Season 2: Cold Case

The witness is put under protection but, unluckily for him, Gabe has made
bail. Jack Watson is playing solitaire at a motel and is being guarded by an
officer. Gabe knocks on the door, uses a tranquilizer dart on the guard and
simply threatens the witness at first, hoping to scare him into retracting his
statement. Except his emotions have gotten much too out of control and, when
the man yells for help, he ends up choking him with his bare hands, without any
beast abilities. For a second even Gabe is shocked by his own brutality. The
witness may be unable to testify, but now there’s a modicum of doubt planted
about Gabe in the mind’s of everyone in his professional life. Without his
status as assistant district attorney, he loses most of his clout and won’t be
able to block Vincent’s exoneration for much longer.