Season 2: Ever After

VINCENT: And even
if there is something going on across the street, we can’t get involved, okay?
Or I am screwed.

don’t, then, then what are we, Vincent? We’re
just two people on the run who only care about ourselves.
And that’s never gonna work for me. And I know damn well that it doesn’t work
for you, either.

The confronts between Cat and Vincent in this
episode arise initially between comic and funny hues and nuances, but the
further one it goes on, the more inevitably assume more serious features
because at the base of everything there is something more important, there is
the awareness of wanting to take maybe different paths. Beyond the smiles and
sarcasm, Cat faces the situation openly: for Vincent she would do anything, she
showed it on countless times just as she would be willing to do anything to
stay by his side but the only thing she doesn’t want giving up is herself, her
need for justice
, her refusal to close her eyes and pretend not to see what
happens right in front of her. This is actually what I love most about
Catherine, the demonstration of being able to totally and completely love a person
without losing herself,
without changing what makes us unique and although Cat
has learned to no longer see the world in black and white , not to shed light
on something so dark is too much for her because if she had done it years ago,
she would never have found out the truth about her mother’s murder and it is
this principle that underlying her life and her person.(too profound! LOL)