Season 2: Ever After

hope that Gabe would be easily discredited has vanished. Instead of letting being exposed as a
potential murderer be a hindrance, Gabe is using it to his full advantage. He
has decided to play the victim card. And now that the only witness tying him to
the crime has vanished, at Gabe’s own hands, there’s nothing but circumstantial
evidence standing between him and glistening freedom. Gabe tells Captain Ward
that Vincent killed Watson and is trying to pin it on him to divert attention
from his manhunt. Tess points out that Gabe’s theory doesn’t make any sense. So
Gabe says “she is just defending Vincent because he is her BFF’s boyfriend!” He
says he has no reason whatsoever to go after the witness and knows nothing
about his disappearance. Tess reminds the Captain that Gabe was picked from the
lineup. Gabe maintains his innocence and puts Tess and the Captain to the test
by challenging to prove their case and with no body to prove a crime, the
captain has little option but to set Gabe free. So, Captain lets Gabe leaves…….