Catch me writing a Beauty and the Beast story where the castle is the magic and what partially breaks the spell is Belle spending so much time putting care and effort into repairing it. She tends to the gardens and shows Beast what it means to live again. How the servant objects are slowly urged back to life by her kindness and hard work, and it isn’t about how smart she is or how beautiful she is or how clever she is. It’s about how she treats each person and thing with respect, and how she works hard because she sees that this castle and its inhabitants and Beast NEED someone to show them that they’re worth loving.

And in return she finds her sense of worth. Belle’s been so worried about being a ‘funny girl’ who isn’t good at much of anything. Who doesn’t fit in anywhere and feels useless, but she learns she doesn’t need to be the best at something or even be useful to have value. She’s beautiful and valuable the way she is, and her kindness and generosity and encouragement are what break the spell: Believing in others so that they too can believe in themselves.