Season 2: Ever After

Their one day in suburbia proved two things: they attract trouble wherever
they go and they’re the kind of people who will fight injustice even at their
own cost. Their suburban outburst means they must go back to tip toeing between
the shadows of the city as they also strategize yet another way to take Gabe

VINCENT: Look, I love this city, but it’s… it’s such a
tangled mess right now. I-I don’t see a way that I can stay. But on the bright
side, I mean, one thing I have learned
is that wherever we end up, you… got to keep kicking ass

CATHERINE: That’s not even true.

VINCENT: Oh, yes, it is. It’s okay. It’s who I fell in love with. It’s who you are. You never walk away from
a fight or what you believe in. That’s your normal.

Vincent’s speech was sweet. The fact that he can accept  that Cat will
always have the need to “kick ass" someone wherever they are  and even
admire her for it just shows how perfect they are for each other. These two cannot deny their essence,
their nature, anymore than they can deny their love for each other. This after
all, is the woman Vincent fell in love with, just as Catherine fell in love
with a beast. THAT is their “normal”.