as they can get very lonely. Secondly you have to make
sure you can afford to keep one, as they are just as much, if not more,
expensive than dogs. They also require lots of space – either a huge cage,
hutch or a penned off area of a room to live in. Rabbits aren’t good pets for
children, so if there are any in your house please don’t get one, unless the
child is around the rabbit under yours or an adult’s supervision only. Most
mistakes people make regarding rabbits too is picking them up. Rabbits really
shouldn’t be picked up unless necessary. Their diet is extremely important – it
should consist mostly of hay, with most veggies given now and again, and
pellets. And, of course, adopt a rabbit.