Season 2: Ever After

and the Beast


 Title: Ever After

: Vanessa Rojas ║ Director: Steven A. Adelson

air date in USA
: June 23, 2014 ║Network: The

CBS Television Studios

 “Ever After” was aired in Italy on December 9,
Network: Rai 4

Title: Sotto Copertura

 Ever After is the 20th
episode of the Second Season, and the 42th episode overall.

This episode marked another new  woman writer into the BATB writers team: her name is Vanessa Rojas. Beauty and the
Beast took a visit to suburbia. This episode gave us more Cat and Vincent
moments  and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing
them play husband and wife. They end up being “Tim” and “Veronica” Vaughn in a
cute little suburban town. It was so funny to see these two plucked out of the
big city, almost as if they were fish out of water. It was an episode where we
got to see a different side to Cat and Vincent as a couple. They love each
other for who they are even if it will never be to the usual standards of
normal. In the end of the episode, Vincent was very sweet  acknowledging that he would never want to
change Catherine because that keen, brave detective is the woman he fell in
love with. As JT mentioned, they’re city
people through and through.  And by their
very natures,  both Vincent and Catherine
have instincts that will always lead them to help others even when it’s highly
inconvenient to them. I think both Vincent and Catherine found that they DON’T
just want to run away and have to look over their shoulders with no real chance
at building an actual life of their own, with REAL roots. They want to fight
for an “us” that is a real “us.” I find “Ever
After” a touching episode that just cements what Vincent and Catherine
really want for their lives together. This episode is about the sense of hope
to find a place for oneself in the world while remaining true to oneself,
too.  That’s really what Catherine and
Vincent’s journey entailed in “Ever After,” with the episode title
indicating that the happy ending does await them even if it’s not going to be a
quick and easy fix.The chemistry between JR and KK is always amazing.💋❤💖💕