Season 2: Ever After

CATHERINE: I like to
stay on top of things, it’s a habit.

No, you like looking for trouble.
You don’t do that anymore, remember, Mrs. Vaughn? You’re not a cop, you’re a

CATHERINE: Yes, I know…

VINCENT: A mystery… novelist.

CATHERINE: Okay, I know that, but…

VINCENT: No. No “buts,”
Catherine, okay?

CATHERINE: It’s “Veronica,” Tim.

VINCENT: Right? See, now… Mmm… now
we’re talking. Here you go, read the paper, relax.

While Cat is trying her hardest to become “Veronica Vaughn: a mystery
novelist”( but she is clearly longing for the polluted crime infested big apple
she loves), I hink it’s hard to believe that Vincent’s  name is TIM!😏