Season 2: Ever After


comes over at JT’s and sees his “cell tower road map”, which has tracked Gabe’s
cell phone. JT figures out that Gabe brought Watson’s body to the dungeon,
which has a convenient crematorium.  Tess
is quite impressed and the two head out to see if they can find him or proof
the witness has been murdered.

TESS: W-W-Wait,
are you suggesting that’s what Gabe did with the witness? He burned him?

JT: You know of a better way to dispose
of a body?

TESS: That’s sick.

JT: No wrath like that of a lover

TESS: You did it, JT. You
tracked him. Your way.

JT: Piece of
cake… ish. Now, let’s go find proof on
Gabe so Cat and Vincent can come back home.