afaerytalelife: In the morning, the bear said …


In the morning, the bear said to Snow White, ‘I must go now. There are many things I must see to; I dare not neglect them. Thank you for your kindness. One day I hope I may be able to repay you.’

‘But where are you going then, dear bear?’ asked Snow White sadly, for she was quite sorry at his departure.

‘I must go into the forest and guard all of my treasures from the wicked dwarves.’

As Snow White unbolted the door for him, and the bear was hurrying out, he caught against the bolt and a piece of his furry coat was torn off, and it seemed to Snow White as if she had seen gold shining through it. The bear ran away quickly, and was soon out of sight behind the trees.
— Snow White and Rose Red, by The Grimm Brothers.

Artwork by Natalie Rukavishnikova.