Season 2: Cold Case

Despite knowing it’s a likely trap, Vincent forges ahead to rescue Cat’s
cherished sister. He finds Heather chained inside a cell in the dungeons. Heather
seems scared when she sees Vincent. She probably thought he was going to kill
her rather than rescue her. Vincent gets ready to beast out and break Heather’s
chains, but Tom sneaks up on him and traps him inside the beast proof cage. He
accuses Vincent of killing Ray, Vincent denies it, but Tom doesn’t believe him.
Then Sheckman mentions that Vincent killed Ray to protect Heather. She realizes
Vincent is the reason she is alive. She is shocked and grateful at the same
time. Without further ado, Tom sets his revenge plan in motion.  Vincent pleads with him to at least let
Heather go but Tom says he doesn’t want any witnesses and leaves them with  a bomb in front of the cage set to go off in
a few minutes.